The RESPECT Curriculum also incorporates a three tier ‘Pledge’ system. Pledges are actions taken by individuals or groups that contribute to wider society under each of the curriculum drivers. Each class has their own ‘Shield’ and as they complete pledges, they are given pieces of their shield with the aim of completing them each year. Individuals can also achieve their own shields by completing the individual pledges as listed below. Those children who complete all pledges are rewarded at a special graduation at the end of year.

The academy also recogises the important role that it plays within the community and society and as such commits to the same ethos of carrying out pledges which contribute to wider society. The academy’s pledges for the current year can also be found below.





Responsibility and Respect

To raise over £150 for Children’s Air Ambulance.

Raise money for a charity of your choice.

Deliver 30 hours of support to schools outside Delta


To take part in a whole class enterprise project.


Support a local Independent business


To visit somewhere that works together to make the world a more sustainable place.

Carry out a project in your own time that makes a difference to the environment.

Make 2 whole changes that make the academy more environmentally friendly.


Perform 6 times in front of the whole school and parents, or once to the general public.

Perform either by yourself or as part of a team/group to an audience of over 20 people.

The academy organises and runs job application practice sessions for children, family members, and local community.


Have spoken to or visited three different people who can discuss their careers.

Visit something unique/beautiful amazing/ special outside of Hull.

Host a careers fair that invites children from other academies including non-Deta academies.

Community Involvement

As a class volunteer in the community.

Volunteer in the local community

Host a community event

The basic skills

Every child reads at least 5 of the big 12

Visit the local library three times.

All children get to meet and speak to an author.