How do we assess your child?

Assessing your child

Within our academy we use lots of different sources of information to give us the most accurate and up to date information to allow us to teach lessons that meet the need of your children. This information is generally shared with you twice a year; however, you are welcome to see it and discuss it at any point. Below is an overview of the data that we collect, which year groups it is generally for, and what it helps us to assess.


Who it is for

What it helps us to know

EYFS Profile assessmentNursery and Reception childrenTo track your childs development journey across several areas of chid development.
Phonics Gap AnalysisNursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and any children in KS2 who are still not at a level where they would be passing the phonics screening assessment.Which sounds your child knows and which sounds your child still needs to develop. It also helps us to identify if there are any specific issues with either their belndin or segmenting.
PM BenchmarkingChildren in KS1 and KS2 who are accessing the academy's reading scheme.This helps us to make sure that children are regularly taking books home that are appropriate for them and are not too easy or too hard for them.
Reading Fluency AssessmentsChildren in KS2Once children have become competent in decoding, we then identify which areas of reading fluency they are strong in and which they need to develop in.
Multiplication TablesKS1 and KS2Children carry out tests that allow them to identify which times tables children know and which are the ones on which they need to focus on.
AttendanceAll childrenAll children's attendance is assessed on a weekly basis to ensure that they are accessing education.
RAG JudgementsKS1 and KS2All teachers carry out RAG (Red, Amber, Green) assessments out on children on a monthly basis in reading, writing, and maths. The colours relate to their current work refelcting if they are on course to meet the Age Related Curriculum.
Sats PracticeYear 5 and 6In order to give us information around your child's ability in relation to passing the Key Stage 2 SATs, we periodically use past SATS papers to give us an indication.