2020-21 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

Academy nameCraven Primary Academy
Number of pupils on roll250 including 30 nursery
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils38%
Pupil premium allocation this academic year£121,120
Publish date September 2020
Review date July 2020
Statement authorised byAAB
Pupil premium leadJames Phillips
AAB leadPeter Barley

Disadvantaged pupil progress scores for 2019


Disadvantaged pupil performance overview for 2019

% meeting combined expected standard in reading, writing and maths at KS253%
% meeting combined high standard in reading, writing and maths at KS224%
% passing Y1 phonics screening check58%


What are the barriers?Why are they barriers?
Social, emotional and mental healthPupils in distress find it hard to self-regulate which impacts on learning.
Gaps in reading, writing, maths and phonicsPupils are not working at age-related expectations or better. There are significant gaps due to the impact of lost schooling as a result of Covid-19
Speech, language and communicationPupils become frustrated as they are unable to communicate clearly with peers and adults. Progress in writing is impacted as the gap widens between themselves and peers.
AttendancePupils miss significant chunks of learning. Gaps widen and progress is negatively impacted across the curriculum.
Wider opportunitiesPupils do not visit places of interest out of school or have the opportunity to perform. This has an impact on their knowledge and understanding of the world.
Parental engagementParents unable to encourage and support learning.
Pupils arrive at school unprepared for learning.Pupils arrive at school hungry and are unable to concentrate on learning. Pupils do not have appropriate school uniform which negatively impacts on self- esteem and sense of belonging.

Teaching priorities to enable quality first teaching

PriorityDesired impactActionStaff LeadAmount
All teaching staff, including early career teachers -NQTS and RQTs – to be delivering high quality first teaching.  Dedicated NQT time. Dedicated mentor time. Talk for Writing training DOL supporting teachers.    JP£20 x 2.5 hours x 39 weeks £2500 DOL x 2 £24000£
Strong teaching in phonics. Pupils achieving better than national in PSC.Purchase Pearson Book scheme that allows children to access phonetically decodable books and support the development of phonics.   Broker support from the Trust Early Reading Lead to support the delivery of phonics in KS1 and EYFS.    JPPearson Books £7000 EYFS books for book led curriculum £3000

Targeted academic support for current academic year – every class has a detailed plan for all pupils in receipt of PP funding

PriorityDesired impactActionStaff LeadAmount
Small-group intervention in reading,and phonics.Pupils make accelerated progress. Pupils are at least in-line with all other pupils nationally.  EYSF Speech and Language Interventions KS1 Phonics Interventions KS2 number fact intervention.   HLTA work to be prioritised to support early reading across EYFS and KS1.JP/LH/TK/KP4 TAs delivering afternoon interventions – £13000 £6000
1:1 intervention  Pupils make accelerated progress in reading and phonics. Pupils are at least in-line with all  others pupils nationallyLM, and TAs to deliver 1:1 support to identified targeted support to PP children who are behind ARE.  JP.LH£9209

Wider strategies for current academic year linked to the development of cultural capital

PriorityDesired impactActionStaff LeadAmount
All pupils come to school ready to learn.All pupils have a settled start to the school day.   No pupil starts the day hungry.   All pupils have the necessary equipment.  Free/Subsidised Breakfast club School to provide resources for learningPG£5608 staff £2000 resources
All pupils attend regularly and on time.  Absence and PA are at least in-line with national averages for disadvantaged children.   Pupils are at least in-line with others.  EWO employed Academy supports families and carries out home visits in line with attendance policy to Rewards for good attendance and punctualityPGEWO  l£28,309 Attendance rewards £5000
Pupils have access to a wide range of activities within and beyond the curriculum experience to enhance their cultural capital.  Pupils have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and experience visits to places of interest which improve their confidence and aspiration.  Music service agreement bought into. NAPA sessions Experiences that enhance the children’s curriculum and knowledge of the world provided. Subsidised after-school clubsLH£2700   £7500 – Trips and Experiences
All children behave well and demonstrate high levels of engagement and enthusiasm for learning.Behaviour, including learning behaviour, is good. Pupils make good progress in learning.EWO Reward shop Star of the week certificates Reward activities. Resources for the curriculum are quality and engaging and support learning behaviours THRIVE CPDJP£1500 of rewards  
Children have positive mental health and the ability to understand and manage their own emotions with increasing independence.Improved SEMH of all pupils.  Instances of poor behaviour reduced. Exclusions remain at zero.Thrive CPD Thrive Member of staff appointed. Resources for Thrive Whole-school Thrive approach adopted by all staffPG£500  
Improve pupils’ confidence in being able to speak clearly and coherently.Early intervention and assessment of speech and language acquisition. Improved speech and language for pupils. Pupils speak to a wide range of audiences with confidence.Implement robust speech and language programme using Launchpad for Literacy. Develop oracy in the wider curriculum. Develop debating in order to give pupils opportunities to speak to a range of audiences.  JP2 days of a Thrive Practitioner £3600

Total Spend: £121,426