Spelling bee

Spelling bee bee


This is a highly popular, engaging and exciting way to develop spelling in the academy.  Spelling is a high priority for us!


Each half term we run our 'spelling bee' within the academy.  Each class has a 'heat' within their own class room and then the two finalists complete their spellings in the hall in front of the school.  We then have a winner from each class.


Everyone looks forward to the this event.  Remember to learn your spellings at home, you never know which spelling you will be asked to write during the spelling bee!


Here are the winners from this last half term's Spelling Bee held on Tuesday 23rd May 2017.


Year 1: Raya Crooks


Year 2: Connor Knight


Year 3: Charlie Foster


Year 4: Aaron Barker


Year 5: Shaye Ooijen


Year 6: Kenny Zhou




Here are the winners from Our Spring Spelling Bee held on Monday 23rd January 2017.


Year 1: McKenzie Harness


Year 2: Louis Parker


Year 3: Charlie Foster


Year 4: Chelsea Palmer


Year 5: Sky Olsson


Year 6: Lauren Tunley



Here are the winners from our last Spelling Bee held on Monday 3rd October 2016



Here are the winners from our final spelling bee of the previous Academic Year 2015/2016, held on Thursday 9th June 2016:


Year 1 - Harrison Mould, Year 2 - Leila Mae Farmer, Year 3 - Aaron Barker, Year 4 - Louie Thompson, Year 5 - Lauren Tunley, Year 6 - Alex Smith. 

Staff winner - Mr Rhodes

 Congratulations to you all!


Here are some more of our previous winners:


Spring 2 2016 - (Tuesday 15th March) -  Eva Brady, Charlie Foster, John Harrison, Nikodem Dzaidowiec,  Lauren Tunley,  Alfie Clubb.

Staff Winner: Mr Rhodes.



Spring 1 2016- (Monday the 1st February) - Sameer Sethi, Leila Mae Farmer, Bradley Swift, Lennon Mcmillan, Lauren Tunley, Alex Smith

Staff winner - Mr Rhodes

Autumn 2015 - Dylan Hill, Leila Mae Farmer, Charly Craven, Shaye Ooijen, Alyssa Covell, Alfie Clubb

Staff winner - Mr Metcalfe

Summer 2015 - Leila Mae Farmer, Aleesha Littlewood Morris, Aaron Aubrey, Harry Biggs, Georgia Craven, Alex Plows

Staff winner - Mr Rhodes

Spring  2015 - Nell Woodall, Aleesha Littlewood Morris, Sky Olsson, Alex Utting, Ty Stein, Alex Plows

Staff winner - Mr Rhodes

Autumn 2014 - Leila Mae Farmer, Aleesha Littlewood Morris, Sky Olsson, Lauren Tunley, Alex Smith, Alex Plows

Staff winner - Mrs Norton

Summer 2 2014 - Leila-Mae Farmer, Leonnie Senior, Shaye Ooijen, Arda Dogan, Ty Stein, Ellis Spooner, Kayleigh Stein

Staff winner - Mrs Welbourne

Summer 1 2014 - Macey Littlewood, Aleesha Littlewood Morris, Zion Mndima, Bailey Benge, Ty Stein, Alfie Clubb, Georgis Foster

Staff winner - Mr Whitehead