Awards and Rewards

Pupil Points System

The Points system is a reward to encourage our children to be active nad motivated members of the academy. The system rewards the positive and encourages children to achieve.

Daily Points

The points are earned daily for the following things:

  • Bringing their reading book, any homework and P.E. kit (on the days they need it.)
  • Wearing full uniform.
  • Exceeding good behaviour in a lesson.
  • Exceeding behaviour at break time and dinner time. 

Each day, it is possible for the children to earn up to 18 points for these things. 

Extra Points

On top of the daily points, children can earn themselves extra points through outstanding contributions to our Academy from their class teacher or any other adult. These will be put on the system at the end of the week.

Job Points

Many children have jobs within their classroom or around the Academy. They can earn up to 5 points a day (25 a week) which will be on the system at the end of the week. 

Our shop is full of wonderful items to buy. The shop is ran by 2 children from Y6 and is open on a break time and a lunchtime. Children love spending their points!


At the academy we promote excellent attendance and punctuality. 

Every week we have an attendance and punctuality assembly. If a class receives 100% attendance for the week they get £10 to spend as a class. They can choose to spend this or save their money and try to get 100% attendance again. If a class does not achieve 100% but is the highest class they recieve £5 as a class and the second place class recieves £2.50. We have a wonderful display in the centre of the school which displays the success of each class (we also find lots of children counting up the money their class has achieved, lots of maths skills used without the children even realising!) 

Each term we celebrate those pupils with 100% attendance. They each receive a certificate and a prize in the awards ceremony. 

The class with the best termly attendance wins a trip out. 

Awards ceremony

At the end of each term the academy holds an awards ceremony. In this assembly 4 trophies are given out. Each teacher nominates 1 child per trophy and then the Head of Academy decides in an overall winner.

Each child nominated wins a prize and the winner is also given a certificate, £5 asda gift voucher and a prize.  They also get to keep the trophy for the whole term!

The 4 awards are:

  • Presentation
  • Endeavour
  • Achievement
  • Kindness 

Merit assemblies 

Every Friday at 2.45pm we celebrate those learners who have been shining stars that week. We invite parents and carers to celebrate their successes at this assembly. They come to the front and receive a special certificate.  It is a lovely way to end the school week!

Leading Learners

Each term we recognise pupils who are always the shining stars of the academy. We call these pupils Leading Learners. We invite parents/carers to to a special assembly to celebrate their success. For a child to be a leading learner they have to:

  • Have 97% attendance
  • Be always punctual
  • Continually promote good behaviour 
  • Always work hard and try their best in all lessons
  • Read regularly at home
  • Regularly complete homework 

Each leading learner will then recieve a badge termly.