Academy Development Plan - Key Headings

In the academy each year we write our yearly plan with key areas to address. 


Please find below our key headings for 2017-2018

1. To maintain the quality of teaching and learning across the school to at least good or better, to continue to increase the % of outstanding teaching and learning. 

2. To ensure that KS2 maths outcomes for all groups maintain above national average. 3.To accelerate the progress of boys in KS1 so that class attainment is in line with national average.  To ensure that children in all year groups develop systematic problem solving skills to multi-step problems. To ensure that effective coaching systems are in place to make sure that the quality of maths teaching across the academy is at least good in all classes, particularly with a focus on new staff.


 3. To ensure outcomes at the end of all key stages are above national in writing for all pupils and groups with a focus of maintaining greater depth attainment in Key Stage One and Key Stage 2. To maintain the high rates of progress made by all learners across KS2. Ensure EYFS attainment is in line with the national percentage of pupils leaving FS2 achieving the ELGS, particularly by accelerating progress of Boys.  

4. Raise the amount of more+ able children achieving greater depth in reading at the end of Key Stage 1 and 2. Accelerate the progress of all children in kS2 so that children make similar rates of progress as in writing and maths.  Ensure the percentage of children achieving GLD is in line with national expectations, particularly by accelerating the progress of boys. 

 5. Continue to ensure that all Senior leaders and EAB members are clear about their roles and responsibilities and review pupils’ progress and monitor and challenge the quality of provision.Continue to develop new senior leadership team in their new roles. Continue to develop staff in order to commit to school to school support systems, while ensuring quality of all areas is not impacted

6. To maintain attainment in line with national for children achieving GLD in EYFS, particularly accelerating the progress of boys writing.