Foundation Stage

Welcome to our EYFS


Our teachers are Mrs Heslop and Miss Kirby

Our Support staff are Miss Thompson, Mrs Ounsworth and Mrs Heslop


Come and see our fantastic outside area

This is to develop our physical skills


This is for our creative play and our large construction


This is to help us with our literacy skills, we can read stories to each other, write on the boards and make up our own stories!  What a lovely space to be in!




Our nature garden helps us understand the world.  We have a bug city and a mud kitchen.  This area is lots of fun.  We will soon be planting vegetables too!!


We also have our very own football pitch.


Our topic this term is: Mini beasts, life cycles and under the sea!


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PE Day: Thursday. Please remember to include warm PE clothing should we decide to do our activities outside. Jewellery is removed for PE so it would help if, on PE days children come to school without earrings in. If they need to keep their earrings in, please send plasters.





We have had an amazing last week with our Foundation 2 children especially on our Beach Day. Every single child thoroughly enjoyed this day! The summer fair was a lovely event, thank you to all who could attend. We are incredibly proud of every single child in our Foundation unit, we wish them the best of luck in their new classes. Foundation 2 have visited their new playground and know exactly where they will be entering their new class. Next week Foundation 2 will move into
Year 1 and Foundation 1 will have their transition day on Wednesday. Have a fabulous weekend!!




This week we have been reading 'Grandma's Beach'. Through this we have discussed our own beach experiences and the items we would need to make our own beach day! Foundation 1 have enjoyed ring games in the garden this week as well as sticky kids. In this lovely weather the mud kitchen and camping equipment have been extremely popular. Next week, we are continuing our story 'Grandma's Beach' ready for our exciting beach day treat on Wednesday. Please remember to send your child with spare beach clothes, a towel and a hat!  




This week we have been reading ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’. We have been looking at different rhyming words throughout the book. During literacy, we have also looked at what we wish for. In the creative area, the children have created fish using different techniques, such as- sponges and rollers. Foundation 2 had a lovely P.E lesson this week, they used the parachute to play different games. In maths, we have been looking at solving number problems including, halving and sharing. Next week we are going to be reading ‘Grandma’s Beach’.





This week we have done lots of practicing for sports day! The actual day on Friday was amazing!! Thank you very much to everyone who could attend the afternoon. In Literacy we have been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have  discussed different cultures and talked about the different kinds of fruit! In our creative area we have been painting different fruits by mixing colours. Some child have also enjoyed creating collage fish to go in our Under the Sea role play area! 





This week we have been reading ‘Tiddler’ as our focused topic book in literacy. We have seen some great ocean scenes created and labelled using their phonic knowledge. We have also released the butterflies this week and the children were so excited to see them flutter away! We have started practicing for sports day this week and the children are extremely excited, please apply sun cream before the school day as it is forecast to be very warm! 





We have had a lovely first week back. The children were very excited to see that the cocoons had hatched and we now have butterflies;  hopefully next week we can let them go in the garden.  We have started our new topic 'Under the Sea'. The children have been extremely interested in our new role play area and our new ‘Under the Sea’ writing shed outside. In Literacy, we have been reading Pip at the Seaside. Together the children have created postcards to send back to Pip. The creative area has been busy this week with children making 3D fish! Next week our topic book is 'Tiddler'.





The chicks have now gone back to the farm with Farmer Karl. The children have had the most amazing hands on experience with them! On Wednesday, we were extremely lucky to have Bugtopia from Hornsea in school. The children behaved very sensibly and were even brave enough to hold some of the creatures. Thursday was a lovely day for the family picnic, thank you to all who were able to attend. We are so incredibly proud of all the children this half term. They have worked their socks off!! We hope you all have a lovely, well deserved, weeks holiday!





A great week for Year One this week! In Maths, we have been learning all about shapes. We have been recognising and naming both 2D and 3D shapes. In Literacy, we have been writing the story of ‘Owl Babies’ and have been working hard on our presentation. This week in Science, we looked at the results of our experiment to see what a plant needs to grow. We found that the seeds needed light and water in order to be healthy! We have been extremely busy preparing for our Royal Wedding celebrations and have been making sandwiches. Well done, Year One. Keep working hard. 





The children were so excited when they returned to school this week to see the chicks in their cage. We had a visit from Farmer Karl, who told us how to look after and handle the chicks. All of the children have had the opportunity to handle a chick and have done this very well and carefully whilst showing care and concern. In creative area this week, we have been using our hands to mix 2 colours; this has been very messy and fun! In Literacy we have been drawing the characters from 'The Litte Red Hen' and labelling them by using our phonic sounds.





This week we have been reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We have sequenced, story mapped and wrote all about the story. We have even got real life caterpillars in our Foundation Stage. We have seen 5 chicks hatch so far! The children have been very excited, we wonder if we will come back to any more chicks after the weekend. Next week the children will have the opportunity to hold a chick whilst talking about the care and concern for living things. We are also going to read 'The Little Red Hen'.





This week we have been reading 'The Very Lazy Ladybird'. The children have been thoroughly engaged in this story and have produced some lovely work. We have been looking at how a story is structured, picking out the beginning, middle and end. Only 5 more days to go until we finally get to see the Chicks hatching! We have been guessing to see how many we think will hatch. Next week we are very lucky to be getting caterpillars in our Foundation stage to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly. Our story next week is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.





This week we have been reading 'The Very Busy Spider'. The children have produced some wonderful work in literacy this week by using their phonic knowledge. In maths this week, some children have been on a number hunt, they have been searching all over the classroom to see what numbers they can find. Our new minibeast role play area has been extremely popular, the children have been exploring to find different minibeasts. The garden has also been popular this week with this lovely sunny weather. Please can I remind you to supply a sun hat and sun cream for your child, we want them to enjoy this weather whilst keeping them safe.





A lovely first week back, we have had lots of new children start in Foundation 1 this week, they are all settling in very well- Well Done to you! We have started our new topic 'Lifecycles/Minibeasts' We had a very exciting visitor on Wednesday 'Farmer Karl' he brought us some eggs and an incubator, now we just have to wait 21 days until the chicks start to hatch. We are all going to have a guess at how many we think will hatch.  During literacy we have been looking at the Lifecycle of a Hen to kick start our topic. Next week we are going to be reading 'The Very Busy Spider'





Such a fun busy week this week! The bonnets and gardens that we have seen were fabulous!! The Easter egg hunt on Wednesday was such fun, the children thoroughly enjoyed looking for the eggs around the garden then followed by different Easter activities. Thank you to all who attended the Easter activities this week, it was amazing to see so many of you. Amongst all of the Easter activities we have also been looking at how our beanstalks have grown and changed. We hope you all have a well deserved break, you have been amazing  and worked so hard this term! We look forward to hearing all about your adventures when we return



This week we have been creating our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk, we have done this in different ways such as story mapping and role play. Outside we have been using the large construction to create a beanstalk and a castle. We have seen some fabulous acting of the story through this! There are lots of exciting Easter activities next week which we cannot wait for. We hope you can all join us for the Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday!





Another fabulous week in the Foundation Stage. We have continued reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the children can now confidently re-tell the story. Next week, we are going to look at changing the characters and writing our own version of the story. We have also been observing and commenting on the changes we can see with the beans we have planted. In maths, we have been looking at how we can represent amounts in different ways by using marks, pictures and fingers. Well Done Foundation Stage!!





The children have had a lovely week, we have started reading our new topic book 'Jack and the Beanstalk' which is going to be continued next week. The snowy weather has certainly got the children very excited and they have had so much fun exploring the snow and working together to build a snowman. Everybody looked fabulous on Thursday for this year's World Book Day, the children were keen to share their favourite stories with the class and talk about their character.





It was lovely to welcome the children back from their half term break and hear about all of the exciting activities they got up to. This week we have been reading Titch and talking about how we have grown and changed from being a new born. The children have shown some great understanding around this when talking about the things they couldn't do and now can. Next week are focusing our topic around Jack and the Beanstalk. We are even going to be planting our own beanstalks!  





This week we have had another busy week with our Space topic! We have been reading 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' and have produced some lovely work around this text. The children had the most amazing time at the Valentines Disco, they all had such a good time dancing with their friends and very much enjoyed the food! Next term, our new topic is going to be all around growing. We are kick starting this topic by looking at how we have grown. We hope you all have a fabulous half term, it is very well deserved after all of the children is hard work this term.





This week we have been looking at non-fiction space books. The children have gained excellent knowledge all about planets, the moon and space itself! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and are always keen to learn more! In maths, we have been creating different sized rockets using shapes that we can name. The creative area has been very messy this week, with papier-mache planets!! In Foundation 1, the children have created space posters in Literacy to consolidate all their learning around space. These look amazing and I am very proud of the class. Another fabulous week, well done Foundation Stage!





This week linked to our topic we have read ‘Space Walkies’, the children particularly liked this as it was all about a dog named Bailey going to the moon! In the creative area, the children have been very busy designing and making rockets using different resources. Outside we have also seen some fabulous rocket making using the large construction. In maths, we have been looking at using addition to add to groups together, the children have done this very well! Next week we are going to be looking at different key facts around space as part of our literacy using non-fiction texts.





Another lovely week in Foundation Stage, the new space role play has been very popular and we have seen some fabulous role play. In literacy, we have been reading Whatever Next. The children have produced some amazing work around this and can now re-tell the story using signifiers and key words from the story. Next week we are going to be reading an exciting space story called Space Walkies!





It was lovely to welcome the children back from the Christmas holidays and hear about their very exciting Christmas! This week we have welcomed lots of new Foundation 1 children, who have settled in wonderfully and are already making great friendships. We have introduced our new topic Space by opening our amazing space and rocket role play area! We are linking this topic to the story ‘whatever next’, during literacy we have been reading this whilst using signifiers. This story will be continued next week.





We have had a fabulous week! Thank you to everyone who attended the nativity productions. We hope it made you incredibly proud of the children and you enjoyed the performance. All of the children had worked very hard and it was lovely to see it all come together. On Monday we attended the Christingle church service. he children walked very sensibly and behaved well in the church. The children all took park in creating a Christingle and could talk about the different elements. The Christmas dinner on Friday was delicious!! We are looking forward to another busy, fun week next week!




We have had a very exciting week this week, we started by having a visit by the fire service to talk all about fire safety. The children could have a turn with the hose and spray out the water! They even had a sit in the fire engine which was very exciting! We looked at all the equipment the fire fighters use and have with them. Later in the week we started to read the Christmas story and talk about the reason why we celebrate Christmas! The children are very excited to perform their nativity to you all next week, we hope you can all make such a wonderful performance!




This week we have been looking at rhyming words and how we can continue a rhyming string. Children are now much more confident at this and some can now even write a rhyming string. We have been doing lots of practises for our Christmas Nativity and the children have picked up their lines and places amazingly! On Thursday the children were extremely excited with the snow. We managed to have a play outside and find ice. The children were talking about how the ice was created and what would happen next!





This week we have been learning all about Road Safety. We had a special visitor on Wednesday, our very own Mrs Cutsforth! She very kindly came in with her lollipop uniform and allowed the children to ask questions about how she helps us. Children now understand the importance of road safety and were keen to share with adults how they keep safe while out of school. Outside the children have been role playing road safety by using a zebra crossing and their own designs of lollipop sticks. Next week we are going to be looking at rhyming words and continuing a rhyming string.





This week we have been reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and talking about the importance of not talking to strangers. The children have gained a good understanding of this and have produced some lovely writing. We have been discussing the setting of the story and picking out the key characters. On Wednesday, FS2 had a lovely visit to the local library, there they learnt all about the importance of the library and how the children can use it themselves. The children behaved remarkably well and thoroughly enjoyed their time there. Thank you to all the parents who helped with this visit! Next week we are focusing our topic around Road Safety.




We have had a lovely first week back! The children had a fabulous day on Wednesday dressed as superheroes to kick start our new topic. We created superheroes in the creative area using different materials. In literacy we have been reading Megaboy, we drew a story map to help re-tell the story. The children have even created their own story by drawing story maps. In maths we have been identifying different 2D shapes and talking about their properties. Towards the end of the week, we discussed the importance of Remembrance Day. The children created poppies in different ways such as, painting, colouring and using different materials. What a good first week back!




This week we have been reading Meg and Mog which the children have enjoyed. We have seen some lovely work produced in literacy through this. In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and creating structures with these whilst talking about the shapes we have used. The children absolutely loved the Halloween disco. They had an amazing time dancing to the music and being dressed up! The children have worked incredibly hard this half term and we hope they all have a fabulous break! We look forward to hearing about all of your adventures when we return! Thank you for being superstars and lets keep up the hard work!





This week we have been looking at how and why Diwali is celebrated. We have made some lovely Rangoli patterns using different shapes. The children have enjoyed dancing and creating Diwali music using instruments in the classroom. In literacy we have been listening to the story of Rama and Sita, the children can now tell an adult why Diwali is celebrated. Outside, this week we have had some very excited children as we have adapted our writing shed to Paw Patrol HQ. The children have been helping Marshall put out the fire by drawing maps of the garden and labelling them. Using the large construction children have created Chase a new police vehicle. Well Done Foundation Stage, another fabulous week!






What a fabulous week based around Hull Fair! We have seen some lovely pictures being made in the creative area; there has been Big Wheels, Hook a Ducks and rides! Outside the children have enjoyed playing our very own Hook a Duck game and counting how many ducks they have managed to catch. Whilst doing this we also made sure we spoke about how we can keep safe at the fair. It has been wonderful to hear so many of the children's own personal experiences of the fair.








This week we have thoroughly enjoyed reading our story Funny bones. We have created some lovely Skelton pictures in different ways using straws, chalk and even drawn the characters on the interactive whiteboard, the children have shown us good ICT skills by being able to change the colour of the background and the pen . Children have even labelled some of their pictures using their phonic skills. Next week we are going to be focusing our topic around Hull Fair. We are going to be looking at the different sounds, lights and smells that can be experienced at the fair.





We have had such a busy week in Foundation! We started the week off by visiting our local church for Harvest Festival. All of the children were extremely sensible whilst walking to the church. In the church the children performed Dingle, Dangle, Scarecrow and this amazingly! Thank You to all the Foundation 2 parents that came in on Wednesday morning to watch a fabulous phonics lesson. It was lovely to see so many of you there and we hope you found it useful! In relation to our story this week,  Owl Babies, we have been creating owl pictures using different feathers. This story has been very popular and the children are now confident at re-telling this with their friends. Next week we are going to be reading Funny Bones. Please can I remind Foundation 1 parents that Library folders are in due in every Wednesday, thank you!





This week we have been reading Peace At Last, the children have thoroughly enjoyed this and can now re-tell the story using signifiers. We have also been sequencing the story using key pictures. The children all put on their biggest, brightest smiles for the school photographs on Monday! We hope they are something you can treasure. On Wednesday FS2 had a visit from the dental lady, she spoke to children about key tips on how to keep our teeth healthy and clean.  They have now started brushing their teeth after lunch time. In maths we have been looking at using the language of size. We have compared our friends heights. Please remember, if you haven't done so already, to bring in a photo of your child as a baby, with their name on the reverse. Thank You!!





Another fabulous week in Foundation Stage. We have done some lovely phonics in FS1;  we have been listening and creating different sounds using the instruments. We can now use words such as: loud, quiet, fast and slow when talking about the sounds we make. FS2 have started their Phase 2 phonics and are doing very well with this. Throughout our topic All about me, we have been discussing our families and home life. This has been great to get to know the children.  Next week, our topic book is Peace At Last. We will be learning signifiers to help us re-tell the story as well as creating colourful story maps. 





What a fabulous first week back after the holidays. We have loved hearing about all the exciting times you have had. The children have settled into their new classes incredibly well.  Our new topic this term is All About Me. The children have enjoyed creating self portraits, talking about the different features they have. The new interactive whiteboards have been popular this week with the children. We are seeing some great technology and writing/drawing skills through this. Next week we will continue our topic through lots of different exciting activities. The teachers are very much looking forward to this next academic year with our classes.





Wow! What can I say we have reached the end of the school year and what a fabulous year it has been. We are incredibly proud of all the children and wish them the best of luck in their new classes. Foundation 1 had the best day on Wednesday spending the full day in Foundation 2. They were very excited and are now more than ready for September. Thank you to all of the parents/carers for your support throughout the year. We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday, stay safe and we will see you all again in September!





We have had such a busy week in the foundation stage. As it was our week with all the FS children together we had a super fun beach day on Wednesday. The smiles on the children's faces showed what a fabulous day it was. Foundation 1 children who will be moving up to FS2 in September are very excited to spend the day in their new classroom with Mrs Heslop & Miss Lobley on Wednesday and the Foundation 2 children are vey excited to meet Miss Devaney on Monday and spend the full week in Year 1. We are so proud of all the foundation children and are sure they will settle fabulously in their new classes. The Foundation Team





This week we have been reading Grandma’s Beach. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this. As a unit we have now planned our own Craven Beach Day. This will be held next Wednesday 12th July. We have asked parents to send your child in their shorts and t-shirt along with spare clothes including socks just in case they get wet! A towel will be also be needed. Please also send a hat just in case the sun is shining- fingers crossed it is! Please send all of this in a named bag. The children are very excited about this and we hope they have a fabulous day. Thank you to all the FS1 parents that attended the New Foundation 2 meeting, it was lovely to see so many of you there. Next week we are also going to be reading Little Red Riding Hood looking at stranger danger just in time for the summer holidays.





This week we have had a lovely week reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We can now re-tell the story using signifiers. In foundation 2 there has been some beautiful writing produced. We have been continuing to practise for Sports Day next. We have everything crossed for nice weather! We have created paintings of sheep using our fingers which has been lots of fun. In maths Foundation 2 have been looking at money. Foundation 1 have been comparing 2 groups of objects. The children have done fabulous in both classes. Next week we are going to be reading  'Grandmas Beach'





We have had a lovely week in the foundation stage this week, continuing our topic 'Farm time' we have enjoyed sharing our farm experiences, and FS2 had a fantastic time on their trip to Honeysuckle Farm on Wednesday, Thank you to all our parent helpers, the day was lovely and the children really enjoyed it. We have been practising our races for sports day in our team colours, unfortunately due to the rain we were unable to do it this week but we look forward to it next Friday, we continue our topic 'Farm time' next week following the story 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.



This week we have continued reading The Three Little Pigs. The children have really got into character with this and have been developing some fabulous role play, taking on different roles. The weather has been lovely this week, and the children have enjoyed different activities around the garden in the sunshine. We have also been busy making something special for Father's Day in the creative area.  Next week we continue our topic ‘Farm Time’ along with reading Three Billy Goats Gruff. We are super excited for sports day and we hope you can all come along to cheer the children on! Can I please remind you to apply sun cream before school. We will then re-apply the cream at lunch time if we have the signed form along with the cream itself. Thank you!





What a fabulous first week back we have had! The children have come back ready to work hard,  we were all very excited to see the changes in the Caterpillars from our topic Mini beast last term. On our first day back the children observed that the caterpillars were no longer visible and cocoons were now in their place. We made predictions as to what we thought would happen next. The children all said they thought the next stage would be butterflies and the children were correct as on Thursday we had 4 beautiful butterflies in the net.  We have had some fantastic writing from our FS2 children all about the fun things they got up to during the half term. All the children have enjoyed discussing this with each other.  This term our topic is Farm Time. This week we have been looking at the story 'The Three Little Pigs'. We used signifiers and story mapping to follow the story and will continue this into next week.





What a fabulous last week of fun we have had! On Wednesday, we had a special visitor who discussed with us the importance of keeping healthy and the things we can do to keep our teeth healthy! The children showed amazing listening skills and were keen to know more! A huge thank you to all the parents that came along to help your child decorate their clay brick for the Sixteen Thousand Project, part of City Of Culture 2017! Thank you to all the parents and family members that attended the family picnic too, what an amazing way to end for half term! We hope you all had a fun filled afternoon in the sunshine! Please don't forget now the weather is warmer to send your child with a sun hat (labelled) and apply sun cream before school. After half term, our new topic is 'Farm time'. Our chosen topic book is 'The Three Little Pigs' We wish you all a happy half term!! We look forward to hearing how you have spent your week.




This week, we have continued reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are now very familiar with this story and are able to re-tell it to our friends. We have been creating some lovely caterpillar pictures in the creative area. Children have also been making story maps identifying the beginning, middle and end of the story. Next week, to finish our Mini-beast topic, we have chosen our last topic book to be 'The very lazy ladybird' .During maths, we have been ordering our numerals and making marks to represent numbers. We have also been using instruments to create different sound effects to play along side our minibeast songs.  Well done Foundation Stage for your hard work!  




We have had a very exciting week in the foundation stage this week. We have been looking closely at mini-beasts, some children even brought some mini-beasts into school which they had found at home. The children have had opportunities to see them up close in group times and we have also had them on display for children to access independently during free play. The story alongside out topic this week has been ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar', the children have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly/caterpillar. The sun has been shining this week and the children have loved playing outside in the lovely weather. Please remember now the weather is changing children will need hats and sun cream but also to still send children a jacket etc. as the weather can be unpredictable



This week continuing our topic Mini-beasts we have read 'The Very Busy Spider'. The children have enjoyed reading this and have produced some lovely topic work. We have also been very busy on bug hunts this week!! Can you have a look over the weekend and see if you can find any Mini– beasts? Outside, we have been using our physical skills to move in different ways such as, jumping, tiptoeing, skipping whilst negotiating space around us. Next week, we are going to be reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. This a lovely book to talk about the changes from caterpillar to butterfly.




We have had a lovely first week back in the foundation stage. It has been great hearing all the different things the children got up to during the Easter holidays. The children have loved sharing their different experiences in class. Our topic this term is Mini Beast. We are all very excited to get started with this and learn and explore all about the different mini beasts in our environment. Next week the children will be going on a mini beast bug hunt. I wonder if you and your family could look out for some over the weekend and report back what you found on Tuesday.



What a fabulous last week to the spring term. Thank you to all of the parents that came along to our Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday. The children had such an enjoyable time. Wow, What a fabulous Easter bonnet parade, all of the bonnets looked amazing!! The children were so proud to show off their creations! The chicks have now gone back to Farmer Karl. We have had so much fun being able to care for them. Our topic next term is 'Minibeast'. We can’t wait to see which mini beasts we can find in our garden.  We hope you all have an amazing Easter holiday!! The teachers will look forward to hearing about your adventures when we return in 2 weeks!




This week in foundation, we have had a super exciting week! We returned to school on Monday to have more chicks hatched. Farmer Karl came to visit us and bring us everything we needed to look after our new chicks. There are 6 of them which are a lovely mixture of colours! We have been lucky enough to hold the chicks. In the creative area we have enjoyed making chicks using different materials and describing the texture. Also linked to our topic we have been observing closely the changes with our bean stalks, a few of them are growing very tall! I hope there isn't a giant at the top of them!! Next week we have a super busy week, we are looking forward to seeing your Easter Bonnets and Egg Gardens.





We have had a very exciting week in the foundation stage as it was the week our eggs were ready to hatch. The children have enjoyed watching over the incubator to see if they notice any changes in the eggs. Then on Thursday, some of the children noticed cracks so they observed very closely. On Friday morning when the staff and children came into school, we had 3 chicks with more still to come. Lets see how many more we have by Monday morning! Thank you for all the donations for our non uniform day in order to raise money for the LifeVac. Next week we are going to continue our topic Growing with the story the Enormous Turnip. We are also all very excited for next week as the children will get opportunities to handle the chicks and see them up close.





We have had such a busy week this week in Foundation! Our topic book this week was Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have enjoyed taking on a role and acting out the story. We have been lucky enough to plant our own beanstalks and are very excited to see the changes as they begin to grow.  Miss Stein had a special birthday this week, we all surprised her by singing Happy Birthday and counting lots of claps for her! Happy Birthday Miss Stein!! Next week we are continuing with Jack and the Bean stalk. We plan to make a huge 3D beanstalk using different materials! Hopefully on Wednesday we will begin to see the chicks starting to hatch! How exciting!!




This week we have been reading The Little Yellow Duck. We are now very familiar with the story and able to re-tell using key words from the story! We can also recall the steps that the duck did to make some bread. We have been doing some fabulous number work this week. Recording our sums and working the answers out using the compare bears. In the creative area, there has been some lovely collages of ducks been made- this has been done by using different materials. We are on Day 9 of the chicks in the incubator, only 12 more days to go!! Next week we are super excited to be reading Jack and the Bean stalk!! 



We have had a Lovely and exciting first week back in the Foundation Stage. We have started our new topic which is 'Growing'. On Wednesday Karl the chick man came into school and brought us a very special delivery. We now have 20 Eggs in an incubator to look after. We are all very excited to look after them over the next 3 weeks before they hatch into Chicks. We are also very excited to see how many chicks we will get. On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. All the children made a fantastic effort and all looked amazing even the staff too. Well done to our winners, from FS2 Ocean Taylor as Annie and from FS1 Tyson Charles as Curious George. Next week we will be looking at the Story 'The little Yellow Duck'.


This week we have continued reading The Gingerbread Man. We are now able to re-tell the story using signifiers. We have been working super hard to write sentences about the story using our phonic knowledge.   Thank you to all of the Foundation 2 parents who attended our fabulous NAPA performance. We hope you enjoyed yourselves just as much as we did. We have been working really had to learn the songs and actions. Our new topic after half term is 'Growing' This is a very exciting topic as we will be welcoming the new topic with a visit from the chick man!! I wonder what he is going to bring with him? We hope you all have an amazing have tem and look forward to seeing you back to school to hear all about the fun and exciting things you did.


This week in the Foundation Stage we have continued with our topic Toys. We have enjoyed hearing the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. The children have been getting creative painting their own gingerbread people and gluing and sticking using different materials on a template. We have had lots of excited children having lots of fun playing outdoors in the snow!  All the children in FS who attended the valentines disco on Thursday had a super time, lots of smiles and fantastic dancing from all, even the teaching staff. Next week we will continue with the 'Gingerbread Man' story, using the interactive white board and using signifiers to follow the story. 


This week in the Foundation Stage we have continued with our topic Toys.  The children have enjoyed the story Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs go to school, writing sentences and discussing about how Harry felt on his first day at school and also how we did too. The children explored a range of toys looking at how they could move, would it 'pull' or 'push', or both? Our budding scientists then went into the environment using IPad's to photograph what  needed the force of 'push' or 'pull' to make them move. Next week in the Foundation stage we will be reading the story of the Ginger bread man. We are looking forward to more fabulous work from the children and also lots of fun and a dance at the Disco on Thursday.


This week in the Foundation Stage we have been learning about Chinese New Year, We have had lots of fun dancing to music like a dancing Dragon. We have explored different objects such as chop sticks. In the creative area we have used different materials, gluing and sticking to create pictures relating to Chinese New Year. We have also read the story Harry and the bucket full of Dinosaurs, learning the different dinosaurs names and discussing how Harry felt when he lost his bucket full of dinosaurs and writing sentences. Next week we will continue with Harry and the bucket full of Dinosaurs with the story Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school.



This week we have been reading Kipper's Toy Box. We have been using key words from the story to write sentences. We have been using our phonics to help us write these and also to label characters and objects from the story. In the creative area children have been getting creative, making a face using different materials and tools to make it all stick together. In maths we have been doing lots of number work, counting out amount of objects and matching them to the correct numeral as well as ordering our numerals. Next week we our topic book is Harry and The Bucketful of Dinosaurs which we know the children will be very excited about and enjoy very much!


This week we have continued working on our topic ‘Toys’. The children have had fun in the role play area which has been changed into ‘Craven Toy Shop’ and they are able to use their mathematical skills and language when deciding which coins they will need to buy their favourite toy! In dance we are learning a song and a dance based around ‘Toys’ called ‘Old Toys, New Toys’. We are beginning to see some budding superstars! The end of the week brought much excitement when we had a covering of snow! The children enjoyed scooping up the snow, feeling it and talking about it. 



The children have had a lovely first week back! We have welcomed the new Foundation 1 children and they have all enjoyed their first sessions with us. The children have shared their Christmas experience with us and were keen to tell us about their new toys. We have developed a new writing area in the outdoor shed. The children use this area to practice their writing skills. This has been very popular! Our topic for this new term is 'Toys' we are going to be discussing and looking at how toys have developed over the years and how they work. We now have a Toy Shop within our foundation unit which the children have had lots of fun taking on different roles. 



What a fabulous week we have had! The children did ever so well performing their nativity. They had worked incredibly hard so thank you to all of the parents that attended. We hope it filled you with joy. On Wednesday we had our Christmas Party. The children were super excited. They enjoyed lots of party games and the yummy party food. We hope you all have the best Christmas and Santa brings you lots to smile about! We cant wait to hear all about it in 2017!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



This week in the foundation stage we continued to practise our play, the children have worked really hard and have really put their all into playing their parts, we even had our dress rehearsal to the full school and each one of them where amazing, we cannot wait for next week to show it to all our families. We really enjoyed making our Chirstingles, we learnt all about what each individual part of a Christingle represents, Reverend Westby came into school and the full school had a lovely service.Next week we are looking forward to showing our families our Christmas nativity performance and them we will be ready for a dance at our Foundation Christmas part on Wednesday.



In the Foundation Stage this week, we have continued to do activities based around Little Red Riding Hood. We have enjoyed hearing the story and learning the story signifiers. Foundation have been working really hard practising their Christmas performance. It is coming on wonderfully. We cannot wait to show to everybody!  Foundation had lots of fun putting up the Christmas tree on Thursday, making the foundation all festive and next week we will be starting with our Christmas activities and making those special things for our families.  



This week in Foundation we have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. We have been using signifiers to tell the  story whilst using key words we have learnt from this topic book. Whilst looking at Little Red Riding Hood, we have linked it to Stranger Danger. We hope that the children remember how to stay safe. We have looked at how we sequence the story. On Tuesday we had a very special visitor, Santa! The children were incredibly excited! It was lovely to see all of their faces when he walked in the room saying “HO HO HO.”  In maths this week, we have seen some lovely counting skills, all of the children are working incredibly hard! Well Done Foundation!



In the foundation stage this week we have been learning all about road safety; we have enjoyed learning all about keeping safe when crossing the road and all about the wonderful job our school lollipop lady, Pam, does. We have had fun dressing up and even made our own lollipop sticks to use in the outdoor area. In maths this week, we have been looking at shape properties; we have used shapes to create pictures such as rockets and a house and talked about what we have made using all the different shapes. We have also been looking at all the different shapes we can see around our foundation stage inside and out. Our topic next week is Little Red Riding Hood.



As part of our topic 'People who help us', in the Foundation stage this week we have been doing activities around Armistice Day. The children used different craft materials to create a Poppy collage and have enjoyed painting poppies at the easel. We all had a fabulous time watching the Wizard of Oz in the school hall, it was so much fun, what a fantastic production! Outside this week, we have been looking in the mud kitchen for creepy crawlies. We have found worms, woodlice, spiders and many others friends living in our bug hotel. Next week, we continue our topic 'People who help us' by   looking at Road safety. We are excited to learn all about the job Pam our Lollipop lady does.



This week we have had a fabulous start to our topic: People Who Help Us. We have been discussing how Fire-fighters help us in different ways. This was linked to the story 'Frances Firefly.' The children have really engaged and have leant some key facts on how to stay safe, especially on Bonfire Night. We were so lucky to have had a special visit form 4 fire-fighters and their fire engine. The children had a great experience of being able to sit in the fire engine; we also got to use the hose! This was fabulous for the children to gain an real understanding of the job they do and how they help us in so many ways. We have adapted our role play area in to a doctors surgery. The children have enjoyed dressing up and taking on their roles well.  




WOW! What a fabulous 7 weeks back at school.  All of the children have settled in amazingly. We have done so many different activities linked to our topic every week. After half term we are  introducing our new topic 'People Who Help Us' This is a very exciting topic and we may even get some very important visitors in school! We hope you all have a lovely half term, stay safe and we look forward to you all returning after the holidays.



This week in the foundation stage we have been learning all about Hull Fair. We have had lots of fun in the outdoor area, identifying our numbers whilst playing on Hook a Duck. The climbing frame was turned into a fun house, we counted out money in order to pay for a turn around it. We shared our experiences with each other,  talking about all the different things we would see and do including all the rides and yummy foods we may have tried whilst visiting the fair. Our story we have been reading this week is 'Whatever Next.' We enjoyed listening to this story in class and have used the different props to act out the story with our friends and we have used  sequencing cards to re-tell the story from the beginning to the end. Our story next week is going to be 'Owl Babies'.



This week in Foundation we have been reading ‘Peace at Last.’ We have been discussing the characters and the setting. We have read the story using signifiers and have enjoyed re-telling this to our friends. We have also been discussing our own favourite stories. Next week we are so excited to be doing lots of fun things around Hull Fair!, alongside our next story ‘Whatever Next! ‘ 












In foundation this week, we have still been focusing on Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The children are now able to re-tell the story confidently. I am sure the children have been telling you all about it at home! We have really enjoyed focusing our learning around this book and look forward to starting our new topic book next week 'Peace At Last' In maths we have been using the Numicon shapes to support our counting. Some of us have even been putting the shapes in the play dough to count the holes- this was so much fun! In the garden this week we have been using coloured water to experiment mixing 2 different colours.



We have had an exciting week in the Foundation Stage this week, We began by having our school photos taken on Monday; everybody looked very smart. On Wednesday the Hull Daily Mail came to take a class photo of the FS2 class; we look forward to seeing that in the paper. Our learning has been focused around Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have enjoyed listening to the story and using our signifiers to follow.  In our role play area we have had lots of fun dressing up and acting out the story; even the adults had a turn!! In our maths this week we have been learning about Size, using the correct language to identify the different objects in the story. We have also been making repeating patterns- we have had lots of fun with this. Some of us even used the large crates in our outdoor area!



This week we have been reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have been using signifiers to re tell the story. We have also been using props to act out the story whilst changing our voices to match the different characters. In maths, we have been working really hard at counting the different amounts linked to Goldilocks.  In the lovely weather that we have had, our children have had a fabulous time exploring the mud kitchen. They have been able to smell all different kinds of herbs this week. They have also enjoyed feeling the different textures and creating yummy mud pies!!



 This week we have had a fabulous week welcoming our children back from the summer holidays and also welcoming our new children in both Foundation 1 and Foundation 2. All of the children have settled in really well and we are very excited for the year ahead! This half term our topic is 'All About Me' we have already started making self portraits this week.  Every Monday night from 3:15-4:15 we will be running a Stay and Play club for our Foundation children. This is a fantastic opportunity for parents to stay with their child during this time and join in various activities around the foundation stage. You will also be able to use this time to speak to any member of staff and look at your child's work.



We have had a lovely time in Foundation this week. The rain held off for us to have a super splashing time at our Water/beach day.  The children all came ready in their beach clothes and spent time exploring the water through paddling, splashing, squirting, throwing and jumping in the water. Some of them got thoroughly wet through as did some of the teachers! Good fun was had by everyone.



This week in Foundation Stage we have continued to look at the author Julia Donaldson focussing on 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and 'Stick Man' The children have enjoyed writing about 'A Squash and Squeeze' and making their very own Stick Man. We have also been busy learning a piece for our poetry recital for Thursday afternoon.


In Foundation Stage we had a lovely visit from the dental nurse this week. We enjoyed learning about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We also enjoyed finding out fun facts about our teeth and some even got to dress up as a dentist. We now know we need to brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, everyday.



In Foundation Stage this week we have started our work on the author Julia Donaldson, the children have thoroughly enjoyed working on 'The Gruffalo'. We now have a Gruffalo cave where the children have enjoyed role playing the story or simply going in to enjoy a story with their friends! We will        continue with the Gruffalo next week and the children will be able to take part in a variety of activities based around the story in the different  areas around the setting.



We have had a fabulous time in Foundation this week learning about the story ‘We're Going on a Bear Hunt’ and the children nearly know the story word perfect! We will continue to do more fun activities connected with this next week too. We have also been scientists as well and have made and tested our fabulous rockets that we made from a piece of paper, a bottle and piece of hose! We had great fun testing them and the children were brilliant at doing a count down from ten for supersonic blast-off!


This week in Foundation Stage we had to say "Goodbye" to our chicks. They have grown a lo