KS2 Results

An in depth break down of the academy's results over time can be found here; however below you will find some of the key headline figures that summarises the academy's performance in KS2.


School progress score
Progress descriptionWell above averageWell above averageWell above average
Local authority state-funded schools0.81.41.2

Percentage achieving the expected standard

2016/172017/182017/18 Stable2018/192019/2020 Teacher assessment

What do these results mean to us?

We are very proud of the consistently high standards that our pupils achieve in maths. They consistently achieve over the national standard and the amount of progress that children make between KS1 and KS2 has put us in the top 10% of schools over the last 4 years. This year we are predicting an increase on the 2019/20 results also! However, we continue to monitor our maths curriculum and provision to ensure that we are still meeting the needs of the pupils.


School progress score5.60.93.5
Progress descriptionWell above averageAverageWell above average
Local authority state-funded schools1.20.91.2

Percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard

Achieving the expected standard
2016/172017/182017/18 stable (Excludes children who joined in Years 5 and 6)2018/192019/20

What do these results mean to us

Children at Craven historically achieve above the national standard in writing attainment. In two out of the last three years, children have made rates of progress that has put them amongst the top 10% in the country. We are aiming to get a higher percentage of pupils achieving the national standard, and by the end of 20/21 we are predicting we will achieve this.


School progress score 2.60.5-0.2
Progress descriptionAbove averageAverageAverage
Local authority state-funded schools0.61.21.4
Achieving the expected standard

2017/18 Stable

(This exlcludes children who joined us in Year 5 and 6)

2018/192019/20 Teacher Assessment

What do these results mean to us:

As an academy, we recognise that the the progress of both the 2018 and the 2019 class and the levels that they attained were not of the high standards that we expect our children to leave with. 2019/20 was assessed as a significant improvement of almost 20% and we are predicting an improvement on that by the end of 2020/21.

In response to the outcomes of 2018/19, the academy redesigned its reading curriculum to incorporate many of the aspects that you will find in the reading strategy that we use today. We beleive that this redesign has let to the significant improvements that we saw in 19/20 and are predicting to see in 20/21.