Foundation Stage

Welcome to our EYFS 

Our teachers are Mrs Heslop, Mrs Nicholson and Miss Kirby.

Our Support staff are Miss Baxter, Mrs Ounsworth and Mrs Heslop 

Come and see our fantastic outside area


This is:

to develop our physical skills

for our creative play and our large construction

to help us with our literacy skills, we can read stories to each other, write on the boards and make up our own stories!  What a lovely space to be in!

Our nature garden helps us understand the world.  We have a bug city and a mud kitchen.  This area is lots of fun.  We will soon be planting vegetables too!!

We also have our very own football pitch. 

Our topic this term is: Mini beasts, life cycles and under the sea!

PE Day:

Thursday. Please remember to include warm PE clothing should we decide to do our activities outside. Jewellery is removed for PE so it would help if, on PE days children come to school without earrings in. If they need to keep their earrings in, please send plasters.


Spring term

3th March 2020

What an absolutely amazing week. We have witnessed the hatching of ten baby chicks and the children have been so excited and cannot wait to hold them next week! We have been creating chick like structures using 2D shapes in the maths area and describing the shapes used using mathematical language. In Literacy, we have looked at the life cycle of a hen and facts all about chickens.


6th March 2020

A great second week back. We have started our growing topic by reading all time favourite- Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper’s beanstalk. In Literacy, we have created story maps to help us retell the story in order. In maths, we have counted beans to match to the correct numeral on a flower pot. World Book Day was an exciting day for the children and they all looked wonderful in their costumes. Well done to our very own winner: Peppa Pig.


28th February 2020

Wow! What a fabulous first week back! We have focused our week around Pancake day. The children have loved getting messy in our flour tuff ttray where they were able to use key language to create their own pretend pancakes. In maths we have counted pancake toppings and matched them to the correct numerals. We have even looked at weight with the different ingredients using the language heaviest and lightest. Next week are kick starting our growing topic by reading Jaspers Beanstalk in FS1 and Jack and the Beanstalk in FS2. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

14th February 2020

What a great end to this half term. We have focused our week all around Love for Valentine's day. Linked to this we have read 'Love Monster'. The children have enjoyed designing a monster for him and spoken about the feelings that he has felt throughout the story. On Thursday we continued the celebration with our annual disco; the children danced the night away and had a great time with their friends. Finally, to end the week we had an exciting Harry Potter day. We looked at the items we would need to attend Hogwarts and even designed and created our own hats. The children have worked incredibly hard and we are wishing you all a great half term break. We look forward to hearing about your break when we return.

7th February 2020

An amazing week has had in the Foundation Stage. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this weeks story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We have created some great story maps and re-told the story using signifiers. In maths we also went a bear hunt using positional language to move around the garden. Thank you to all those who attended our Maths afternoon on Friday; it was great to see so many of there and getting involved in all the activities around the setting. Next week we are going to be reading 'Love Monster' and focusing our week all around love ready for Valentine's Day. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


31st January 2020

What a wonderful week we have had the foundation stage. We have celebrated Chinese New Year in many different ways such as; using chopsticks, dragon dancing and forming Chinese letters. The children made a fantastic dragon using a cardboard box and moving around like a dragon in the garden. We hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


24th January 2020

We have had a wonderful week reading 'Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs'. The children have linked it to what they would take in their bucket and drawn the items on large pieces of paper. In maths we have counted dinosaurs and matched them to numerals. Next week we are focusing on Chinese New Year. We will be looking at how it is celebrated and even doing some food tasting!!


17th January 2020

We have had a busy week in Foundation with lots of fun learning activities. Using the book Kippers Toy Box, children have been learning story signifiers to retell the story. We have also been reading and learning words that describe the different characters in the story. In Maths we have been working on addition. FS2 children have been learning how to put the ‘big’ number ‘in their head’ and count on. Well done to all the children for their hard work. Have a wonderful weekend!


10th January 2020

What an amazing first week back! We have loved hearing all about the children's Christmas experience. It has been a great introduction to our topic 'Toys'. We have opened a toy shop in the maths area and children have shown great language around money. In Literacy, we have read Kippers Toy box and created story maps to help us re-tell the story using signifiers. A big welcome to the new children in Foundation 1, you are all settling in very well and adapting to the routine.