S - Sustainability

Why is ensuring that children develop skills in Sustainability one of our Key Drivers?:

The statistics:

  • 45% of 6th Form leavers attend Hull University, who have pledged a strong commitment to promote the inclusion of environmental and sustainability issues within the course programs and taught curriulum.
  • Hull has been intentified by the government as a 'Centre for Offshore Renewable Development'.
  • The Humber is leading the UK renewables sector with ove £700 000 000 invested through companies such as Siemens, ABP, Greenport, who are all leading advances in renewable energy, biomass, biofuel, and tidal technologies.

What it means:

  • We believe that giving children an understanding of sustainability and an understanding of how individual's actions can hurt the planet is a moral duty that all schools should carry. However, we believe that an understanding of sustainability is more essential in the local context.

  • Hull as a city has made a strong commitment to developing sustainable energy resources. As companies become more established, employment opportunities in the sustainable energy industry will become available.

  • Opportunies to study courses linked to sustainability will also be available and we aim to inspire children and give them their initial understanding of sustainability and how they can make a difference in their local community and to the sustainable energy cause.