Our academy is an important part of the local community.  We value it and all who work within it. It is our hope that through working together we can achieve our aims for the benefit of all your children.

You have the right to expect the highest standard of education and care for your child, and for your family to be respected as valuable members of Craven Primary Academy. 

Should you choose Craven Primary Academy for your child to receive his/her primary education, we will do everything in our power to meet that expectation.

The education of your child is seen as a partnership between home and school.  Given that we all want the very best for your child, it is very important that expectations and support are consistent.  This is vital for your child’s progress and development.

Expectations the school has of parents/carers:

  • To uphold all school policies.
  • To attend parents’ evenings and meetings.
  • To support children’s learning at home.
  • To speak positively about school at all times within children’s hearing.
  • To come to school immediately to discuss any matter which concerns your child, either at the school’s request or your own.
  • To respect the highly trained professionals responsible for your child’s education and well-being at school.
  • When conflict of opinion occurs, not be judgmental until all facts have been made known and have been discussed.
  • To fully support any action plan which may be necessary to specifically support your child.
  • To know the value of ‘family time’ at home, e.g. family meals at a table, sharing stories, going for walks, playing board games.
  • Not to have absences in school time unless circumstances are exceptional.

We believe that we can work together, both at school and home, in support of our children. 

Mr James Phillips

Head of Academy