Here at Craven Primary Academy we are proud to wear our school uniform and enjoy being ambassadors for our school while out in the community.

Year 6

As part of preparing our Year 6 children for transition into secondary school, our Year 6 children are expected to wear a collared shirt and tie. Not only does it prepare them, it also shows them and the rest of the academy that they have a responsibility to be the role models and set good examples for the rest of our children.

Rest of school

Below you will see what the rest of our children wear. Children wear white collared polo shirts, although they can wear a white shirt if they wish, with black or grey trousers.
Cardigans and Jumpers worn should be the academy jumper with the Delta logo. Smart shoes and trainers should be black, and all children should have indoor sand shoes.

A more comprehensive list of what can and can not be worn can be found below in our uniform policy  

Policy Title

Uniform Policy

Responsible committee

Academy Advisory Board (AAB)


That all children wear the academy uniform when attending the academy, are representing the academy, or when participating in an academy organised event outside normal school hours.



Promotes a sense of pride in the academy

Engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the academy

Is practical and smart

Identifies the children within the academy

Prevents children from coming to the academy in ‘fashion’ wear which could be distracting to learning

Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance

Is regarded as suitable wear for academy life, and good value for money by most parents

Is designed with health and safety in mind



The role of parents

We expect all parents to support the uniform policy; as it is parents’ responsibility to ensure children wear the correct uniform, and that it is clean and in good repair. To minimise the event of clothing being lost, all clothing must be named, so if misplaced, it can be returned. In the event of misplaced clothing, staff will label any academy uniform.


Trousers – black (Black shorts in the summer if it’s warm enough)

Skirts – black (must be at least knee length)

Summer Dresses – sapphire blue and white

Shorts may be worn under skirts and dresses, but must not be visible

Polo Shirt – plain white or white DELTA logo polo t-shirt

Jumper / Cardigan – sapphire blue with academy logo / plain sapphire blue

Y6 – plain white collared shirt, plain white collared blouse and academy tie


Plain black shoes or boots or completely plain black trainers (examples of acceptable and unacceptable are exemplified in   Annexe A)

In the event of bad /wet weather; wellington boots are advisable; however, children need a change of agreed academy footwear whilst indoors

P.E. Kit

P.E. kit is laundered by the academy free of charge to parents

Indoor P.E. – P.E. kit of plain black shorts and plain white t-shirt

Outdoor P.E. – Academy P.E. kit can be worn, and covered by plain tracksuit bottoms and tracksuit top/jumper in colder weather. The tracksuit should not have bold print, logos or slogans; trainers. No hoodies allowed.

Long hair ( shoulder length or longer) must be tied back

Jewellery/ make up: on health and safety grounds, children are not permitted to wear jewellery / make up at the academy except:

Agreed religious items

The only permitted body piercings are stud earrings (to be taken out for P.E. lessons, or covered with tape / plaster provided by parents)

Functional watch / functional belt (smart watches and fitness aids such as Fitbits are not permitted)

False nails / nail extensions are not permitted

Make up is not permitted

Extreme hair colours and hairstyles are not permitted

Please follow the link below or visit the shop at: https://www.sptuniforms.co.uk/product-category/craven-primary-academy