E- Enterprise skills

Why is ensuring that children develop skills in Enterprise one of our Key Drivers?:

The statistics:

  • Hull is below the national average by 4.3% for workers who are self employed
  • Hull ranks as the 4th lowest Local Authority in the Income Domain
  • The majority of jobs in Hull are based in manufacturing. This accounts for 16.8% of the jobs in Hull. This is double the national average of 8.1%
  • Other main areas of employment of Hull are in Heath, Business admin, and Education.

What it means:

  • Children in Hull are less exposed to people in work, particularly those who are self employed and have enterprise skills.   The majority of the manufacturing jobs within Hull fall into the lowest earning bracket, and there are fewer higher earning professional role models for the children to aspire to be.

  • While we appreciate that income is not necessarily the most important outcome for being a successful citizen. We want to be able to develop skills within our children that will ensure that income is not a barrier that they will face in order to reach their aspirations. By giving them enterprise skills, it supports them in becoming self-sufficient and having the ability to develop their ideas into something more should they wish.