Year 1

The class teacher is Mrs Page

Topic this Term:

Year One's topic for the Spring term is What a Wonderful World, were we will be looking at different aspects of the world - far and wide.

Our class book for Guided Reading this term is The Tin Forest by Helen Ward.

Homework and Spelling Tests: 

Spellings and homework are sent out on a Friday. Homework and reading books are collected on a Wednesday. Our spelling test is on a Friday.

PE Day: Wednesday


Spring Term

13th March 2020

Year 1 have had another busy week! We have been working on the 'or' sound family and children have been reading various texts to spot the sound, which they really enjoy to do. In maths, we having been counting in our 2s all the way up to 50 using various techniques. During reading, we have been looking at fiction and non-fiction texts about Wolves so children have a clearer understanding of facts. In literacy, we have used sentence starters and key vocabulary to up level our writing. Some of the writing this week has been amazing and really impressive. In the afternoon, children have enjoyed more gymnastics, music and science.


6th March 2020

What an amazing week it has been. Year 1 have worked so hard as always! In phonics, we’re getting better and better at applying our phonics to help us spell and write with more confidence. In maths, we have worked with numbers to 50 being able to compare and order. In our writing, we have written the very first paragraph on our story we enjoyed sharing our writing to come up with the best version possible. Thursday was particularly special as we got to dress up as characters from books for World Book Day and we really enjoyed sharing stories with one another. On Friday, we got to practise more music with Ms Hunt which is always fun.


28thth February 2020

Year 1's have had a fabulous week! They came back ready to work hard and got stuck in with their work. We have started to look at place value of larger numbers and children are enjoying using the concrete resources to understand the difference between tens and ones. In writing, we started our new unit about a boy and an alien that meet on the moon. For our reading, we're reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and the children are loving listening to the Wolf's side of the story! We've enjoyed another music lesson with Ms Hunt on Friday as always!


7th February 2020

Year 1 are doing amazing! In phonics, we have learned the igh sound family and they have enjoyed all the different activities we have done to get more confident with the sounds. In maths, we have learned 3D and 2D shapes and the children's prior knowledge truly amazed me! In our writing, we can now use connectives like 'and' confidently with some children now using exclamation marks for more emphasis. In the afternoons this week, we've had more phonics, reading for joy, Jigsaw, music and enjoyed our Friday afternoon for the NSPCC Number Day. Thank you all for your support!


1st February 2020

What an amazing week to end on for the half term break. We have been so busy finishing off our writing, practising our phonics and learning to measure using a ruler in maths. As well as this, we’ve had our Jigsaw session where we discussed our achievements, dreams and goals and enjoyed our music lesson with Ms Hunt as always. Children have been super resilient and we’re seeing some amazing progress. I was very happy to share their achievements with most of you during parents evening so thank you for attending. It was lovely to see children enjoying the Valentines Disco on Thursday and Happy Valentines Day form the Year 1 team. Have a nice half term and stay safe!


31st January 2020

A huge well done to Year 1's on making great progress in phonics. It is so lovely to see how passionate the children are becoming in wanting to be great readers and enjoying all of our phonics sessions. We particularly loved being mini pilots this week as part of our literacy and curriculum. After finding out so many facts about our local hero, Amy Johnson, we have been so impressed by her achievements that we wanted to experience what it felt like to fly a biplane. Therefore, our classroom turned into a mini biplane and we loved it! In maths, we have worked different values of tens and ones and changing the values of each to make different numbers. We have enjoyed another music lesson with Ms Hunt as this is really helping us in developing our music skills.


24th January 2020

Well another week filled with lots of fun activities! Year 1 seem to embrace all work that is given to them and trying exceptionally hard which always makes me really proud. We’re really enjoying reading Traction Man and unpicking the adventurous and complex vocabulary the author has used. Phonics has been the highlight of the week, with all the children working on the 'ai' sound family and s blends. In literacy, were continuing with writing our superhero story using 'Talk4Writing' strategies. In maths, were now using numbers up to 20 and developing our understanding the value of tens and ones.


17th January 2020

Year 1 have been amazing again this week. Working so much on their reading and phonics. They absolutely embrace the time we spend learning our sounds as they are so keen to be amazing readers! A huge thank you to parents supporting us with this at home, any questions please come see us. In maths, we have learned the concept of subtraction and children are already putting numbers sentences and using the - and = symbols very well. We have had another lesson on first aid and we love learning how to keep ourselves and others safe around during an emergency.


10th January 2020

Year 1 have certainly come back ready to learn after the Christmas break! We have worked so hard understanding the + and = symbols in Maths, using different methods. In Literacy, we have transformed into superheroes and we have come up with our own powers to rescue the school from any possible dangers. All week we have been revisiting and learning sounds in phonics as always and it has been amazing to see children applying them in their reading and writing! I will now be doing a phonics club on a Monday after school, please encourage your children to attend as it will be filled with many activities and will help improve their phonics knowledge.