Sustainability Curriculum

Sustainability curriculum.


The academy has a commitment to ensuring that our children have as well rounded an education as possible and understand how certain actions can either help or harm the environment that they will be living in. As such, each year group studies and takes responsibility for an area of sustainability within the academy. The areas have been chosen based on the idea that the children have previously gained scientific knowledge around these areas through the study of science units, and that the sustainaility curriculum is allowing them to apply their knowledge to solve problems and make a difference to the acaedmy.




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Year 1



Year 2

School Grounds - Biodiversity

Year 1 Plants

Year 3

Healthy Living

Year 2 Animals and Humans

Year 4


Year 3: Living things and their habitats

Year 5

Energy Monitoring

Year 4 Electricity

Year 6

Reducing Waste

Year 5: Materials and their properties