Year 1

The class teacher is Miss Devaney



Topic this Term: Superheroes.


Homework due in: Wednesday


PE Day: Tuesday


Spelling Test: Friday


Phonics Screening - Week beginning 10th June 2018








A very busy start to the new term for Year One. In literacy we have been reading the story of Goldilocks and used adjectives to describe her in a wanted poster! We also wrote a letter to say sorry from Goldilocks to the bears. In maths, we have continued developing our understanding of numbers to 100 and have also looked at halving a shape and number. We enjoyed taking part in two special PE sessions this week with Hull KR and Yorkshire Cricket board. We learned new skills and activities and had lots of fun!






What an amazing week of performances for Year One this week! We all thoroughly enjoyed performing our Nativity after a lot of hard work getting it just right! We also were involved in this term's NAPA production which gave us another opportunity to showcase our singing talents! This week, we have also made Christingles for the service at the church. We have also been working hard on our reading skills in Guided Reading and continuing to work on sharing in Maths. Well done everyone!





A busy, busy week for Year One this week! We have been perfecting our Christmas Production and are all looking forward to performing it to everyone next week! We have also been practising our dancing and singing skills further in NAPA this week. We have continued our work on The Three Little Pigs in writing, and in maths we have been looking at sharing! This week in RE, we have learned about the Christian tradition of The Christingle. Finally, we learned about the White Ribbon campaign and who we can talk to if we are being bullied, or know of someone being hurt. We also saw the Fire Engine! Wow, what a fun week! Well done Year One!





A very busy week for Year One! This week we have started on our new story in Literacy and are looking at the Three Little Pigs. We have mapped out the story using some fantastic illustrations! In maths, we have been practicing counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and have completed some missing number sequences. This week, we have also been looking at the importance of staying safe online and what information we should never share on the Internet. We have also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the NAPA sessions! Well done Year One!





A busy week for Year One! We started the week with our fairy tale day and had lots of fun doing many different fairy tale activities including making some delicious gingerbread men. This week in literacy we have written instructions on how to make gingerbread biscuits. In maths we have continued to learn our number bonds by looking at those numbers that make 20. We all had a brilliant time at the Parent Partnership afternoon, working together to make three houses for the little pigs! It was fun seeing which houses would still be standing when the big bad wolf came! Well done, Year One! Keep up the hard work.





A great week for Year One! We have continued writing about The Gingerbread Man and have looked at each part of the story. In maths this week, we have been learning the number bonds to 10 and practiced writing addition sums. This week, we have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a NAPA session, showing off our brilliant singing and dancing skills! We have also worked on different activities as part of Anti-Bullying Week. We have looked at what makes us special and how to be a good friend. Well done everyone, keep working hard! 





What a fantastic start to the new half term! This week we have started our new topic called Once Upon a Time, which is all about Fairy Tales. We have been looking at the Gingerbread Man this week. In our extended writing, we wrote about Bonfire Night and did some absolutely brilliant pieces of work. We are all so proud! In maths, we have begun to learn how to tell the time and have looked at o'clock and half past. This week we have also been showing our respect for Remembrance Day and have drawn pictures, made collages and poppy wreaths. We have also written about Remembrance Day and wrote a letter to the soldiers to say thank you. Well done Year One.







A very busy end to the half term for Year One. This week we have been looking at writing sentences with full stops and capital letters. We have moved onto subtraction in maths and have learned lots of different ways of doing this. In science, we continued looking at our senses and investigated smell. We had to smell lots of different things including vinegar and garlic! We found out who liked each smell and who didn't. A very big well done to everyone for their first term in Year One. Have a lovely holiday and a very well-earned rest!!





A fantastic week for Year One this week. This week we have been writing some instructions for how to be a superhero! In maths we have continued to work on our understanding of addition and have moved on to adding with a number line. In History this week, we have learned about a real life hero called Florence Nightingale. We looked at all the wonderful things she did for the soldiers and hospitals. We are looking forward to showcasing our work on Friday afternoon! Well done, everyone!





Well done Year One for another great week. We have been writing our own story this week based on the book "Superduck". It is about a Superhero cat who saves the day! In maths, we have been learning about addition and adding two numbers together using the Numicon and cubes. This week in Science, we investigated our sense of touch and felt the texture of a range of different materials. We also had to put our hand inside a feelybag and guess what was inside. What a busy week!






Well done Year One for another great week. In maths, we have been looking at ordering numbers from smallest to biggest. We have also been looking at ordinal numbers. In literacy, we have started the story "Superduck" and have been working hard writing about the story. This week in PE, we have continued to improve our ball skills and played some team games to develop our skills. We have also been looking at the work of some different artists, such as Andy Warhol! A very busy week for Year One!





Brilliant writing from Year One this week! We are all so proud of them! We have continued reading the story of Superkid and have written a description of him this week. The children really worked hard and have produced some fantastic descriptions! In maths we have been comparing numbers and looking at which is greater. In PE this week, we have been practising passing the ball with our foot and dribbling around cones. Well done Year One!





Another busy, but exciting week in Year One. We have been reading the story of Superkid and writing about his many superpowers. In maths we have been looking at missing number sequences and finding the number one more. A great time was had by all in our science lesson this week when we tasted many different foods. We found that many of us didn't like the lemon juice or Marmite! But the chocolate was a firm favourite! Well done Year One, keep up the hard work.





Another brilliant week for Year One this week. We have continued with our Supertato story and have done some excellent writing about it. We have been practising sorting and counting objects in maths. In science, we have begun to learn about our different senses and started with hearing. We went on a sound walk and used our ears to listen to the different quiet and loud sounds we could hear.  We have all worked so hard!                                                                                                                                                                    



Year One have made a fantastic start to the new school year and have all settled in extremely well. This week we have started our Superhero topic and have enjoyed reading the story ‘Supertato’! We have done some excellent writing about it. In maths, we have been practising recognising and writing numbers as well as counting. We have also been learning about British values and have read the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We have thoroughly enjoyed starting our new topic and can’t wait to learn more about Superheroes! 





We have had a fantastic transition week  in Year 1. Miss Devaney enjoyed meeting all the children and families on Tuesday at Meet the Teacher and is looking forward to September. At the end of the week Miss Norris enjoyed working with the new year 1 class for her final week at Craven Primary. She would like to thank everyone for all their kind cards and gifts. 





We have reached our final week in year 1 and we have had a great week learning all about different religions. We also have embraced our musical talents and learnt to play the xylophone. This weeks Super Star spellers are; Ashleigh Barker, Mason Bennett, Raya Crooks, Joshua Hawkins, Ruby Horton, Alex Kopka, Alex Little, Amelia Murphy, Andre Ogiemwonyi, Connor Rowson, McKenzie Harness. Thank you to everyone who supported our stall at the Summer Fair on Friday and thank you to all the families who have supported the staff throughout their time in Year 1. We wish everyone Good Luck in Year 2 next year.





This week in year 1, all the children have worked incredibly hard showing how much they have improved in reading, writing, spelling and maths by completing short tasks. During the afternoons Year 1 have been thinking about safety. How to keep safe when out and about. How to keep safe on the roads and how to avoid accidents when playing in water or around water. Everyone is showing mature attitude and demonstrating that they are ready for the transition to Year 2. Thank you to all the parents and families who supported Sports day on Friday. This weeks Super Star Spellers are; Ashleigh Barker, Raya Crooks, Maddison Derbyshire, Joshua Hawkins, Alex Little, Amelia Murphy, Alfie Opray, Connor Rowson, McKenzie Harness and Andre Ogiemwonyi 





This week in Year 1 we have started a new story 'Winnie's Dinosaur Day' we have read the story, retold the story and even had a go at writing it ourselves. Next week we will using the ideas from the story and create our own versions. This week in Maths we have been looking at how you find half of a object or a number. In our topic work we have continued with our weaving and looked at how plants grow and change over time. This week's Super Star spellers are: Ashleigh Barker, Lexi Bell, Maddison Derbyshire, Joshua Hawkins, Maisy Holmes, Ruby Horton, Alex kopka, Amelia Murphy, Ryan Riley, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark, Xander Taylor, McKenzie Harness, Andre Ogiemwonyi.And after Sports Day was cancelled Alfie Opray and Connor Rowson got their certificates in achievement assembly; well done Boys!





This week in Year 1 it has been hot hot hot. In maths we have been thinking about sharing objects into equal groups and counting groups of objects. (multiplying) In our writing we have continued to read Night Monkey Day Monkey and have learnt more about punctuation and capital letters. The certificates this week go to Alfie Opray and Connor Rowson for their fantastic work with their phonics screening (Monster Reading) This weeks Super Spellers: Ashleigh Barker, Raya Crooks, Joshua Hawkins, Alex Kopka, Ryan Riley, Xander Taylor.





This week in year one everyone has completed the phonics screening test. And what a bunch of super stars we saw reading the nonsense monster words. Everyone put in 100% effort and tried their very best. Well done to all the children. In our writing this week we started a new story 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey.' By Julia Donaldson. The children really enjoyed the funny rhyming story and have learnt how to use full stops, exclamation marks, speech marks and apostrophes. In Maths we have continued measuring; this week looking at length and have learnt how to use a ruler and now understand about centimetres and metres. Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parent Partnership Challenge, everyone had great fun building a marble run using junk modelling. This week's superstar spellers are: Ashleigh Barker, Raya Crooks, Joshua Hawkins, Alex Kopka, Ryan Riley, Xander Taylor. This week's certificates go to Maisy Holmes and Ashleigh Barker. They continually work hard in school and also try to help others to.





It was lovely to see everyone back safe and well after a good half term. This week in Year 1 we have been thinking about all the things we have learnt in Year 1 this year and have been writing our reports to our parents. In Maths we have been using scales to weigh objects and have compared weight; looking at the which is the heaviest and which is the lightest. In Science we have looked at 'What makes a tree a tree?' and went outside to do tree drawings. Next week is Phonics Screening week in Year 1 and Mrs Gordon is looking forward to seeing how well the children can read the 'monster - nonsense words.' Everyone has a booklet to practice reading these words, and we would appreciate your support if you could read these words with your child so they feel prepared and confident.





What a busy last 4 days we have had in year 1. This week we have looked at rhyming poems in literacy and have worked on creating our own versions of a poem about Our Family. In Maths we have looked at what is one more and one less than numbers between 1-100. On Tuesday afternoon we took part in the whole school Spelling Bee. Well Done to Raya Crooks who was our Year 1 Champion. On Wednesday afternoon we had a great time flying our kites and evaluating them. On Thursday morning we performed to our families the songs and dances we have learnt as part of our NAPA sessions. Everyone did a fantastic job and it was lovely to see so many parents. Thank you for all your support. This week's super spellers are Ashleigh Barker, Maddison Derbyshire, Joshua Hawkins,  Ruby Horton, Alex Kopka, Lexie Murphy, Alfie Opray, Connor Rowson Logan Stark, Hailie Boast and McKenzie  Harness. Well Done to all of those children. We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 5th June.





This week in Year 1, we have started reading a new non-fiction book called Animal Invaders. We have been learning all about non-fiction books and how the index page is organised in alphabetical order. In Maths this week, we have been reading and ordering numbers to 100. looking at counting both forwards and backwards. As part of our Science, we have looked at what happens underground beneath our plants. During Design Technology we made our Kites. Well done to all those children who completed their homework for Wednesday. We still have a few children who need to get into this habit before Year 2. This week's super star spellers are: Ashleigh Barker, Lexi Bell, Raya Crooks, Frankie Fawcett, Joshua Hawkins, Alex Little, Ryan Riley, Connor Rowson, Kayden Smith, Xander Taylor and  McKenzie Harness. Well done to all of them. This week's certificates went to Kayden Smith for working really hard with his reading and Jessica Ford for her wonderful work in everything but in particular Reading.




This week in Year 1 we have been outdoors learning; on Monday we went on to New Bridge Road to see how the road is made safer with signs, speed bumps and road markings. As part of our Science we have looked at flowers and thought about what makes them all different. We continued our work in design technology and this week we designed our kites. In our Maths work we have been using our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve problems. We have started a new story in Literacy 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and we have learnt about what happens to the spelling of words when we have more than one, e.g: orange changes to oranges. Can we remind all children that homework is due on Wednesday and both the homework sheet and the spelling sheet should be completed. Also can we remind children to read at home at least three times. This week has seen a particularly low number of regular readers in Year 1. This week's super star spellers are; Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, McKenzie Harness, Ruby Horton, Alfie Opray, Ryan Riley, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark, Xander Taylor, Cassie Webb Well done to them. This week's certificates went to Alex Kopka for working really hard with his writing and Ryan Riley for his wonderful work in maths.





This week in year 1 we have continued with our topic 'What a wonderful world'. In our P.E, we created dances in a small groups. In our design technology we looked at what would be a good material to make a kite. On Thursday Miss Taylor helped everyone look for wild flowers as part of our Science work. This week's super spellers are: Lexi Bell, Raya Crooks, Maddison Derbyshire, McKenzie Harness, Joshua Hawkins, Ruby Horton, Amelia Murphy, Lexie-Mae Murphy, Logan Stark. This week's certificates went to Mason Bennett for his fantastic work in guided reading and Jaydon Wilkinson for settling really well into his new class and working hard during NAPA sessions. 





It has been lovely to see everyone back safe and well rested after the Easter Holidays. This week we have began our Summer topic 'What a Wonderful World.' In our writing we started a new animated story called Soar and have been working on using capital letters and the correct punctuation. In maths we have worked on writing addition number sentences and their corresponding subtraction number sentences. e.g.: 2 +4 = 6 so 6 - 4 = 2. On Monday we went to do a traffic survey on New Bridge road as part of our Geography work about how we can make our local area safer. On Tuesday we started our new unit of work on dance in P.E. On Wednesday we looked at the history of kites in design technology in preparation for designing, making and evaluating our own kites. On Thursday we started a new Science topic looking at plants and labelling the parts of flowers. This weeks super star spellers are: Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, McKenzie Harness, Maisy Holmes, Ruby Horton, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark, Xander Taylor. Well done to Amelia Murphy and Lexie Mae Murphy who this week received a certificate for their continued hard work in Year 1.




This week in Year 1 we have done all things Easter. We started the week with the Easter Service  in St John's and did a lovely job performing our Spring Chicken song. On Wednesday we were amazed by the quality of the Easter Bonnets and Easter Gardens. Well Done to Jaydon Wilkinson and Ruby Horton who won first prizes. On Thursday we took part in the Easter Egg Hunt and had great fun looking for eggs. Thank you to all the parents who attended. This week's super spellers are: Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, McKenzie Harness, Maisy Holmes, Ruby Horton, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark and Xander Taylor. Well Done for getting 7 out of 7.




This week in Year 1 it has been iPad week, we have used the iPads to access the Digitull site and add our Hull City of Culture challenges. In Literacy we started a new story Hansel and Gretel and enjoyed pretending to be the different characters from the story. On Friday we had a fantastic day visiting the Streetlife Museum, learning all about Victorian Toys. We are looking forward to visiting the Church on Monday afternoon for our Easter Service. All parents and carers are welcome to join us. We are leaving school at 1.00pm to walk to St John's. Well Done to this weeks super spellers; Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, Maddison Derbyshire, Joshua Hawkins, Maisy Holmes, Ruby Horton, Alfie Opray, Logan Stark and Xander Taylor.




This week has been Shakespeare Week and we have watched parts of the film Gnomeo and Juliet. We have tried hard to write a letter to persuade Lord Redbrick to like the blue gnomes so that Gnomeo and Juliet can be together. We even did a bit of acting wearing a gnome hat. This week our certificates went to Maisy Holmes for her hard work in maths; she has drawn a number line to work out takeaway sums. The second certificate went to Angel Lee Tomkins, she is working hard in everything reading, writing and maths and we are very proud of her. The Super Spellers this week were Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, Maddison Derbyshire, McKenzie Harness, Ruby Horton, Alex Kopka, Amelia Murphy, Lexie-Mae Murphy, Alfie Opray, Ryan Riley, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark, Xander Taylor. Well done.




This week has been Science Week and we have had a great week helping the superhero Science Man. We helped him investigate which material would make the best cape and we predicted which super power would defeat the Evil One; ice or water. Well Done to Ellis Horton who has had a super week and has got one of the certificates on the stage this week for his fantastic work in reading sessions. A big well done also needs to go to Raya Crooks who also went up on stage because she explained our Science work to the whole school. She showed a very mature attitude. Also this week a lot of children worked very hard with their spellings and got them all right. (By adding Super Spellers to the newsletter it  is really motivating us.) Well Done to Ashleigh Barker, Raya Crooks, Hailie Boast, Frankie Fawcett, McKenzie Harness, Joshua Hawkins, Maisy Holmes, Ellis Horton, Ruby Horton, Amelia Murphy, Alfie O'Pray, Ryan Riley, Logan Stark and Xander Taylor.




Year 1 have had a great week. It was lovely to see so many parents attending Parents Evening. Thank you to all those who attended. If you were unable to attend your appointment and would like another appointment please see Miss Norris or Mrs Carmichael at the door in the morning. On Thursday and Friday we had two curriculum days. On Thursday we learnt about caring for a pet and talked about the things you need to consider before buying a pet and how you can choose a suitable pet for your family. On Friday we took part in our half termly R.E day. We enjoyed learning about celebrations and looked at how different religions celebrate events throughout the year. This week has also been a great week for Oliver Westoby, he has worked really hard with his reading and Ruby Horton as produced a lovely story in her writing lessons, based on the book 'Way Back Home. They both received a certificate in the celebration assembly. We also need to say a big well done to Xander Taylor for spelling all of the days of the week correctly in last week's spelling test. Great work! This is something all year 1 children should be able to do by the end of year 1. 




The first week back has flown by in Year 1 with lots of exciting things happening. On Wednesday morning we had a visit from Mrs Weightman who is a teacher and supports deaf children. We enjoyed learning about how we can all be better listeners and picked up some great tips about how we can help people who wear hearing aids. We would like to thank all the families who attended the science afternoon. It was great to see so many of you and everyone had really good fun, even if we did make a little bit of a mess! On Thursday it was World Book Day. It was fantastic to see everyone dressed up. Well done to Connor Rowson  who won the year 1 prize for most original costume. During the day we enjoyed reading and listening to lots of stories and even found time to write our own book. This week's certificates of achievement went to  Maddison Derbyshire for her hard work in maths this week and Jessica Ford for her beautiful reading during guided reading. The week before half term saw nine children getting all of their spellings correct well done to Ashleigh Barker, Hailie Boast, Raya Crooks, McKenzie Harness, Joshua Hawkins, Alfie O'Pray, Connor Rowson, Logan Stark and Cassie Webb.




Well Done to Ashleigh Barker, Lexi Bell, Raya Crooks, Maddison Derbyshire, Joshua Hawkins, Maisy Holmes, Ruby Horton, Lexie Mae Murphy, Logan Stark, Xander Taylor for getting all of their spellings correct in last week's test. We have seen a real improvement in these children's spelling. This week  in year 1 we have had a whole range of special days in school. On Tuesday we took part in a P.E day and learnt all about how we can keep ourselves healthy and enjoyed taking part in the whole school sports competition. On Thursday we had a special friendship day and learn discussed how to make lasting friendships. And finally on Friday we spent the day thinking about what makes a special place and looked at what different people consider a special place according to their religion and beliefs. Well done to Joshua Hawkins who has worked hard on his maths this week and is getting very good at answering sums quickly and Frankie for his excellent work with his reading. These boys are showing real determination in their work. We hope everyone has a good rest over half term and look forward to seeing everyone safe and well on Monday 27th February.



Well Done to Ryan Riley, Alfie O'Pray and Joshua Hawkins for getting all of their spellings correct in last week's test. Keep up the hard work. This week year 1 have been preparing and practicing for the NAPA performance on Thursday 16th February. In our topic work we have painted houses and people in the style of Lowry. During our work in maths we have thought about halves and quarters. In our science work we have experimented with different objects to see if we could change materials by bending, stretching or twisting. Well Done to Mason Bennett and Connor Rowson for their excellent work in phonics, these boys are showing real resilience when practicing their reading.





Year 1 have had a very productive week this week and most children are getting into the swing of doing their homework for a Wednesday and practicing their spellings for a Friday. We hope to put our super spellers (children who get all their spellings right) on our newsletter next week to celebrate those children who are working so hard both in and out of  school. This week in school we have created a wonderful  display of Art Work using Lowry as an inspiration for painting our own houses. In our writing we have discussed when we use capital letters, what a capital letter looks like and have evaluated our own writing of the story The Three Horrid Pigs. In our Science this week we sorted and described objects looking at what materials they are made of. Well Done to Lexi Bell and Ryan Riley who received this week's certificates in the celebration assembly on Friday for their hard work this week in writing and reading. 



Year 1 have had a very speedy week this week but as always we have crammed lots of learning in. In Maths we have been sharing and dividing objects which is the start of learning to multiply and divide. Everyone understood once we started talking about sharing out sweets. In our writing we started a brand new story The Three Horrid Pigs and the Big Friendly Wolf. This story is a hilarious take on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs and we all enjoyed pretending to be Horrid Little Pigs. As part of our Art work we looked at some more of Lowery's work and looked at how he used perspective to make things look far away or close up. In Science this week we experimented with different types of paper, looking at which paper was best for doing different jobs e.g: painting or wrapping a present. Well done to McKenzie Harness who was Year 1's Spelling Bee Winner on Monday and well done to all those children who took part. You were great ambassadors for Craven Primary Academy. 



Year 1 have had a good week and have learnt lots. In Maths we have been adding and taking away using coins. We have all enjoyed finishing the story Meerkat Mail and have played a game called 'Fortunately, Unfortunately' thinking about the good and bad things that happen to poor Sunny during the story. In P.E we continued our gymnastics topic and learnt how to do a forwards roll. As part of our Science work we learnt about the properties of brick, rocks, water and glass. This weeks homework reflects the things we have been learning this week in school and is due back in school on a Wednesday morning. Please copy down the weeks spelling list so that children can continue to practice every night before the spelling test on Friday. If your child completes their homework on time, is a regular reader (reads three times in one week) and has good behaviour and their attendance is above 97%, they will receive our Leading Learner Award and badge at the end of the term. Well Done to Lexie Murphy who was our only Leading Learner last Half Term. 



This week Year 1 have continued to make a great start to their topic 'There's no place like home.’ Everyone really enjoyed learning about our local area in geography and using google maps to see what we all see as we walk to school. In Literacy we have continued to read a story Meerkat Mail and we decided where we would like Sunny the Meerkat to visit. From this we have been writing using cursive handwriting and remembering where to put capital letters and finger spaces. In Maths we have learnt about place value ; looking at what the numbers mean, for example, 16 means you have one group of ten and six ones. Also on Tuesday, during P.E, the children worked hard in gymnastics to create different jumps. 



It was lovely to see everyone back after the Christmas Holidays and it sounds like everyone had a great Christmas. This week we have jumped straight back into Year 1 and we have made a great start to our new topic 'There's No Place Like Home. In Literacy we have started to read a story about a Meerkat called Sunny who decides he needs a new home. In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have named , sorted  and described their properties. In the afternoons we have been on a wintery walk as part of our Science work and discussed e-safety as part of our ICT work. On Thursday Year 1 took part in their first NAPA (The Northern Academy of Performing Arts) session. It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed singing and dancing.


This week in Year 1, we have been very festive indeed. From card making to calendars, the children have been very creative. We enjoyed our Christmas party and saw the Magic Carpet Christmas performance. We wish all the children and parents/carers a wonderful Christmas holiday.



Year 1 have had a busy week of rehearsals and have worked hard to prepare for Christmas. We thoroughly enjoyed making our Christingles and even though we couldn't go to St Johns Church because of the weather we had a magical Christingle Service in school. We look forward to next week's festivities and we are sure you'll be blown away with our Christmas Performance on Monday at 1.30pm and Tuesday at 9.30am everyone is welcome. 



This week, in Year 1, we have done so many wonderful things. We became music composers and created our own Christmas song as well as forming our own bands. The children were very imaginative! We have been exploring the story of the Gruffalo and designed a brand new character to join the Gruffalo on his adventures. In Maths, we have been working hard on number bonds and developing our mastery skills. The children have shown great resilience this week in all subjects. Keep it up!                        



We have had a very exciting week in Year 1. On Tuesday, we got a surprise visit from Father Christmas who explained he had too many presents and would be giving one lucky child an extra present from their Christmas List. In Maths, we have been learning about how if you know an addition fact you can use this to work out a take-away. In Literacy, we have started reading The Gruffalo and really enjoyed using the iPads to  describe our own monsters. Thank you to all those families who attended Parents Evening on      Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening. It was a great opportunity to show you how well Year 1 have settled into their Year 1 class.



In Year One this week, we started the week with an exciting trip to the cinema to watch The Jungle Book. Everyone was really well behaved and sat throughout the whole film. Both year 1 and 2 were great ambassadors for Craven Primary Academy. In school, we have continued with our working in maths counting forwards and   backwards and have worked really hard to write numbers the correct way round this week. In our writing, we have been making our own versions of Room on the Broom and we really enjoyed making our own spells to create truly magnificent broomsticks. This week also saw the start of the Christmas performance practice. You may have heard us singing and we have great expectations for a fabulous performance.



This week, year 1 have focused on 'why do we buy poppies?' They have  enjoyed making poppies and listening to 'The Poppy Lady Story.' In our  Science work, we began our new topic about animals and played lots of games identifying and naming common animals. During our writing, we have continued with the story 'Room on the Broom' and we have thought about what each character in the story says. We used some very funny voices when reading our own speech bubbles. Within our maths work, we have been counting forwards and backwards. This is something we could practice at home.



It was lovely to see everyone coming back to school after half term, everyone looks   rested and ready to learn lots this half term. Everyone was very excited about Halloween and in our writing we have started to learn the story 'Room on the Broom' and enjoyed pretending to be the characters from the story. In our maths work we   started to think about how we tell the time and worked as a team to make a Numicon clock. On Thursday evening, Year 1 really enjoyed their Halloween Disco and would like to say thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to make sure we had such a good time.



This week, in Year 1, we have had another busy  week . In literacy, we have been exploring the story of the Owl Babies and the children have produced some fabulous writing!  In Maths, we have been counting in twos and using our reasoning and problem solving skills to do some tricky challenges. In Art we have been exploring Pablo Picasso’s work and recreated some of his most famous paintings.  We hope everyone has a lovely half term break. Well Done Year 1. 




This week, in Year 1, we have been very busy indeed. In literacy, we have been exploring the story of Handa’s Surprise and the children have produced some wonderful story maps and mountains, we have also used question marks in our writing. In Maths, we have been   solving one more and one less problems using very cheeky aliens. Also, we became       detectives and created a new alien following some tricky instructions. During art this week, we have drawn our friends following the step by step instructions. Well done Year 1. 





In Year 1 this week we have been working on the iPads. The main focus has been logging on correctly and putting in commands. We have had the Hull FC in for our PE sessions, working on our rugby skills! In Literacy, we have been writing about ‘The Elephant and the bad baby.’ In Numeracy , we have been ordering numbers to 10 and 20.



In Year 1 this week we have been really busy. In numeracy we have been learning how to count in twos using Polly the Pirate to help us. In our writing we have been looking at the story of 'The Little  Red Hen' and have been practicing writing sentences. Our week began with a visit to the church to celebrate Harvest Festival.



This week in year one we have continued our topic about Pirates, looking at our travelling Pirate Polly. This week she went to visit Greenland and Brazil and we compared the climates in these countries. On Tuesday afternoon the rain didn't dampen our spirits and we played rugby skill games in the hall with Richard and Coby from Hull FC. Throughout the week we have used our storytelling talents and made up our own Lighthouse Keepers Lunch stories. In maths we have been reading and writing numbers in words and numerals and working out one more and one less than any number to 30. Finally we enjoyed our food tasting in Science and found out all about how our tongues can taste bitter, salty , sweet and sour tastes .





We have had a fun packed week in the sun this week! On Tuesday we welcomed Richard and Coby from Hull FC and  they did a great job teaching us about tackling (lightly tapping someone on the shoulder), running really fast with a ball and we all had lots of fun. We also took part in Roald Dahl day on Tuesday to celebrate his 100th Birthday. We learnt all about who Roald Dahl was and read his Revolting Rhymes version of Little Red Riding Hood, which made us giggle. On Thursday we enjoyed a maths session with Hobson and Porter and we kicked off our Pirate topic with Pirate Polly. She showed us world maps and we talked about which country we live in and asked if we knew any other countries. Well Done to all the children (and families) who completed your first Year 1 homework and spellings. If anyone is unsure about what is required, please ask Miss Norris or Mrs Carmichael. Homework is given on a Friday and collected back in on a Wednesday. Please remember to jot down the spelling list to practice with your child between Wednesday and Friday, when the spelling test will happen.



It has been a brilliant first week in Year 1. It was great to see everyone back safe and well and everyone has settled really well and have worked really hard. We have started our writing by becoming storytellers and have began to learn a new story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' if you have the time ask your child to tell the story to you at home, it would be great practice for us. In maths we have been thinking about Pirates and counting forwards and backwards starting from different numbers. Again this is something you can continue at home. Say a number and ask your child to say the next 3 numbers. if this is too easy try counting backwards. During the afternoons we have made pirate faces and have thought about how we stay safe both in school by writing our class rules and when on the internet by learning about e-safety. The last four days have whizzed by and we've all had so much fun.



What a lovely last week we have had in Year 1. We have continued to work really hard and everyone has enjoyed making their own stories about Sunny the Meerkat. We have done lots of science work this week learning about mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. All the staff in Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and families who supported Craven Primary Academy at the Summer Fair and have continually supported us throughout the year. Thank you. Without you, we couldn't do what we do.




This week Year 1 have continued to learn about telling the time in maths and have really enjoyed reading Meerkat Mail. Sunny the Meerkat has visited Craven Primary Academy. We wrote a post card for him to tell his family where he had been, what he had seen and what he had done during his exciting visit. In our topic work we have been learning about Mammals. We have also been learning a poem about changing to our new class for the poetry recital. Next week we will be talking a lot about preparing for Year 2.


This week in year 1 we have been thinking about 'What Happens in a Place of Worship?' We have talked about what it means to worship and where we go to think, say thank you and learn. We enjoyed looking at different religious buildings and noticed features and symbols. In our maths we have worked on telling the time and solving time problems. In our writing we have been thinking about writing reports and have talked about the things we can now do that we couldn't do at the beginning of the year. We realised we have all been on a great learning journey.



Well this week saw the long awaited Year 1 and 2 School Trip to Bridlington Animal Park. Everyone had a amazing day - please see the photos on Twitter! Well done to all those children who held a snake, fed a sheep or asked a brilliant question about the owls, meerkats or wallabies. All the  children were mature role models and great ambassadors for Craven Primary Academy. Well Done . Thank you to everyone who supported us on the day or helped us raise money along the way, we really do appreciate it.  



What a great week we have had in year 1.  Every child did their very best reading their phonics screening monster words and we are all very proud of every single child. We had a wonderful afternoon on Monday with the whole school rocket competition and we look forward to hearing all about the competition on Friday in Doncaster. On Tuesday we were inspired listening to James Denny, the British Diver, and he put us through our paces in the fitness challenge. On Wednesday we had a lovely time at the family picnic and would like to thank everyone for coming and even bringing the sun along! On Thursday after all that picnic food we were glad to have healthy eating day in the Academy and we learnt lots about keeping healthy. Finally we would just like to thank all the families throughout the Academy who have helped raise money this week, whether you bought a biscuit, a book or had a turn on our chocolate spinner, we appreciate your generosity!




Year one have had a busy four days. They have worked on their spelling and handwriting when writing this week and have wrote the story The Frog Prince. In maths they have been adding and subtracting two digit numbers. e.g: 23 + 15 =.  On Thursday they got very excited at the rocket building competition, well done to Harrison Mould who won in year one by managing to fire his rocket the furthest. Next week the children will be taking part in their phonics screening test, the children will just know they are reading Monster Words with Mr Whitehead. Every child in year one is working so hard with their reading and will do their very best. Thank you to all those parents who have supported their child by practising the monster words in their homework book.



In Year One this week we have completed our work on Fish. We have enjoyed writing the story of the Rainbow Fish and started our own rainbow fish weaving. We have worked very hard this week with improving our handwriting and presentation, trying hard with cursive writing. In maths we have been reading and writing numbers 1-100 in both words and numerals and really loved the tricky word search. Finally Year 1 and 2 would like to say a big thank you to all the children who have brought in books for the Craven Primary Academy Book Sale we have lots of books for the younger children and can now start organising a date for this event. We would just like to remind older children that books that they no longer read at home can be donated to the book sale. Fiction and non-fiction would be gratefully received.  






This week we have been learning about fish. We really enjoyed investigating a real sea bass, looking at the different body parts. e.g.; fins, gills, eyes, tail and mouth. In our writing we have wrote about the story "Titch the Tiddler". The story is  about a fish who wishes he was bigger. In maths we have been  using scales to measure weight and have compared the weight of objects. Throughout the week the whole class have worked really hard     preparing for their phonics screening test by practising reading nonsense words using phonic knowledge . It is great to see the children practicing at home and reading the  monster/nonsense words with confidence. Keep up the hard work!




This week has been Bird Week in our topic about Creature Comforts. We have continued learning about money in maths and solving problems about a naughty magpie who takes coins. In our writing we have learnt the story The Ugly Duckling and did some fantastic writing. In our Science we have spent an afternoon thinking about What do all birds have? and even did a spot of bird watching. We have finished our week by learning about a real bird in history who was a hero in World War 1. His name was Cher Ami and he was a very brave pigeon! See if you can find out about why he received a medal.



This week has been ICT week in year 1, everyone has worked hard to play programming games. We have been investigating money in maths and have been adding different coins and working out change from a 20p. Everyone has really enjoyed reading the end of Winnie's Dinosaur Day, the story we have been reading during our writing lessons. We all found it hilarious,  learning about characters speech using funny voices for the different characters. This enjoyment was evident in our writing too! 



Year 1 have been dinosaur crazy again this week. We have made dinosaur skeletons, used dinosaurs to help us with our subtracting in maths and continued with our story; Winnie's Dinosaur day in our writing. We have worked hard at using adjectives (describing words) to write about the dinosaur world Winnie and Wilbur travel to. Everyone was really good at discussing what words mean. Next week we move on to thinking about birds so if you have any information books about birds please bring them to school.



We have started the new term in year 1 with lots of excitement. This week, our topic ‘Creature Comforts’ has started with dinosaurs. We have had lots of fun finding out about where dinosaurs lived when on earth and we have been reading Winnie's Dinosaur Day, a story about a witch who enters a dinosaur competition. In maths, we have solved a variety of different  dinosaur problems using addition and the related subtraction facts. Mr Dallywater also started working with us again in P.E, which means our P.E sessions will now be on a Monday. We would like to remind everyone that ear-rings must be removed before coming to school.



We have been busy this week, in Literacy we are reading our new book The Way Back Home. We have been retelling the story using signifiers which we love. We have also started to rewrite the   story. We have been pai