Year 5

The class teacher is Mr Rhodes


PE days: On Monday afternoons we have PE; please remember to send your children in with suitable outdoor PE kit and trainers.



Topic: This term, our topic in Year 5 is Ancient Greece and we're really enjoying expanding out knowledge and developing our skills around this theme.



Spelling tests are on: Mondays, we have our weekly spelling test so remember to practice!


Homework: Homework is always due in on Wednesdays and it is our expectation that all children complete this. Also, on Fridays, children must be able to show their reading records to prove that they have read three times during the week in order to be a regular reader!





What a brilliant week we’ve had to kick off the new year! It’s been fantastic to have everybody back and so eager to learn. In maths, we have continued with challenging multiplication problems. In literacy, we created some fantastic performance poems before starting our new persuasive adverts unit, linked to our new space topic. During our afternoons, we have begun our new topic ‘The Journey Into Space’, investigating the history of the earth and looking at the evidence for our planet being spherical rather than flat (as some people used to believe!). In PE, we enjoyed gymnastics, learning different movements and balances. 





We’ve had a great final full week of the autumn term in year five. In maths, we have strengthened our square and cube number knowledge, as well as furthering our formal multiplication methods! In literacy, we have been developing our poetry skills whilst looking at Christmas-themed performance poetry. We are loving getting further into our whole class read ‘Cool’, with so much fantastic discussion happening around the themes of the book. During our afternoons, we have enjoyed learning more about the Ancient Greek Olympics and some exhilarating PE! The class were also fantastic at church on Monday during our annual Christingle celebration. The week ended brilliantly with a cracking Christmas dinner which we loved! Furthermore, well done to Aaron and Ashleigh who participated in a cricket tournament this week, giving committed and resilient efforts throughout. 





This week, we have loved finding out about square numbers and cube numbers in maths. In literacy, we wrapped up our diary writing unit before starting performance poetry linked to Christmas! We have enjoyed our visit from the Humberside Police and Fire Services to launch their White Ribbon initiative, which we found very informative. During Thursday’s RE Day, we considered the significance of different festivals of celebration across the world, thinking about similarities and difference between those and Christmas. The Christmas Fair on Friday was a real highlight, and we loved decorating and selling our outstanding Christmas jumper gingerbread biscuits. 





This week, we have accomplished plenty in year five! In maths we have loved improving our knowledge of factors and multiples, developing our reasoning and problem solving skills around this. In literacy we have been furthering our diary writing skills, focusing on suitable emotions and feelings to include along with developing our punctuation range. We have done lots of work around the theme of eSafety and the children have demonstrated strong knowledge throughout.





We’ve had a great week this week after our successful trip to London on Thursday and Friday of last week; what an amazing time we had! The class have completed their Bikeability training this week and the instructors commented on how keen to learn and determined the class were. In maths, we have been enjoying looking at tricky Roman Numerals problems. In literacy, we have started a unit on diary entries with the stimulus being our visit to London. In Guided Reading, we have also loved getting familiar with our new whole class read, ‘Cool’ by Michael Morpurgo. The Parent Partnership Challenge was, as always, a highlight, with some brilliant balloon structures being made! 





Year 5 are enjoying their exciting trip in London. They look like they are having an incredible time and we are looking forward to hearing all about it when they return!





This week, we have had a brilliant return after half-term with everyone ready to learn and develop. We had a fantastic visit to St Stephens in order to fundraise for our London trip, coming up next week! Every child interacted with the public in a respectful, informative way and there were so many positive comments about how polite and knowledgeable the class are. We created detailed leaflets to give to the public so they knew exactly what we would be getting up to and they loved receiving them. On Thursday, we enjoyed a trip to Reel Cinema to see Moana and got to write a film review about this afterwards to express our thoughts and summarise the story. In maths, we explored further addition and subtraction problems to push ourselves further and deepen our understanding. We also enjoyed editing photographs of the Tower of London poppy display, linking the theme of  remembrance with our upcoming visit to London.





What a great week to end the first half of this autumn term on! In maths, we’ve been tackling tough multi-step problems, drawing on our ever improving addition and subtraction knowledge. In literacy, we have wrapped up our character descriptions unit, creating some quirky, interesting pieces of writing where characters have really been brought to life! Our afternoons have consisted of PE, history, and art, where we have been enjoying learning all about the Greek Theatre and creating theatre masks in a similar style to those used in Ancient Greece. Lastly, our NAPA performance was fantastic and we loved putting on a show for all of the family. 





This week, we have worked extremely hard throughout. In maths, we have continued with our addition and subtraction, teaching great levels of fluency, reasoning and problem solving! We have been developing character description skills in literacy, inspired by Quentin Blake’s quirky drawings. Our NAPA performance is really coming together, too and we can’t wait to perform it! We have also written some great newspaper reports on the famous Greek playwright, Sophocles, releasing a new play all about ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’! On Friday, we had a fantastic time bag packing at Asda to raise funds for London and as always, the class were all brilliant ambassadors. 





This week, we've wrapped up our newspaper reports unit in literacy, creating some pieces to be proud of! To do this, we were inspired by the events of 'The Boy in the Dress' and then innovated this idea to think about what else children might turn up to school with that would go against the uniform policy. Now, we have moved on to character description! In maths, we've been refamiliarising ourselves with column addition and subtraction whilst working on challenging problems with even bigger numbers! We loved science this week, where we have been investigating why different balls are made of different materials and are differently sized, conducting our own experiments around this. Additionally, we have really enjoyed exploring Greek Myths and Legends in our afternoon topic work, deducing whether or not elements of the stories could be real or not in history.





What another lovely week in Year 5! This week, we have been working extremely hard with negative numbers in maths, looking at them within many real life contexts negative numbers can be found in, such as temperature and money. In literacy, we have been learning the skills of journalism to compose some of our very own newspaper reports. In P.E. this week we furthered our football skills and in Science, we loved designing our very own experiment to test the viscosity of a range of liquids. It was very exciting, with lots of amazing ideas and explanations from the class! In history, we've also been looking at the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece in further detail. As always, we've loved ending the week with Miss Hunt and Music, where we have been learning how to use drums! Unsurprisingly, there is clearly lots of talent in our class.





What a brilliant week! It started spectacularly when our class representatives read their poems in church, a big well done for that. In literacy, we have started a unit on newspaper reports, so any chance children get to look at newspapers at home and study the way they're written would be a great help. The stimulus for this is the David Williams book, 'The Boy in the Dress', which we are all enjoying. In maths, we have furthered our rounding knowledge and have been extremely resilient in order to achieve. This week's spelling bee was a highlight too, where Eddie from our class was victorious. Well done all the winners! 





This week in Year 5, we have loved rounding in maths and deepening our understanding of this up to a million! In literacy, we completed our recounts unit and showed a great understanding of the necessary features. We have learnt lots about Sparta and Athens in topic, understanding the key differences between these two historic Ancient Greek cities. We also imagined what it would be like to live as a boy or a girl growing up at this time, producing some great diary entries. At the end of the week, we produced some lovely poetry for Harvest Festival and can't wait to share them at St. John's on Monday.





It's been another fantastic week for Year 5! In maths we've been learning all about counting forward and backwards up to one million in powers of 10, which has resulted in fantastic maths discussions and reasoning amongst the class. In literacy, we have continued exploring recounts and their features, developing our structures and vocabulary along the way. In our afternoons, we have been plotting events in Ancient Greece on a timeline, looking at the geography of Greece, writing non-chronological reports on Ancient Greece, developing our football skills and exploring building materials which make up our school in Science. NAPA has also been a highlight, and our performance is really coming along! 





We've had a fantastic week back at Craven in year 5, producing lots of work to be proud of. In literacy, we began looking at the skills involved in recount writing, considering all of the wonderful things the class got up to during the summer holidays. In maths, we have further explored tricky place value problems and expanded our knowledge with this. Our afternoons have consisted of lots of work focused around British Values, developing our knowledge on the themes of Democracy and beyond. Furthermore, the class wrote persuasive speeches in order to be elected School Councillors; many loved reading them aloud to try their best to convince the class they would be the best candidate.





What a lovely first week we've had in year five! In maths, we've looked at place value of increasingly large numbers, which some found to be intimidating at first but through resilience we've got the hang of it in order to solve tricky problems! In literacy, we have been looking at the art of persuasion and the features which come along with this. During the week we have made our initial explorations into our Autumn topic, Ancient Greece, by looking at Greek vases and linking stories to them, along with recreating some with detailed sketches. It's been a fantastic year and we're all already looking forward to September; Year 5 promises to be an action packed one!





Well what a fantastic week it has been to end the year with. We have enjoyed showing off our writing skills and applied some maths skills doing Murder Mystery Maths to find out clues and narrow down the suspect. In the afternoons, we have enjoyed applying for our new jobs ready for year 6, preparing our last badges to sell at the fair, danced at our energetic party followed by a McDonalds happy meal and finally lead some PE with the Year 1s. I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Year 5s this year for being such a beautifully random class to teach. Every day has been so unpredictable, yet so enjoyable with you all. I wish every single one of you all the very best for Year 6, I have every faith that if you approach next year with the right mind set you will all do brilliantly. Remember hard work pays off! But don't forget to always have fun!





Year 5 have had a very busy week. They have enjoyed being out of school visiting the University of Hull for the National Astronomy Day, they also had a  trip at Malet Lambert with Tiger Trust taking part in a football tournament  and on Friday we enjoyed a very warm Sports Day. On Tuesday afternoon, we have been doing some research about Pilgrimages for RE that we found very interesting. Some children went to a space launch in Sheffield and sent the Pattie and Chips ship into space!





This week in year 5, we have been working on writing informal letters from another persons perspective which has been very interesting. In maths, we have been looking at line graphs and tables and answering questions based on the information they give us. We found reading timestables a little bit difficult but we have been resilient throughout. In the afternoons, we have done more athletics and each week we keep on improving. As it is Safety Week, we have been having many discussions on how to be safe outside of school and risks we may face over the holidays. We are now experts at keeping ourselves and others safe! Five of our children were brilliant representatives at the James Reckitt Book Awards, they had a lovely day reviewing the books they read.  





Year 5 have continued doing tests this week. I am so proud of their resilience and perseverance they have shown throughout. We all enjoyed our ICT Writing Day on Tuesday, the children used the iPads to plan and create some amazing pieces of writing. During PE, we have been practising our athletics ready for Sports Day. In the afternoons, we have carried out more experiments with mixing solids and liquids which we found very interesting. Furthermore, we have carried out more research on the Egyptians by looking at objects and artefacts which created some wonderful discussions in class.





Another busy week for year 5 this week. We have enjoyed a lovely two days out at City Hall doing some singing and taking part in The Big Bang. On Thursday afternoon, we took part in the parent partnership challenge which was great as we got to work in teams with children from other groups. We're now very close to finishing our reports and we can't wait to share them with our families. 





Year 5 have started the final half term beautifully. They have been very enthusiastic and keen to get started with writing their reports. In maths, we have continued looking at shapes and focused on area. We have also started our new topic Ancient Egyptians that we are already very intrigued by and can't wait to find out more. We have particularly loved Science this week. We have been looking at which solids dissolve in various liquids causing them to mix. In P.E. we have started to work on our Athletics skills to help us prepare for Sports Day.





Another amazing week. Year 5 have worked hard in maths. They have been working on rectilinear shapes and working out the perimeter. In literacy, we have written out film narrative on The Piano and the children had some amazing pieces of writing by the end of it. In the afternoons, we have enjoyed PE in the sun, computing, history and music. Hope you enjoy the half term!! 





Once again, it's been a fantastic week in Year 5. We have especially loved literacy this week, where we have been exploring the importance of camera angles, lighting and sound in films. In maths, we have continued to look at conversions and focused more on worded problems, which we found another great challenge. The afternoons, as always, have been very busy. We have continued with more history, where we have looked into more depth about the Maya Civilization and compared these to the Ancient Egyptians. Furthermore, we have taken more inspiration from the Mayans and created some of our own mosaic style masks.




This week year 5 have been working on a short film narrative in literacy. In maths, we have been learning conversions in various metric measures which has been a good challenge. Our afternoons have been full of fun filled enjoyable foundation subjects; we have done PE, history, art, music and we have been applying our knowledge of poems from last week’s sessions into our extended writing. Well done, to the year 6s on finishing their SATS!




This week we have continued to work on our poems which we have enjoyed writing. During maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties, including angles. In the afternoons, we have enjoyed some science as we got our hands messy with different materials. We have also been doing geography, extended writing and music. We would like to wish all the Year 6s the best of luck for SATS next week, you have worked so hard and we all believe in you!




Year 5 have come back raring to go! We have started our literacy cycle looking at poems and different features of them. In maths, we are now looking at measuring angles and learning how to use a protractor. On Wednesday morning, six children went to Guildhall to deliver the Make £5 Blossom presentation. They did brilliantly and really impressed on the day. A huge well done to all the class on their outstanding efforts. We are awaiting a delivery of more components to make even more badges. In the afternoons, we have been learning all about our new topic the Maya Civilisation and were really enjoying it!




What a last week of the spring term it has been for year 6. 12 of us started the week off with a weekend at Robinwood which was fantastic. There was many challenges and fears that were overcome as well as plenty of laughs and fun. We enjoyed our Easter visit to the church and enjoyed performing our 'He lives in you' song for the parents at the Easter bonnet and garden parade. Well done to Leah and Samed who created bonnets and to Brandon, Ellis M, Daisy, Chelsea and Abi would created some brilliant gardens. We have ended this busy week with an amazing Rock Challenge performance on Thursday. A huge well done and congratulations to all of our team who we are so proud of. You are all stars! 




A very active week for year 5 this week. Bikeability was brilliant, children enjoyed every minute of it. They  worked so hard and learned so much about riding safely on the road. In the afternoons, we continued our maths lessons on percentages. We have also continued to produce, take orders and deliver even more badges. We want to thank everyone for their support so far. I hope year 5 and 6 have lots of fun at Robinwood this weekend.











Another very busy week for year 5, we have enjoyed our literacy and reading this week, as it was all based on Shakespeare, this was a way for the children to celebrate Shakespeare Week. The children got to read and understand the story of Macbeth and finally applied it to a story of their own. In maths, we have been rounding numbers up to three decimal places. Our afternoons have been filled with excitement as we have been working on our Make £5 Blossom idea. We have started to make our badges and we are now advertising them ready for sale Monday. The children did brilliantly on Friday morning launching their product. Please don't forget to wrap up warm for Monday and the rest of the week, ready for Bikeabilty which will be super fun!




Another very busy week this week, year 5 have enjoyed working with decimals in Maths. In Literacy, we have been looking at different genres of writing such as legends, myths, fables and traditional tales. In the afternoons, we have enjoyed taking part in Science week. We investigated forces and we had a lot of fun experimenting. It was very enjoyable visiting the other classes and listening to what they have been doing, the children were really enthusiastic. We are now in the process of choosing our final badges by adding our finishing touches for Make £5 Blossom. We are hoping they will be on sale late next week.



Another very enjoyable week. We have started with looking at ways to start a story by setting the scene whilst using varied sentences to suit different styles. In maths, we have been learning how to convert fractions to decimals or decimals to fractions as well as equivalents. The afternoons, we did PE, Science and History. On Thursday, we had a Curriculum Day based on the Rock Challenge theme Beyond The Glass. The theme completely hooked us in as we got learn many facts about whales and dolphins. Friday was our RE day. We got to look religion charitable work and reasons why people choose to make sacrifices to improve the lives of others.




What a brilliant week it's been! We've had our French day where the children learned to speak many new French words and phrases; we had our first visit from Hull KR to teach us some rugby skills and, of course, it was World Book Day; once again, there were plenty of amazing costumes and I could see just how much effort had gone into them. In literacy, we have started to look at stories set in imaginary worlds which has really engaged the class. In maths, we have been looking at converting  time between analogue, 12-hour and 24-hour clocks.




Huge well done to Year 5 for their brilliant NAPA performance on Thursday morning, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. This week we have enjoyed a full day of PE on Tuesday as we took part in many exciting activities both in class and in the hall. We had a full of PSHE on Thursday and RE on Friday which we always look forward to. Year 5, have worked really hard over the past weeks and deserve a nice weeks rest. Enjoy!




Year 5 have been working hard on learning different  features of creating a strong balanced argument in Literacy. In Maths, we have continued working on fractions and have now moved on to multiplying fractions with whole numbers. As well as this we have enjoyed PE, Science and Music. We have also spent most of the afternoons planning our Make £5 Blossom assembly this Friday. We have worked hard on our business plan and we feel that we have a really good concept that we will soon share with you all. We are looking forward to seeing you at our NAPA performance on Thursday.





This week, year 5 have been super resilient. They have been doing tests most of the week and have worked so hard applying things they have learnt in class so far. On Wednesday, we visited the KCOM Lighthouse which we found very interesting as we learned about the history of telephones, how it's developed over time and what the future holds for KCOM customers. In the afternoons we have enjoyed PE, Science and History. On Thursday, we practiced more of our NAPA performance and we can't wait to show you. 



Year 5 have had another very busy week. In literacy, our writing is based on a balanced argument which we have  related back to Hull City of Culture. The children loved debating in the classroom with one another. In maths, we have looked at converting improper fractions and mixed numbers and the children have been really resilient when working through the problems. In the afternoons, we have enjoyed science as we go to act out how planets orbit the sun. We have also done geography and took part in the Spelling Bee on Tuesday. On Friday, we got the opportunity to visit Malet Lambert for year 5 education transition that we really enjoyed and found useful.



Year 5 have had another busy week. In literacy, we have written our stories with suspense and the children's final pieces were very gripping. In maths, we have worked hard to understand equivalent fractions. Our afternoons have been filled with activities relating back to Hull City of Culture. We have also done PE, science and music which we always enjoy. On Tuesday afternoon, seven children visited Anlaby Acre Heads school to meet different faith leaders and they learnt a lot of new facts which they then got to share with the rest of the class.


Year 5 have been super busy this week. In literacy, we have been looking at ways to improve our stories by adding suspense and tension. In maths, we have started with fractions and learning how to order and compare them which has been challenging. In the afternoons, we have been doing E-Safety activities and learning how to stay safe online. We have now learned even more of our songs and dance routine during our NAPA session which we always enjoy.



After the festive season year 5 have returned ready to learn. We have started the week by writing a story with suspense which has been very interesting. We used a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as our stimulus. In maths we have learnt about square and cube numbers. Our topic has now changed and were embracing our city by doing Hull City of Culture which the children are very excited about. We have already taken part in Challenge Hull #1 'A Picture of You' by carefully sketching portraits of ourselves. On Thursday we started NAPA and we love it!


Year 5 have had an amazing first term. They have been so busy in the classroom learning and have had many opportunities to be out of school gaining different experiences, where they represented the school and themselves beautifully. They have shown great determination and been very resilient throughout. This week they have enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit by creating their very own Christmas cards, calendars and singing lots of Christmas songs. As well as that they have loved the Christmas party, Carol Concert and Magic Carpet. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I'm so very proud of the year 5s achievements so far and look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Enjoy the holidays!




This week year 5 have started to get into the spirit of Christmas by writing their very own story of The Amazing Christmas Carrot. In maths, we have been working hard and learning about factors and prime factors which we found fun. In the afternoons, we have been learning about religious celebrations during RE and the impact these have in the community. Also, we have been looking at getting on and falling out during PSHE. On Thursday, we took part in the Christingle service which we really enjoyed.



Year 5 have finished writing a recount of their London experience in literacy this week and there are some lovely pieces of writing. In maths, we have been looking and multiplying and dividing number by 10, 100 and 1000. During the afternoons, we have enjoyed a PE session on netball skills, an art lesson where we had to combine sketching lines and painting, as well as science.  On Friday, KS2 had French day which year 5 enjoyed to be a part of.



Year 5 have been very busy this week. In Literacy, we have been learning ways to up level our recounts about London. In Maths, we have been dividing using short division. In the afternoons we have been adding to our Topic and linking back to London. We have also done science and investigated metals which we really enjoyed. On Friday, half of the class went to Asda to do some bag packing to help raise money for London. The children were brilliant. Well done.  



Year 5 are still buzzing from the London trip last week. In Literacy, we have been using our London trip to write a recount. We have enjoyed this as we’ve had the opportunity to share our wonderful experience. In Maths, we have been multiplying large numbers and even learning long multiplication. We have spent the afternoons preparing for our Thursday assembly and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



Wow what an amazing week year 5 have had. We started the week with working on literacy and topic   using 'A Walk in London' as our stimulus. In maths, we looked at multiplying and dividing mentally. On Thursday and Friday, we had an absolutely amazing time in  London. The year 5s have represented the school and themselves beautifully. On Thursday, once we arrived, we went for tea at Garfunkels which was delicious. Straight after, we went to the Royal Theatre to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was amazing; we loved it! On Friday, after a nice big breakfast, we did some sightseeing followed by a visit at the National Science Museum. We spent the day being completely fascinated. Year 5, I am super proud of you and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. 



Year 5 have brought in some really impressive pieces of work for the homework that was set before half term. The children are looking forward to sharing their work with each other next week. This has got us very excited for our London trip. This week we linked our literacy to RE to celebrate Diwali this week. We read the Rama and Sita story which has helped us gain a lot of background knowledge about Hinduism. This led us really nicely to our RE day on Thursday, where we looked at symbolism in different faiths. On Friday, we did our PSHE and focused on New Beginnings. This was a great way to look at our class environment and reflect on attitudes and behaviours.



Year 5 have had a fantastic week. We loved showing off our NAPA performances and we hope you enjoyed them too. In literacy, we have written a letter to the prime minister. In maths, we have worked on using rounding to estimate answers and we picked it up really quickly. In the afternoons, we have looked at WW2 rationing and the importance of it. We even baked some recipes and we enjoyed tasting them on Friday. 



This week year 5, have been working extremely hard in their literacy lessons to improve their skills in writing for persuading. In maths, we have been working on mental methods in both subtraction and addition. In the afternoons, we have been working on developing our computing skills through coding where we have built our own games on Purple Mash. We've been practicing our NAPA   performance which we are excited to share with you next week.



Year 5, have been super excited all week preparing wonderful posters, pictures and bookmarks to help raise money for London. We have written amazing descriptive pieces based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We can't wait to experience the real thing in the theatre. In Literacy, we have started to look at writing letters for persuasion. In Maths, we have looked at different strategies for mental addition which we have found very interesting. We have now learned both of our NAPA songs and we’re really getting to grips with the dance moves, we can't wait to show you.








Year 5 have has a very busy week. In Literacy, we have continued to look at a narrative flashback and features we can use in our writing in order to improve our own. In Maths, we have been looking at formal methods in subtraction which we found challenging but year 5 have been super resilient in tackling the problems. The afternoons have been filled with World War 2 activities through history, geography and science. We are completely hooked on our topic. Next week, year 5 will spend the afternoons being super creative to help raise money for our London Trip. Thank you for those who attended the meeting this Wednesday and if any parents/guardians have any more   questions please ask myself or Mrs Winstanley.



Year 5 have had a lovely week engaging in a lot of World War 2 activities which we are really enjoying. After our history lesson on Monday afternoon, we looked at a WW2 timeline and the significant events that took place, this made us feel very prepared for out visit to Eden Camp on Tuesday. The day was full of hands on activities and we got to experience how people lived in the time of the war. We were completely fascinated and feel like we learned a lot. This week we have started a new literacy unit, we are looking at a WW2 narrative with a flashback. We got to hear a story from a real soldier who has many memories from the war and how these affected him after. In maths, we have started to look at addition in written formal methods and year 5 have really impressed me with their knowledge so far. On Thursday, we got to learn more of our dance and songs for our NAPA performance, its a great opportunity to show our amazing drama skills.



Year 5 have had an amazing second week back. In maths, we have  looked at rounding numbers up to a million which we found challenging. In literacy, we have continued with writing instructions and we used our baking session from Wednesday afternoon to help us write some detailed instructions. This week we have started our topic for this term on World War 2. Year 5 are super excited to get into this, we have looked at when the war started and why, as well as researching  the counties that were involved. We are looking forward to learning more.


After a well deserved break Year 5 have come back ready to learn. They have settled in beautifully and already learning to write a clear set of instructions in literacy and working in negative numbers in maths. We have enjoyed our afternoons learning more about our British and linking them to Craven values. As well as that we have had some fantastic discussions about our very own values. Year 5, have NAPA again this term and already we are learning our new song and we couldn't be more excited.


To finish the year we have concluded our Its all Greek to me topic by comparing the modern day and ancient Olympics. We have    finished our NAPA dance and are looking forward to seeing the final product. The year 5s performed their drum rhythms fantastically at the Summer fair. Well done. The children enjoyed a morning with Hobson Porter yesterday learning about building site safety and they learnt how to use lasers to work out measurements. It has been a fantastic end to the year, which has been so busy,      exciting and fun and the year 5s are now ready to make their move to year 6.



In Year 5 this week we have started a new book called ‘The day the Crayons quit’. The children are very excited about the writing they are going to produce using this.

In Maths we have put our EU referendum information into tables and line graphs. Our theme this week is focused on ancient Greek Olympics. We end this week with a fantastic poetry recital which the children thoroughly enjoyed performing.



This week, Year 5 have been busy perfecting their school reports. In curriculum, we have had a focus on changes; comparing small and big changes, how change can affect ourselves and others and how to deal with change. We have also extended our work on pilgrimages in RE. Most of us ended the week exhausted but it was well worth it, after performing our Rock Challenge piece one more time at Grimsby in the Northern J-Rock finals. Well done to all involved; you were absolute stars from beginning to end.



I have been so proud of the attitudes, maturity and commitment of year 5 to our EU Referendum week. We began the week by gathering information for both sides of the debate, remain or leave. The children then decided which side they favoured having heard the information. They then paired themselves up and began to put together their information into persuasive speeches and the       campaign began. All of the children showed tremendous confidence as they presented their speeches to the whole school. They then organised a secret ballot vote and counted up the results. Once the   results had been checked and verified the class held an assembly to shared the results which were   remain = 96 and leave = 48. Fantastic effort from everyone on such a difficult subject. Well done!


What an incredibly busy week! Congratulations to Emily and Leah whose rockets made the Blast Off final on Monday. Leah narrowly beat Emily, which meant she got to attend an academy celebration competition in Doncaster. Well done Leah. On Tuesday, James Denny (Olympic diver) came into school and put us through our paces with some fantastic circuits. He then wowed us with some of his acrobatic skills that he uses when diving. The rain didn't dampen our spirits for the family picnic afternoon and to the parents who came to support. It was great fun and the sun shine came out in time for the Tug of War match. On Thursday, we prepared for the England vs Wales game with a healthy eating themed day. The children loved carrying out their pulse investigations and design a footballers meal competition. Well done to the 7 year 5 girls who represented Craven in the Kwik Cricket tournament. They managed to come 4th overall but really did the academy proud, especially with their bowling.



A fantastic start to the last half of the year, 100% attendance this week. Well done year 5, let's keep it up! There has been many exciting things going on in the academy this week. Beginning with Alex, Alyssa, David, Lauren and Peter attending the James Reckitt book awards at the City Hall. We had another great Spelling Bee this week with Lauren, Aaron, Alex and Brandon competing for their houses. Well done to James, Ellis, Alyssa and Daisy who also put themselves forward but narrowly missed out on competing in the final. In curriculum, we have continued with our 'It's all Greek to me' topic with a focus on Greek Gods and Goddesses this week, the children has thoroughly enjoyed this work and have produced some lovely fact files and devised their own Top Trumps game cards. Finally the children have been designing and making rockets in science this week in the hope that their rocket flies the furthest. 



Year 5 have had a great week developing their computing skills through the use of the Purple Mash program. We have been problem solving to help us debug our algorithms in order to achieve a specific goal by making an object or character move and make a sound. We have continued to master our column multiplication this week. Year 5 have been so excited since the announcement that Craven have made the Northern Finals for Rock Challenge.



Year 5 have shown their increasing maturity by being flexible this week, due to lending their classroom to year 6 for SATs. As part of our ‘It all sounds Greek to me’ topic, we have found out about Athens and Sparta and writing a newspaper report based on the Battle of Marathon. In Literacy, we have been planning our own Shakespeare style story linked to Macbeth or A Midsummer Nights Dream, which we are looking forward to writing. Our NAPA dance for this term is coming along nicely and we are all very excited to find out who the athlete visitor is going to be. We have finished the week by designed our own board games linked to British Values as part of a competition run by our school councillors.



Year 5 have begun looking at another Shakespeare play this week, this time the comedy of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream.' The children have continued with their angles work in Maths as well as working on their mental maths skills. During the afternoons this week, we have      researched pilgrimages and why people go on them as well as the difference between boasting and being proud. The children's next routine for NAPA is coming along nicely, we have some very talented performers in year 5. Reader leaders in the sunshine was a       particular highlight of the week.




Year 5 had been focussing on Macbeth in their literacy this week. We have been investigating the meaning of old English words and we have acted out parts of Macbeth in groups.

In maths, we have continued with converting measures, moving onto metric to imperial measures, which some of us have found tricky as we need to try to remember the conversions.

It has also been a good end to the week as we have continued to learn our new NAPA routine and the class thoroughly enjoyed their attendance reward of bowling for winning in the Spring term. We must now try to keep our attendance up for this term if we are to be in with a chance of winning another reward.





We have begun our new topic this week - 'It all sounds Greek to me...' The children have been researching where Greece is and the human and physical features of the country. In literacy, we have kicked off our classic narrative topic with William Shakespeare's Macbeth and in numeracy with have been converting measures. To celebrate the Queen turning 90, we have decorated biscuits to sell at playtime.




What a great start to the term! 100% attendance all week for year 5, let's hope it continues. We have very much picked up where we left off last term, in terms of how busy we have been. Starting with last weekend, where 12 of our year 5s accompanied some year 6 children to Robinwood and what a weekend it was! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and overcame challenges and fears with ease. In Literacy, the children have written their own story's to music this week, as a continuation of their film narrative work. Finally, with 21 of our year 5s taking part in Rock Challenge on Friday, it has been a busy week for final rehearsals and being measured up for costumes. We are all very much looking forward to the big performance. Good luck Craven!





What an end to a very busy half term! The children have enjoyed lots of the Easter activities which have been occurring over the week. Well done to all the children who created fantastic Easter gardens and  bonnets. So much creativity on display. This week we have continued to develop our Egyptian death masks by painting our design onto them and again year 5 have really shown their creative flares with this. As part of our PHSCE days, we have looked at 'Going for Goals', this has enabled the children to really focus on what they are good at and what skills are needed to be a good learner as well as setting themselves      targets for the future. Our topic next term is going to be a focus on     Ancient Greece and the Olympics, if    anyone has anything they would like to share, we would love to see and hear about it. Hope you all have a lovely   Easter.




There has been a creative buzz in the year 5 classroom this week. As part of science week, we have been working together to investigate the distances of the planets from the sun and then creating an information booklet based on a chosen planet. As our Jewel of the Nile Egyptian topic nears the end, we have designed our own death mask and begun the making process of it using balloons, card and the very messy mod roc. Finally, well done to our Spelling Bee representatives this week: Peter, Harry, Brandon and Lauren, with Lauren taking the year 5 'bee badge' crown.





Year 5 have been extending their knowledge of Ancient Egypt. This week we have looked closely at the pyramids including imagining what it would have been like to be an Egyptian farmer, helping to build the pyramids and what the tombs were like inside them. The children are gaining in confidence with their Young Leader skills during PE and are looking forward to working with the younger children to try out their new found skills. In maths this week, we have been learning about percentages and how they relate to fractions and decimals.





Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks back at school. Last week, we focused on safety with particular emphasis on peer pressure, road and water safety. We have journeyed back to Ancient Egypt this week which has involved writing messages in hieroglyphs on homemade papyrus. Year 5 have also begun their young leader sessions with Mr Dallywater which they are thoroughly enjoying and rising to the challenges involved.




Year 5 have worked their socks off this week. They have had such a busy and exciting week. It started on Monday with them investigating how their digestive system works. Then on Tuesday, they visited The Hands On History Museum, where they got to investigate the Curse of the Mummy by becoming Egyptologists and  Scientists. The children were mesmerised by the sight of a real mummy. The children also explored what happens in the mummification process and Ella was our real life model for this. Back at school this week, the children have written some fantastic stories from other cultures based on traditional tales in Egypt and they have also written a persuasive piece to advertise the museum which we will be working on over the next week. Finally a well done to the year 5 boys who represented Craven at football this week in a year 6 tournament.



This week, Year 5 have been focusing on Anti-Bullying. We have had some fabulous  conversations and discussions surrounding stereotypes, what to do if you are being bullied and how to help someone else. The children have produced some super pieces of work which shows they have a great level of understanding around this area. The children began the week by looking at the heart and in groups they created some excellent collages of the heart using red and blue to shop oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Our focus in Maths this week has been equivalent fractions and the whole class have show so much perseverance and determination to 'crack' this task. Well done. Our focus switches back to Ancient Egypt next week as we are very much looking forward to our Hands on History museum visit on Tuesday.



Year 5 have done a lot of cross curricular learning this week. We began the week with a visit to Hull University to watch 'The Sensational Senses Show'. Did you know that we actually have more than 5 senses. Well done to Beth, Ella, Kalum and Ryan who volunteered to go on stage and help demonstrate some of the experiments. We have then had a focus on faith in action as part of our RE this week, this involved us learning about helping others who maybe less fortunate or need. The week has ended with a fantastic Careers Day where we have learnt about different professions and opportunities than await us in our adult lives.



Well it's been a busy first week back, getting rid of those Christmas cobwebs. We have started our new curriculum topic - 'The Jewel of Nile' by looking at Egypt and where in the world it is. We have also learnt and written our own versions of the story of The Egyptian Cinderella and started our class read, 'The time-travelling cat and the Egyptian Goddess'.

We also had a visit from KC this week, who set us a challenge to find out about and learn the processes that happen when an email is sent. This was great fun and the added bonus was we received some freebie resources from them.



What an end to the term! So much excitement has happened this week! We have made Christmas cards, calendars, Christmas decorations using salt dough and baked shortbread. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas party & it was nice to see so many wearing Christmas jumpers to end the year with. Great first term, well done year 5! Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. See you in 2016 for lots more excitement and hard work!



Year 5 have been learning how to stay safe online this week as part of our esafety week. The children have really enjoyed this week and been fully involved in the discussions, by asking lots of thought-provoking questions. We have also had an afternoon of making hot chocolate reindeer cones for the Christmas Fair which sold out very quickly! Finally congratulations to the 7 year 5 boys who represented Craven in a football tournament this week, managing to go through to the next round after Christmas.



Well it's been another busy week for year 5. We have been learning about the Sun, Earth and the Moon in science this week. We have also continued our computing week and put our artistic skills to the test by using watercolours to paint our London landmark sketches. We enjoyed a fun afternoon developing our enterprising skills as part of our parent partnership challenge afternoon and the final practice for our NAPA performance went really well.