Our Topics

We try where ever possible to include knowledege and skills from across the curriculum around the same topic.

The general principal our how we have strucutred our topics is that in Autumn, children will focus on the history of the United Kingdom. In Spring they will study a topic that focuses on history outside of the UK. Finally in the summer, they will study a topic that is mainly geography focus but will build on all the previous knowledge that they have gained from their previous units.

Click on any of these topics to find out what our children will be learning about and where it fits into their journey.





British History

International History

Geography Focus

Year 1

Fun of the FairLocal HeroesBy The Sea

Year 2

Castles, Kings and QueensInternational HeroesTravelling Around the World

Year 3

Stone Age and the Iron AgeAncient Egypt Climate Zones

Year 4

The Romans in BritainAncient GreeceComparing Italy and Greece

Year 5

Vikings and SaxonsThe MayansSouth America and the Water Cycle

Year 6

VictoriansWorld War 2Economic Trade