First Aid Curriculum



At Craven Primary Academy, we recognise the importance of developing well rounded children who develop life skills. We believe that giving children the basic first aid skills that they will need to prepare them for situations they may face in the real world. The academy follows guidance from St Johns Ambulance ( ), and works alongside Children’s Air Ambulance to ensure that first aid is taught appropriately. All adults who deliver first aid lessons have a relevant first aid qualification. 

When these lessons are covered in the half term are at the teacher’s discretion; however, they will last for a minimum of half a school day.


The first aid curriculum for Craven Primary Academy is as follows:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1

Ringing 999

Ringing 999 and Coping in an emergency

Ringing 999 and recovery position.

Ringing 999 and recovery position

Ringing 999 and First Aid Kit

Ringing 999 and chest pains

Autumn 2

Coping in an emergency

Communication and Casualty Care

Basic CPR

Choking (Children and Babies)

Choking (Adults)

Electric Shock

Spring 1

Primary Survey

Basic CPR

Bites and Stings

Resuscitation (Child)

Resuscitation (Adult)

Heat Exhaustion

Spring 2

Communication and casualty care


Minor Bleeding


Head injuries


Summer 1


Foreign Objects

Burns and Scolds


Spinal Injuries


Summer 2

Basic CPR

Revisit Primary Survey

Severe Allergic Reactions

Diabetes and low blood sugar.

Bone, Muscle and Joint injuries