Year 4

The class teacher is Miss Hirst



Our Topic this term is The Romans. 
Homework is due on a Monday.
Spellings are given out on a Monday and children are tested on these the following Monday! It is expected that children practise these at home.
PE is on a Wednesday. Please send children in with appropriate outdoor PE kit!


Swimming lessons will take place from Monday 2nd October to Friday 13th October! Please ensure that children are provided with swimming clothes and a towel each day.






What a fantastic first week back we have had in Year 4 this week! The children have all worked extremely hard in every single subject and should all be very proud of themselves. In Literacy we have been finishing off our fantastic play scripts, and the children have produced some amazing work. We are now moving on to writing instructions. In Maths we have started learning about money, and we have been comparing pounds and pence. We have also started our brilliant new Guided Reading text, 'Harry Potter'. All of the children were very excited to start reading this! In Topic we have been learning about the Victorians. Well done for a fabulous week Year 4!





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4! We have been completing tests this week and all the children have worked incredibly hard. We have also had a very busy lead up to Easter! We have visited church where the children sang. We have also put on our superstar performance of the 'Good News Easter Story'. Everybody was absolutely amazing and worked extremely hard. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch too. We have also taken part in the Hull Music Festival playing our glockenspeils. Again, the children did amazingly well. Good luck to all our Year 4 Rock Challenge performers, we will be cheering you on! Well done for a fabulous week Year 4, and enjoy the holiday!





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4 this week. The children have all worked extremely hard and have produced some amazing work. In Literacy, we have been taking part in Shakespeare week. This involved us looking at the play ‘Macbeth’, and learning all about the characters. We have even made our own witches spells. In Maths we have continued our work on decimals and in Guided Reading we have finished reading ‘The Iron Man’. The children all wrote fantastic reviews on this. In the afternoons we have been practicing for our Easter Play,  which is fast approaching next week! All the children are extremely excited to show off their hard work. Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!





We have had another fantastic week in Year 4 this week! The children have all worked really hard in all their subjects, and have produced some amazing work. In literacy, we have been learning all about the features of a play script and have had a go at writing some examples ourselves. In maths we have been learning all about decimals, as well as how to divide by 10, and 100 to create decimals. We have also had Science Week this week, and our class has been learning all about Alexander Graham Bell. We have even gone on a visit to the KCOM Lighthouse Museum, where we learnt about the history of the telephone, as well as a workshop on expanding communication within Hull. The children are also doing really well in their rehearsals for the Easter Play. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4, enjoy your weekend.





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4 this week! In Literacy we have been finishing off our unit on character descriptions, and have written some amazing descriptions of 'Mr Tumnus' from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We are now moving on to our next unit which is play scripts. In Maths, we have been coming to the end of our unit on time, moving between the 12 and 24-hour clock, and converting between days, weeks, months and years. In our Topic lessons this week we have looked at The Plague, where the children have enjoyed learning about the effects of this! Rehearsals have been continuing for the Easter Play, and all the children are reading their lines and singing beautifully. World Book Day was fantastic, all the children enjoyed learning about Gangsta Granny, and it was brilliant to see everyone getting involved. Well done for a fantastic week Year 4!





What a fantastic week we have had in Year 4 this week. All the children have worked extremely hard on their first week back and have all done very well. In Literacy we have been learning about the features of character descriptions, and have produced some amazing work. In Maths, we have continued learning about time, and writing the time in particular. All the children showed great perseverance with this! In Science we finished off our experiment on evaporation, and the children discovered that all the water had evaporated, leaving the salt behind! Year 4 have also been extremely excited to start practicing the Easter Play, and have enjoyed learning their lines and singing all the different songs. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4, keep practicing your lines for the play and enjoy your weekend!





What another brilliant week we have had in Year 4 this week. All the children have worked really hard in all their lessons and have shown great perseverance in all their learning. In literacy children have finished off their topic of setting descriptions and have moved on to looking at character descriptions. In maths, the children have worked really hard to understand time and in science the children have been learning about evaporation. Year 4 enjoyed doing an experiment to see what happens when we leave salt water to evaporate. For our final week of The 7 Wonders of the World, children have learnt about the Chichen Itza, as well as learning about Saints and Heroes on RE day. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4, enjoy your half term!





In Year 4 we have had another amazing week this week. All the children have tried extremely hard with all their work, well done Year 4. In literacy this week, we have been learning all about the features of  a setting description and we have been focusing on Narnia from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In maths, we have finished off our topic of fractions and have moved on to reading the time, as well as being able to convert between hours, minutes and seconds. In science, we have started our new topic of states of matter, looking at different materials and what they are made of. In our topic, we have visited Petra this week, and the children have learnt lots of interesting facts about this. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4!





[img-right} In Year 4 we have had another fantastic week, with everybody working really hard and producing some fantastic work. In literacy, the children have written some fantastic poems based on The ‘Magic Box’ by Kit Wright and are starting our new class read ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. The children have written some excellent descriptions of Narnia which were fantastic to read. In Numeracy, we have continued working hard on fractions, and have been looking at converting fractions to decimals. Everyone showed great perseverance in working these out! We have also travelled to Peru in our topic this week, and have been looking at Machu Picchu. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4, well done!





[img-right] In Year 4 we have had another fantastic week! The children have all worked really hard in literacy, where we have been learning about The Magic Box poem. The children have looked at all the features of poetry, and have produced some amazing work. In maths, we have been learning about fractions of amounts and how fractions are equivalent to decimal numbers. In our Topic lessons this week, we have been learning all about Christ the Redeemer, with children investigating about the history of Christ the Redeemer, as well as learning about the Geography of Brazil. The children have also really enjoyed making carnival masks! Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!





What a fantastic first week back we have had in Year 4! The children have all settled back in really well, and have all given 100% of their effort. In Numeracy, we have been learning all about fractions, and children have been investigating equivalent fractions. We have also started our new Literacy topic of poetry, inspired by the poem 'The Magic Box'. Children have designed their own magic box, and have written their own version of this poem. In Science, we have continued learning all about Sound, and in Topic we have continued our topic of The Seven Wonders of the World. Well done for a wonderful first week back Year 4!





We have had another fantastic week in Year 4! All the children have worked extremely hard as usual, and have produced some amazing work! In Literacy, children have continued their newspaper reports, and have written some amazing stories of when the Iron Man came to visit. In Maths children have worked really hard when investigating area and perimeter. In Science children have continued to investigate the topic of sound, and this week investigated how we can hear sound. In Topic we have learnt all about the Great Wall of China, and the children are now experts on this. We have also had lots of fun doing our NAPPA performance, and the children all performed amazingly well, showing off their wonderful singing and dancing talent. Well done for another fabulous week Year 4!





What a fantastic week we have had this week in Year 4! All the children have been working really hard in all lessons, and have produced some fantastic work. In literacy this week we have learnt all about the features of a newspaper report, and in maths we have moved on to looking at measures by finding the area of shapes. We have also continued looking at the Taj Mahal in our topic lessons. On Thursday we enjoyed our RE day, learning all about different beliefs in the community. Well done for another brilliant week Year 4!





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4 this week! The children have all worked extremely hard in literacy, looking at the different features of a newspaper. In numeracy we have carried on with our work on division, at using our 'bus stop' method with and without a remainder. Children have continued to experiment with sound in Science, and have really enjoyed playing musical instruments to investigate this. We have also been learning about E-Safety in our afternoon lessons, and children all wrote a fantastic recipe for staying safe on the internet. Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!







Well done for another fantastic week Year 4! This week the children have continued to work hard on their explanation texts in literacy, and have produced some fantastic work. The children were also reporters, as we launched our newspaper topic in literacy- they were investigating a very messy Iron Man! In numeracy children have been focusing on division, and have done really well with this. Children have also had the chance to investigate different sounds this week in science, and in their curriculum work have been travelling to India to learn all about the Taj Mahal. Well done for another wonderful week Year 4!





What a fantastic week we have had in Year 4 this week! In literacy, the children have been working hard on their explanation texts, and have learnt all about the features of these. In maths the children have been learning all about multiplication and have all been fabulous mathematicians! We have also been supporting Anti-Bullying Week this week in Year 4, where children have written lovely advice sheets, and have made some brilliant posters. Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!





What a wonderful first week back we have had in Year 4. Everybody has worked extremely hard on their tests, and should all be very proud of themselves. Our topic for this week has been Remembrance. Children have learnt about why this is important, the history behind this, as well as learning all about the Poppy. All children have written some fantastic writing on Remembrance. Well done for a brilliant first week back Year 4, and have a great weekend!



What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4 this week! We have finished our topic all about the Romans, with children performing wonderful pieces of drama about Queen Boudicca. In literacy children have been working hard to write about all the different features of a non-chronological report, which they have done fantastically well at. In maths children have also shown real determination to complete multiplication questions using different methods to work this out. Keep up the wonderful work Year 4 and have a fantastic half term!




What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4! Children have moved on to multiplication in numeracy, and have worked really hard to improve their skills. In literacy, children have written some amazing stories about stories that raise an issue, based on the book 'Bill's New Frock'. Year 4 have also been on an exciting trip this week to the Hull museum to look at the Roman exhibit! The trip was enjoyed by all greatly, and gave children a chance to show off their knowledge, as well as learn some new information! Keep up the hard work Year 4 and have a good weekend.





What another amazing week we have had in Year 4! The children were really excited to continue their swimming lessons, and everyone has made excellent progress. Well done for all your hard work! In literacy, we have continued looking at 'Bills' New Frock' at the issues it raises, and how we can write a story around those issues. All children have shown real perseverance with subtraction in numeracy and are continuing to look at different methods of solving these problems. Well done for another fantastic week and enjoy your weekend!





Well done for another wonderful week Year 4! The children have started their swimming lessons and are showing great enthusiasm with this! Well done for your hard work Year 4. The children have also written amazing diary entries about 'Bill's New Frock' and are continuing their learning on this book. All children have also shown great perseverance in numeracy when learning and doing activities about subtraction. Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4. We have continued learning about the different features needed in a diary, and children have done some fantastic work around these. We have started learning about column addition in maths, and children have become real problem solvers! We have also done some fabulous extended writing describing where a hot air balloon has travelled from. All of the children had some exciting and adventurous ideas! Well done for another fantastic week Year 4, have a lovely weekend!





What a wonderful week we have had in Year 4! We have finished our myths and legends literacy topic with some amazing writing, and have started reading our new class text 'Bill’s New Frock'. The children enjoyed taking part in drama activities and have been maths superstars! We have carried on learning about living things in science, and the Romans in our topic. Well done for another fantastic week Year 4!





In Year 4 we have had a fantastic week. We have all worked really hard at rounding in maths, and have continued looking at the myth Romulus and Remus in literacy. We have all been scientists this week, using an identification guide to identify different flowers. We have also started our Romans topic, which all the children have really enjoyed learning about. Well done for a fantastic week Year 4!





What a wonderful first week we have had in Year 4! In literacy we have started our exciting myths and legends topic, whilst in maths we have been counting back through zero as part of our place value. In Science we have been classifying plants, and we have been learning about British Values as part of our themed week. Everyone in Year 4 has been working very hard , lets keep up the good work!





In Year 4 this week we have been learning lots of exciting things! In literacy we have been writing descriptive stories about flying frogs, in numeracy we have enjoyed learning all about place value and we have started our topic all about the Romans. Year 4 have enjoyed learning all about Roman shields, and have written fantastic descriptions. The children have even made their own shields! It has been lovely to get to know such a wonderful class this week, ready for a great start in September.





As our time in year 4 comes to an end, we've had a lovely week to finish on. In literacy, we've continued to work hard on developing effective speech in stories as well as bringing characters to life by using interesting vocabulary. In maths, we have worked hard with multiplication and division knowledge, becoming increasingly confident with the formal methods we need to be using. In science, we have been creating food chains along with researching them in further depth whilst in art, we have been creating some lovely rainforest watercolour paintings. During our computing lesson, we were creating step-by-step guides on how to successfully complete an algorithm to change the colour of a background with the clicking of a switch! On a personal note, I've loved working with the children this year and watching them grow personally and academically. I look forward to us continuing our journey together in year 5!





This week has been very hectic for Year 4! We've been expanding our division knowledge in maths, solving problems with increasingly large numbers and applying it to real life investigations. In literacy we have enjoyed developing dramatic and exciting speech within stories whilst also identifying further features within the genre of 'stories from other cultures'. In PE, we continued with our cricket unit and in science we loved gaining knowledge about the digestive system.





This week, we have had such a productive and fantastic time! In maths we have been finishing off our translation work and looking at dividing, whilst in literacy we started looking at stories from other cultures, using an animation called 'Ride of Passage' as our stimulus. On Monday afternoon, we had a camping day where the children worked together to pitch their tents. After this, we enjoyed a few games of rounders, creating collages using natural materials we discovered and some lovely reading activities. As well as this, it has been a safety themed week, so we have been demonstrating our knowledge of how to stay safe in many situations, including online, fire, water and road. Chanele, Aleesha and Bradley also represented the class at the James Reckitt Book Awards held in East Park; they were wonderful representatives and greatly enjoyed their day. On Thursday, we had an ICT writing day where we used the iPads to enhance our writing.





This week we have worked extremely hard in all areas. In literacy, we have been composing our reports for the year and have completed our final drafts. Doing this has reminded us all what a productive year it has been, with some brilliant achievements for everyone. In maths, we have continued translating shapes from one position to another; this has been a challenge but through resilience, we have succeeded. In geography, we learnt lots about rainforest layers, particularly the plants that grow within each layer and the animals which live there.





What a brilliant week we've had! We have been fortunate enough to spend two of our days at City Hall with Singing  Day and the Big Bang; it was great to see all of the children's hard work result in fantastic performances shared with other schools. In literacy, we have started writing our reports and reflecting on our successes this year whilst in maths, we have begun to look at translations, building upon our coordinates and polygon knowledge previously. We also really enjoyed the Parent Partnership Challenge afternoon and created some amazing marble runs  through teamwork! 





It's been a wonderful week back after half term for year 4! In maths, we've been enjoying looking at coordinates and problem solving whilst also being resilient to improve upon our Big Maths Beat That test scores. All the multiplication practice that can be had at home is always a big help! In literacy, we concluded our 'stories that raise issues or dilemmas' unit, imagining problems that could arise involving rainforest animals! In our afternoons, we loved cricket in PE and have been practising our Singing Day songs for next week. We were also lucky enough to get to design mile markers to be used during this year's Hull Marathon. Well done to the winning three entries Morgan, Chelsey and Mcauley! 





This week, we have enjoyed exploring stories that raise issues and dilemmas in literacy, generating lots of interesting ideas. In maths, we have loved developing our decimal knowledge with lots of tricky problems. We really enjoyed Tuesday's spelling bee and researching rainforest animals to create fact files in our topic work. Sadly, Miss Sherpa leaves us today, but we just want to say a massive thank you for the contribution she has made to the class and the whole school, we will miss her lots!





What a fantastically productive week we've had in Year 4! In maths, we completed our unit of converting measurements before moving onto rounding decimals. In literacy, we completed writing diary entries before moving into stories that raise issues and dilemmas, with a focus on our new class read; The Butterfly Lion. Our afternoons have been wonderful, too! We refined our rainforest sketches (making them even better), looked at geographical patterns in relation to rainforests, created some incredible fact files and explored the  characteristics of different kinds of animals in further depth in science.




We have been carrying on with our measurement worked this week and although it is still a challenging topic for us, we have all work really hard and have really impressed Miss Sherpa! In literacy, we have developed our diary entry features and skills and we have been doing this by expanding our vocabulary, the importance of rhetorical questions in diary entries and we have also been learning to use past tense! During our afternoons we have began our new topic of rainforests! This has involved exploring atlases and discovering where in the world our rainforests are and developing our sketching skills in art by drawing some of our favourite rainforest animals. We have also continued with our classifying of animals in science and our P.E session was a success as they played tennis in the glorious weather! Finally, we have practiced our NAPA performance and have improved significantly which has really impressed Mr Rhodes and Miss Sherpa!




This week, we have been working hard on converting units of measurement in maths, which has been challenging but, through our resilience, we have achieved. In literacy, we have been developing our diary entry skills, focusing on description and emotion to create some really brilliant pieces of writing. Our afternoons have involved us looking at Hull's trawler history, continuing with classifying different animals in science, tennis in PE and as always, we loved our Friday music session with Miss Hunt. 




Firstly, I have to say how impressed I am with how well Year 4 have returned after Easter! Everybody has arrived back fresh and ready to have a successful summer term. In Literacy, the children have been finishing off their play scripts unit by creating some brilliant scenes relating to aliens arriving at different destinations on Earth. In maths, the whole class has loved finding out about multiplying 3 numbers together within plenty of reasoning and problem solving contexts. During our afternoons, we have been classifying and comparing pond animals in science and exploring how Hull has changed in recent with before and after images, giving reasons for these changes. Also, in P.E we have started our tennis unit, which I am sure we will make lots of progress in as we develop the necessary skills. 





What a brilliant last week of the Spring Term it has been for Year 4! Thanks for coming to see our play, we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it. We have also created some great aerial photo art of Hull and enjoyed our visit to the church. Also, we have done exciting literacy activities related to playscripts. Many Year 4 pupils also performed in Thursday's Rock Challenge event at the Ice Arena. Each and every one of them was a credit to the school and did themselves proud!




We've had another week of working very hard in Year 4! In maths, we've been exploring symmetry this week and have enjoyed a range of problems linked to this. We loved our Hull KR touch rugby session on Monday, where we got to play lots of mini games of rugby on the AstroTurf! In science, we have been looking at human impact and both the negative and positive effects this has on our local environment and beyond. In addition to this, we've been working very hard on our play and look forward to showing it to the school next week.




What a great week! We've enjoyed further money problems in maths and have been extremely resilient. In literacy, we enjoyed looking at Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' at the beginning of the week, exploring the fairy characters of Titania and Oberon. Later on in the week, we began the genre of playscripts, which is fitting seeing as we're performing our own Easter play very soon! I will be asking children if they can loan items for certain costumes, which would be greatly appreciated and returned at the end of it. Our afternoons have involved looking at sculptures and structures; we have created some amazing clay heads of famous Hull people, as well as taking inspiration from the Humber Bridge to design our very own sturdy structures. 




Once again, it's been a fantastic week in Year 4. We have especially loved science week, where we have been exploring how important it is to look after our teeth by creating videos to advise younger children and conducting experiments into the effect of toothpaste on a variety of stains. In literacy, we have created outstanding pieces of description relating to our stories set in imaginary worlds unit and in maths we have been enjoying solving plenty of problems relating to money. 




This week year 4 have continued to impress, working extremely hard in maths in to solve problems relating to acute, obtuse and right angles. In literacy, we have enjoyed writing about stories set in imaginary settings and being extremely creative! During afternoons, we have completed computing tasks and once again enjoyed our rugby with Hull KR. Our themed day on Thursday was also brilliant, where we explored themes relating the animals in captivity and the conservation of sealife. This was linked to this year's Rock Challenge theme, 'Beyond the Glass'.



What a brilliant week it's been! We've had our French day where the children learned to speak many new French words and phrases; we had our first visit from Hull KR to teach us some rugby skills and, of course, it was World Book Day; once again, there were plenty of amazing costumes and I could see just how much effort had gone into them. In literacy, we have started to look at stories set in imaginary worlds which has really engaged the class. In maths, we have been looking at converting  time between analogue, 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.




This week in Year 4, we've had lots of fun! We loved our cross-curricular PE Day where we enjoyed lots of literacy, reading, maths and science activities linked to sport, as well as being very active. Hockey was also a highlight, with the whole class continuing to develop. As part of our PSHE day, we focused on 'Say No to Bullying' and enjoyed sharing and furthering our knowledge of how bullying can affect lives. We also enjoyed exploring 'Saints and Heroes' in RE, looking at religious figures as well as personal heroes of our own. Enjoy your half term! If you spend some time exploring Hull or doing any Hull-related creative activities, be sure to share it on Digitull!




During an extremely busy week, there have been plenty of successes for Year 4.  In literacy, we have loved developing our performance poetry skills, becoming more confident in our understanding of rhyme and rhythm as well as coming up with some fantastic ideas for poems. In maths, we have finished our fractions unit and started to look at time and how to convert between seconds, minutes and hours, which has been really enjoyable. With our swimming lessons ending today, I'd like to say I'm proud of everyone and how much they have tried; the progress in just two weeks for some children has been outstanding! I'd love to hear about the children continuing with their swimming journeys long into the future.





It's been another enjoyable week this week; as you'll know, Year 4 have begun their swimming lessons with some amazing progress being made in just a week! It's fantastic to see the children's confidence develop so rapidly. In maths, we've been learning all about equivalent fractions, whilst in literacy, we wrapped up our persuasive letters unit and started learning about performance poetry, which we've all loved so far!



This week in year 4, we have been working hard as always. In literacy we have been writing to persuade people to visit Hull, with the class coming up with some outstanding emotive writing to really spark an interest! A lot of the class are also becoming far more mature with their sentence structures and tone, which is great to see. In maths we have been finding fractions of amounts; despite some difficulties, through resilience and determination the children are ending the week on a high in maths, solving problems with confidence! The children loved finding out about gases in science this week as well as our extended write, where we developed descriptive narratives relating to a picture of a mysterious inventor's house. Remember, swimming begins on Monday so please send your child equipped with a towel and swimming costume. Have a nice weekend! 



Well it's been a really busy week again for Year 4, with some excellent work being produced. In maths, children have been continuing with fractions, adding and subtracting them before moving on to finding fractions of amounts. In literacy, we have been looking at persuasion again, with the aim of convincing people to come and visit Hull this year. Our afternoons have consisted of athletics in PE, looking at the local area in geography and enjoying some famous songs from Hull artists in music. Children have also done brilliantly to complete their pedestrian training and some children competed for the school in an athletics tournament at Ennerdale today.


We've had another brilliant week this week in Year 4, with lots of amazing work being produced. In maths, we have been exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals, as well as investigating how to add and subtract a range of different fractions. In literacy, we have produced incredible descriptive narratives and I'm really impressed with the progress children are making here. We loved finding out about the properties of solids and liquids in science with a really hands on lesson. In art, we produced detailed sketches inspired by the Made in Hull light show in Queen Victoria Square, learning a range of techniques. 



It's been a busy week back for year 4 after a well-earned break. In maths, we've been exploring decimal place value and considering the effects of dividing numbers by 10 and 100; safe to say, we're experts at it now! In literacy, we have started a unit on descriptive narratives, with a focus on the Epic Citadel iPad app; this really encourages the children to understand the importance of being really sensory with their writing and not just rushing through a story. In PE, we had a great time beginning our hockey unit and have also learnt plenty about e-safety this week. 


What a last week of the autumn term we've had in Year 4! We've been especially 'crafty', producing cards and calendars to be proud of which we hope will be on display in your homes during the festive period and beyond. We also produced a flotilla of boats, which will set sail from Princes Quay on 2nd January, to mark the City of Culture year. Children have loved singing and celebrating this week whilst still being a brilliant, sensible and responsible class. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in 2017!



In Year 4 this week, we've been extremely busy! We have finished off our Christmas non-chronological reports which are really detailed and informative. In maths, we have ended our area and perimeter unit with some extremely challenging problem solving tasks! We loved the Christingle service on Thursday and undoubtedly the highlight of our week was our NAPA performance on Friday! We loved doing it and hope everybody who came to watch enjoyed it too. 


This week in Year 4 we've been incredibly busy. In maths, the whole class have really been  enjoying exploring area and perimeter of rectilinear figures in maths. In literacy, we have been developing our non-chronological report writing skills, building up to our hot write. We have really enjoyed discovering even more about how circuits work in science as well as finding out more about the Bronze Age. We also loved our visit from KCOM, where we discovered more about how the internet works.


This week, we have been developing our estimating skills in maths within lots of tricky problems! In literacy, we have been looking at the features of non-chronological reports and have begun to develop our knowledge by studying a range of different texts and developing our use of the necessary grammar features. We've have looked further into how circuits work in science and loved netball in PE this week!



Once again, it has been a brilliant week for Year 4. We loved our trip to the cinema on Thursday as part of the Into Film Festival to see Ice Age: Collision Course and enjoyed    discussing the events afterwards. As always, the children represented the school      amazingly. In maths we have tackled Roman Numerals; although they were confusing at first, our resilience meant that most of us now know 1-100 and can solve problems and challenges related to this. Our newspaper reports unit in literacy has ended with some outstanding pieces of writing, which demonstrates the hard work which has been put into it by the class. In science, we loved exploring electricity and in PE our netball skills are coming along, particularly our movement when not on the ball. Well done! Let's keep it up!



This week got off to a brilliant start for Year 3 and 4 when we visited the Heritage Learning Museum in town to deepen our knowledge and skills surrounding our Stone Age topic.  Every child was a credit to the school and the staff at the museum were impressed by the enthusiasm and    behaviour of our pupils. In maths, we have been solving tricky negative number problems; considering this has been the first time for many looking at negative numbers, we've done really well! We were looking at how we see them in real life in contexts such as temperature and money. In literacy, we have continued with our newspaper reports unit, learning many of the features and styles the genre uses. We have been looking at Remembrance in our afternoons,            understanding the importance of reflecting on the past for the fortunate position we're in now.





This week, we have enjoyed continuing with multiplication and division investigations, furthering our deeper understanding. In literacy, children have made a brilliant start to our newspaper story unit, understanding the features and the important '5 W's' all strong articles should reveal in their first paragraph. We have started netball in PE, improving our passing skills, as well as furthering our knowledge of community in RE and new beginnings in PSHE.



This week in Year 4, we've done some incredible writing for our adventure stories unit in literacy; the children have really brought the characters and settings to life through a range of techniques! In maths, we've been working extremely hard at increasingly challenging multiplication work, where the children's confidence is growing by the day. Our afternoons have been wonderful, too! This week we've loved making Stone Age hunters fact files, exploring sound in science by making ear gongs, music with Miss Hunt and football in PE.



This week, we've continued working incredibly hard with our multiplication in maths. Solving increasingly challenging problems using our fluent knowledge of the inverse of multiplying and dividing. In literacy, our story writing skills have improved particularly with how effective use of speech can really bring characters to life. Our afternoon highlight has undoubtedly been the planning, designing and manufacturing of our Stone Age costume; each child has developed many Design & Technology skills and everybody has produced something to be proud of.





Once again, we've had another fantastic week. We've been exploring multiplication in maths, looking at problems involving factors which we've really enjoyed. In Literacy we have started a unit on adventure      stories, using the brilliant Stone Age Boy as our stimulus... this leads us on to history, where our Stone Age knowledge has been developing incredibly. We understand why the design of houses changed over time, as well as making judgments about which would be the the best and why. Art was a highlight this week and we've created authentic cave paintings to be proud of! In Science we've further explored how sounds are made through engaging with musical instruments and considering how vibrations lead to sound. Our football skills are coming along nicely in PE, with us now combining passing and dribbling skills to build towards attacking movements.




As always, Year 4 have been incredible this week. We've worked as hard as possible in all areas, from solving extremely difficult addition and subtraction problems in maths to writing incredible persuasive adverts in literacy. In PE, we've been doing brilliant with our football skills and we've enjoyed piecing together Stone Age events in history, working on our chronology skills.


This week in Year 4, we've had a fantastic time. We're now doing persuasive adverts in literacy after completing our persuasive letters unit; it's our aim to convince Stone Age people to swap their creaking, catastrophic caves for dazzling, delightful dwellings! In maths, we mastered rounding  before moving on to addition and subtraction problems, testing and pushing ourselves all of the time. It has been our computing week in the afternoons , where we have enjoyed creating exciting algorithms and solving troublesome bugs through resilience and teamwork.



This week we have had a great time learning all about the Stone Age in topic. In literacy, we have continued our persuasive letters and have been learning some excellent emotive vocabulary to help us with this, as well as improving our structure. In maths, we have been getting our teeth into rounding, where the children have showed incredible resilience. We also had a (very noisy!) introduction to our sound unit in science. 



It's been a great first week for Year 4. We've enjoyed looking at the story of Ug in literacy, which is set in the Stone Age! Unfortunately, Ug's parents don't listen to his genius ideas so it's up to us to persuade them to through letters. In maths, we've been doing lots of place value work and problem solving within this. We've enjoyed looking at British Values in topic, considering the importance of the NHS!



It's safe to say that Year 4 have kept working hard right until the very end, but here we are; after two years, I'll no longer be able to be able to call this group of children my class! It makes me so happy to be able to see the progress they've made, not just in terms of the fantastic work they have all produced, but as people. Each and every one of them makes me smile and I'm really looking forward to seeing them continue their journey through the academy.



This week, I've been powering through persuasive adverts in literacy, furthering our knowledge of the features of them as well as completing our cold writes. In maths, we've been converting measurements and solving increasingly difficult problems. The class are continuing to work hard as they prepare themselves to step up to year 5 imminently. One more week!



This week started with a BIG BANG at Hull City Hall where we participated in the annual percussion music festival for Key Stage 2 . All year, the class have been learning plenty of different songs on their glockenspiels on Friday afternoon with Miss Hunt and they did incredibly well at the event. We have also enjoyed our RE and PSHE days, where we have been looking at relationships and our world. Everyone showed a great understanding of the importance of looking after our environment! Many of our class were involved in the Rock Challenge Final on Thursday, and each and everyone of them should be proud of themselves, not just for their performance, but how they represented the school so well!


This week has been especially busy for year 4. On Wednesday, we were invited into Central Library to hold a debate on literacy and the future of the library. The whole class were extremely mature and offered incredibly intelligent contributions (we also got a free book each, which is always a positive)! It's been a really sporty week too, with some pupils participating in a Hull FC rugby festival as well as there being a great Sports Day on Friday afternoon.


This week, we've been continuing with our report writing to make them as professional sounding as possible! We've been solving multiplication problems in maths, having lots of fun with this. The family picnic was a huge amount of fun, as was our day with GB athlete James Denny.



Although it's been a shorter week, it's safe to say we've worked even harder (if that's possible) to make sure everything has been covered! In literacy, we've been reflecting on what we've achieved this year in order to gather ideas for our self-written school reports. In maths, children have been tackling expanded and shortened multiplication methods; despite the increasing difficulty, the class has remained resilient throughout, with great progress being made. During our afternoons, we've enjoyed painting on the ceiling like Michelangelo, designing and creating rockets to go the furthest distance as well as enjoying a visit from an artist to help design art for KCOM taxi advertisements! All in all, a great week. Let's keep it up until summer.



This week in year 4, we've been continuing with our balanced arguments focus in literacy, developing our use of statistics and comparing and contrasting sentence openers. The class have all become very confident in identifying lines of symmetry whilst demonstrating their understanding within a range of different problems in maths. During our afternoons, we have been exploring the wonderful landmarks of Europe through creative writing, geography and art tasks!





We're now well into the summer term and Year 4 have continued working hard this week. In literacy, we have turned our attentions to balanced arguments, with the topic of video games up for discussion, inspired by a conversation between Greg and his Dad in Diary of a Wimpy Kid! In maths we've taken our shape work into symmetry, incorporating this into our Europe topic by looking at flags and their properties relating to this. With Eurovision happening this weekend, we've written some amazing diary texts pretending that we're performers at the event; everyone has thought really hard about description and the sort of feelings they would be having. Our NAPA work with Harry is another highlight, with the whole class picking up some great new performance skills.


This week has been particularly busy, especially with us only having four days to fit in five days of work! In literacy, we've continued with our Diary of a Wimpy Kid inspired diary texts, focusing on enhancing emotion along with more vivid description of events. In maths, we've mastered negative numbers within increasingly more challenging contexts. During our afternoons, we have been looking at ideas of creation in RE and discussing why it's 'good to be me' in PSHE.



Throughout this week, Year 4 have been fully engaged in a wide range of exciting and stimulating activities across the curriculum. In literacy, we have been reading and enjoying Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is our stimulus text for literacy this term. The children have written their own diary entries in a similar style which we will work on improving and developing further next week. In maths, we've enjoyed solving problems involving Roman Numerals. Our afternoons have consisted of discovering Europe in further depth, sound in science as well as cricket in PE and rugby training with Hull FC which we are making the most of!





This week we've been working extremely hard like always. In maths, the class have been further extending their knowledge of coordinates, moving onto translating coordinates and shapes within increasingly complex problems! In literacy, we've produced some great non-chronological reports on our fantastic school, with massive improvements made between our cold writes and hot writes. It's also been computing week for our class this week, where we've been debugging lots of problems and creating great algorithms on Purple Mash. The class can log on to this at home if you're curious to see the great work which they've produced!





It's been an extremely busy first week back; in Maths, we've been learning about coordinates, developing this into shape and problem solving, which the children have been fantastic at! In Literacy, children have been progressing with their knowledge of non-chronological report writing, which will continue into next week as we further enhance our skills. We have been doing the reports on our Academy, aiming to produce an informative piece which lets everyone know about all the great things we have here at Craven! Our topic this term is Europe, and children have been sharing what they do know about the continent before writing questions to extend their knowledge and researching to find the answers for themselves.




It's been an incredibly busy week with all of the Easter activities going on across the school and I'm really proud of how hard everyone has worked on our Easter play, which we     performed on Wednesday. We hope any parents, family or friends who attended loved   watching it just as much as the class loved performing it to you! 




In Year 4, we have been working extra hard on our Easter play, titled 'Good News'. The confidence of the children is growing and there is plenty of lovely acting and singing. By Wednesday, I'd expect that we'll all be fantastic! The children have been given their lines, so any practise that can be done at home would be a great help. In maths, we've been looking at fractions of amounts, which can be tricky at first but the children will soon be mastering it as we progress. For Science, we've been contributing the school's science week focus by engaging with space food, investigating the suitability (and unsuitability) of various foods  and researching what astronauts actually have in space with them! Ask your children and they'll be able to tell you.





This week in Year 4, we have been very busy indeed! In maths we've continued working on time and it's safe to say many of us are now experts! We've also continued writing stories from other cultures, this time linking it to the Vikings. Remember, it's our trip to the Hull & East Riding museum next Friday! In science, our investigation and research into the digestive system has continued, with all of the class really enjoying looking into the function of the different body parts. We have also begun rehearsing for our Easter play; any help that can be given at home assisting the children with practising their lines would be a massive help.





This week in Year 4, we’ve been extremely busy every minute of the day. In maths, we’ve begun a focus on measure, particularly time and converting between different units of time along with increasing our understanding of 24-hour clocks. Literacy has involved exploring stories from other cultures and increasing our familiarity with the features they involve; as always, the children’s imaginations have been on fire! It was World Book Day on Thursday and we loved coming to school dressed as our favourite characters, carrying out activities involving our most loved books. Science was enjoyable, as we explored how the digestive system works, with each child fully engaged and ready to learn more, which we will do in the remainder of the term.




In Year 4 this week, we have been working hard like we always do! In literacy, the children have been delving deep into poetry, with a particular focus on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. As a cold write, the children adapted the poem to make their own versions; considering these are first drafts, there are some outstanding ideas going on. Students got to perform their poems to the class, demonstrating superb speaking, reading and listening skills. In maths we have been working on our decimal knowledge, including rounding and the effects of dividing a number by 10 or 100. Gymnastics in PE has also been a highlight, with some great skills being picked up and developed further.



This week, we have been learning plenty of new skills across the curriculum. In maths, children have been learning to round four-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Once they've gained the basic skills, they've then been applying this within lots of reasoning tasks and problem solving! Our character descriptions in literacy are now fully finished and some incredible new superheroes have been created. In science, we have had lots of fun learning about seed dispersal. This week has also been  anti-bullying week, with the children showing a great understanding of what bullying means and how to deal with situations such as this. They're a really mature bunch!


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