Views of the Academy

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who joined us for parents evening on 16/10/18 and 17/10/18; we had a fantasic 82% of parents who turned up to an appointment.  It is always such a lovely opportunity to be able to talk about your children, celebrate what they do and discuss how we can take them even further!   

The feedback from parents evening was incredibly positive and gives the entire staff a sense of pride. 

Parental Comments 

We are so proud and thanks to all staff who did really hard work to make our child’s future bright. Thank you so much

Very happy with the school

My child loves coming to school and learning, making friends and he gets on very well with the teachers. Very friendly and helpful school

My child  has settled really well into school, her progress is great. Really happy.

My child loves attending school and has gained a lot of confidence playing with other children.

My child loves coming to school. We are really happy with his progress.

My child’s teacher is really good we have talked about his behaviour at home and she is going to keep an eye on him at school he is improving well.

My child loves coming to school and he enjoys homework. He loves his friends and teachers.

I am amazed at how well my child has settled in fantastic school and fantastic staff x

Excellent school!! Always achieves the best out of my child and works well with her super happy at Craven.

Fantastic school, excellent staff. Have no complaints.

Couldn’t ask for a better school for my child. Teachers and staff are fantastic and approachable. The school has been a fantastic platform for my daughter currently in Yr8 at high school and thriving. *fantastic school*

Great start to the school year.

Really pleased!

Settling alright

My daughter has only joined Craven since September and has developed amazing in such a short space of time to which I’m grateful to the school for.

My children love Craven Primary and get on well with all the teachers.

Very impressed with his performance. Hope to improve on it in time.

Thank you. My child has settled in well to Year 6 and seems to be enjoying the work.

Whilst the results highlighted in the table below  show an incredibly positive picture, the academy will always continue to strive to improve further.

 % who ‘Agree or Strongly Agree’% who strongly Argee/Agrre, or Do no know  
  Autumn 17 responses Judgement
1My child likes school100%100%Outstanding
2My child is making good progress100%100%Outstanding
3Children are generally well behaved100%100%Outstanding
4My child gets on well with most other children in the school99%99%Outstanding
5I am kept well informed about how my child is getting on100%100%Outstanding
6Teaching is good at the school100%100%Outstanding
7I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem or complaint100%100%Outstanding
8Staff Expect my child to work hard and do his or her best100%100%Outstanding
9The school is led and managed well100%100%Outstanding
10Staff treat my child fairly100%100%Outstanding
11The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions 99%  100%Outstanding
12Staff explain how I can help my child at home99%100%Outstanding
13The school provides appropriate homework99%100%Outstanding
14 Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent99%  100%Outstanding
15There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable99%  99%Outstanding
16The arrangements for my son or daughter to settle in when he or she started the school were good100%100%Outstanding

We based our judgements on: 

InadequateNeither positive/negativeGoodOutstanding

We are incredibly pleased with these results.  We are all working extremely hard to make this an outstanding academy for your children.  Please do come and join me at the next parent voice meeting to discuss further ways forward or just for an informal conversation.  Parent voice is always on the first Monday of every month.  Thank you for your continued support.