Year 2

The class teacher is Mrs Armitage

PE day:

Tuesday. Please remember to include warm PE clothing should we decide to do our activities outside. Jewellery is removed for PE so it would help if, on PE days children come to school without earrings in. If they need to keep their earrings in, please send plasters. 

Homework is due in on: Wednesday 

Our topic this term is: Animals. 

Spelling tests are on: Friday 



We've had another lovely week in year 2, producing some excellent work. In maths, we've been revisiting areas of maths that we've covered this year to ensure that our knowledge is secure. In literacy, we produced some excellent diary entries inspired by the book 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner. We also loved getting onto the astroturf for some brilliant team games in PE. Miss Jones has now finished her placement with Year 2 and we wish her the best of luck for the future!@


We’ve had a lovely week once again! In maths, we’ve revisited money with a particular focus on adding together different values and working out what change we’d get from certain coins. In literacy, we have started looking at the book ‘Flotsam’ by David Wiesner and working on our sentence structure and handwriting. We enjoyed making musical instruments out of recycled materials and working further on our ‘Mission’ project. Also, we loved doing plenty of reading on Thursday afternoon for our parent partnership challenge! 


This week in year two we have been writing our end of term reports, reflecting on our successes and thinking about what we want to achieve next year! We have done more excellent work in maths, exploring shape and learning lots. In guided reading we have really enjoyed the chapter ‘The Brown Hen’.  Sports day on Friday was a fantastic way to end a brilliant week!


We’ve had a wonderful week in year 2! In maths, we’ve proven ourselves to be experts at measurements; we can read scales even when numbers are missing! We demonstrated our skills with reading millilitres by creating our own magic medicines, inspired by George! We have continued writing our draft reports in literacy, celebrating what we have loved and done well with this year.  In guided reading we have developed our summarising skills as well as making further inferences about Grandma in ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We have planned and started some experiments with seeds to decide whether or not bigger seeds produce bigger plants - we can’t wait to find out the results! 


This week year 2 have been working on using conjunctions to extend their sentences for when they write their reflections in their school report. 
In maths we have been doing capacity looking at millilitres and litres. The class have been working really hard in maths and it shows in their work. This week we have started to look at sustainability and we researched products that are made from recycled materials. In guided reading we wrote some instructions on how to make a marvellous medicine. They were writing about what the medicine will do.


This week, we have started a new topic in maths looking at measurements. We have been comparing mass and using scales to measure in grams. In science, we have made observations on the seeds that we have been growing in different conditions in the classroom and in literacy we also worked on our punctuation, spelling and grammar. Year 2 have had a very busy week this week as the whole class has been working with different adults in their small groups at various points. On top of this they pulled off a brilliant performance in NAPA and they all really enjoyed the family picnic. 


This week, we have done some work around position and direction in maths, along with developing our arithmetic knowledge by correcting incorrectly answered questions and explaining how we know that they are wrong! We've looked further at germination of seeds and bulbs in science and loved doing athletics in PE. As well as this, we painted some fantastic Van Gogh-inspired sunflowers. We've also loved reading in the sunny weather!


This week, we have continued to work hard. We’ve been developing our reading skills including retrieving information, making inferences and sequencing events, linking this to George’s Marvellous Medicine and poems that we have not read before. In literacy, we have continued to work hard on using subordinate conjunctions and expanded noun phrases in our writing, as well as improving and spotting mistakes in our own writing with our brilliant blue pens! During maths, we have continued to work hard on telling the time and solving problems around this. We loved doing athletics in PE and have enjoyed our NAPA sessions as always. In science, we have also looked at seeds and plants! 


We have had a week full of perseverance and resilience in year 2. In maths, we have solved tricky time problems and it is clear that lots of progress has been made with telling the time in one week! In literacy, we have been using the stimulus of plastic harming wildlife in our seas and oceans to develop our writing. We have also loved exploring the character of Grandma further in George’s Marvellous Medicine! In PE, we did lots of exciting athletics activities and focused on our teamwork. 


We’ve had a fantastic week full of Easter fun, starting with our trip to St John’s on Monday, which is always a treat. We learned an Easter poem to recite and did a brilliant job of it! In guided reading, we enjoyed getting to the end of our class book, ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, and enjoyed discussing the themes of the story and what we liked about the text. In maths, we’ve done lots of measurement work and sharpened up our arithmetic skills even further. We also finally got to perform our NAPA routine to you all and it went so well. Thank you for all of the effort you made at home with the Easter bonnets and egg gardens; I loved seeing them all! Have a fantastic Easter break, rest well and have fun.


We’ve had a lovely week in year 2 once again! We’ve been enjoying developing our knowledge of how to improve sentences in literacy and in maths, we have finished our work on money and started exploring measurement problems. In geography, we have explored our local area by using maps to develop positional and directional language and in science, we have been furthering our knowledge of the basic needs of animals of all kinds. We also loved creating our own guided reading style questions and techniques on how to answer these effectively! 


What a great week! In maths, we have solved some increasingly challenging money problems, developing our knowledge of the value of coins and notes whilst working out different combinations of coins and notes that equal the same amounts. In literacy, we have been looking at the animation 'Something Fishy', carrying out some exciting activities around this to boost our writing. We loved getting outside for some hockey on the AstroTurf, too! As always, NAPA was a highlight and we cannot wait to show you our performance before the Easter break!


We’ve had yet another fantastic week in year two! In maths, we have done our very best to master tricky fractions before moving onto money at the end of the week. In literacy, we have planned and written newspaper reports based upon our literacy book, ‘Mr Big’! It has been British Science Week this week so we have been designing healthy meals for astronauts. We enjoyed team games in PE, developing our tactical knowledge and we really enjoyed beginning work on brightening up our outside area as part of Parent Partnership Challenge! 


We’ve had a fantastic week in year 2, expanding our knowledge and developing our skills! In literacy, we have started to become familiar with the skills needed for writing newspaper reports and in maths, we have continued to work on the properties of shape and also worked on our arithmetic methods. We loved World Book Day and carrying out lots of activities around this! Thank you for all of the wonderful costumes. In topic work, we have delved deep into Hull’s history, exploring the events at Beverley Gate in 1642 where King Charles I was refused entry into Hull. If you can, find some time to explore the history of Hull in our town centre!


All this week, we have been working hard and having lots of fun! We’ve practiced doing different tests and are becoming really confident in showing off our knowledge. In PE, we have learnt lots of different badminton skills during different sessions with Miss Cooper and in science, we learnt lots about healthy eating and how we can stay safe. We also really loved our NAPA session with Georgia!


Another lovely week has been had by year 2! In literacy, we have written some wonderful letters to Mr Big to cheer him up, mastering lots of grammar features and really working on our handwriting. In maths, we have excelled at division and so many children have been enjoying gold tash problem solving! In topic, we’ve enjoyed learning about Freetown in Sierra Leone, the city that Hull is twinned with, and we also enjoyed our last session with Bradley from Hull FC as part of Sky Try. Enjoy your half term! 


It's been a lovely week in year two this week and I've really enjoyed getting to know my new class! In literacy, we have been looking at the story of 'Mr Big', who is an extremely large gorilla that has a talent for playing the piano but feels very sad because everyone is frightened of his size! We are planning to write letters to him to make him feel better and encourage him to express himself more. In maths, we have been looking at improving our dividing skills and looking at how it links to our multiplication knowledge. During our afternoon topic work, we have explored internet safety and shown some excellent knowledge on what to do in order to stay safe while enjoying the internet.


Year 2 have had a busy week continuing our topic 'One Hull of a City'.  We have been learning and performing the song Caravan of Love which was written by Paul Heaton.  This has been so much fun!  In maths we have looked at statistics and have made tally and bar charts.  We have had our third session of Sky Try and have developed our throwing and catching skills even further from last week.  During fluency we have looked at poetry and focused on the vocabulary and rhyming words used. 


This week we have started a new literacy story called The Queen’s Hat.  This story is based in London and we have been comparing it to Hull.  For our fluency lessons we are looking at Roald Dahl and enjoying some Revolting Rhymes.  Our topic focus this week has been about William Wilberforce and we have also had lots of fun creating our own collage posters based on key features of Hull during art sessions.  Sky Try and Spelling Bee have also taken place this week.  It’s been very busy indeed!@


This week has been packed with a range of activities.  We have started our new topic for this term which is ‘One Hull of a City’.  We have been learning about Amy Johnson and what an amazing woman she was.  In science we have started to look at habitats and living things which links in very nicely to our guided reading book titled ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.  Our Fluency reading focus for this half term will be Roald Dahl story books and we are starting with Esio Trot. In Maths we have been learning about fractions with lots of problem solving and practical activities.  We have started this term really well.


Year two have had a lovely week learning about different cultures and places of worship.  We have made Ramadan moons and stained glass windows.  Our focus for RE linked to having a sense of belonging.  It has been lovely to see the respect the children have for each other and how everyone understands the importance of respecting each others faiths and beliefs.  Each child has also made a card and calendar to take home and have taken part in lots of Christmas activities.  Our KS1 Christmas party was on Wednesday afternoon and we had great fun playing party games in the hall before eating our party food.  It has been a lovely end to a very busy term!   


Year 2 have had a special week. We have worked really hard on our Christmas performances and loved performing to the whole school, parents, and carers. This has been the highlight of our week! We have also enjoyed listening to Roald Dahl stories and looking at different texts for guided reading. In maths we have been doing work around place value.


This week we have been continuing to practice our Christmas performance and will shortly be moving into dress rehearsals.  We have enjoyed our hot write sessions in Literacy and have looked at a range of poetry through the week too. Our favourite part of guided reading has been the hot seating sessions and we have enjoyed acting out parts of the text and playing the parts of the characters.  In science we have looked at how materials change state when they are heated or cooled.


This week we have been super busy and working hard to learn our Christmas songs ready for our performance in December.  In science we have looked at materials and how they can change state.  We have melted chocolate and looked closely at how water can change from steam to liquid to ice.  Art lessons have been focussing on drawing simple lines in different sizes and thickness.  We have drawn some lovely volcanoes which links to our topic of natural disasters.  We have also looked at the artist Jackson Pollock.


This week we have been looking at the location of volcanoes in Geography and have linked this to our curriculum write.  In science we have been very ‘hands on’ learning about vibrations and have carried out a sound walk around the school to record different sounds we can hear.  During D & T we have each made a fruit salad kebab with exotic fruits from volcanic locations.  We have also been getting ready for our Christmas production with Year1. It has been another busy week packed with fun activities yet again!


This week we have been busy focussing on PSHE.  We have looked at the importance of being kind to others and have designed a year 2 friendship tree.  We have also made our own anti bullying posters during our topic lessons. During our science lessons we have looked at vibrations and how to record them.  This has involved us recording sounds we hear around the school environment.  We’ve had great fun this week.


This week the children have been busy learning about Remembrance day.  They have each made a Poppy and created lovely posters based on this important event.  We have also looked at poetry and listened to music. 

Our theme in literacy has been Bonfire night and we have been writing poetry based on this. 

The topic this term is Natural Disasters which the children are excited about.  We will be looking in depth at volcanoes and earthquakes during this half term.


Year 2 have had another busy week.  We have been learning about primary and secondary colours and exploring mixing paints to produce some fantastic colour wheels.  Some beautiful paintings in the style of Mark Rothko have also been produced by the children which are soon to be displayed in the classroom.  We have also been designing and drawing our own versions of air raid shelters which links to our topic of WW2.  Next term, our new topic will be natural disasters.  Throughout the week, we have been writing our own version of the Gruffalo story and using story maps to do this.  Our maths lessons have been focussed around subtraction and problem solving which has been challenging and fun. 


Year 2 have been continuing to learn about life in WW2. We have been designing and making air raid shelters and testing materials that would be suitable to make one from. We have also been focusing on the Gruffalo in literacy and will write our own version next week! It has been a very busy week and an enjoyable one. 


Year 2 have had a very busy week. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting using the inverse. In literacy, we have been writing the story of Supertato. In our curriculum , we have learned about toys in World War 2. We have been busy practising for our harvest festival too. Have a nice weekend Year 2. 


This week has been a really busy week in Year 2.  In literacy, we have been writing the story of 'The Little Ships' which has helped us to understand what life was like in World War 2.  In our curriculum work we have been looking at what air raid shelters were made from and considering how we could make a model.


It has been an incredibly busy week in Year 2 this week. In maths, we have been adding on a number line. In literacy, we have read the story of ‘Little Boats’ and have been exploring what it might have felt like during World War Two.’ Our curriculum work has focused on the air raids and we have replicated the air raid siren.  


What a busy week we have had in Year 2 this week. In literacy, we have been reading ‘The Lion and the Unicorn,’ which is a book about a boy in World War 2. In maths, we have been looking at place value, greater than and less than. We have also started learning about the start of the war and the children have impressed me with their knowledge. Well done Year 2, keep it up!


What an amazing final week we have had in Year 2. I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone by. This week, we have looked at creating alternative endings for George’s Marvellous Medicine in literacy. In maths, we have been looking at shapes. In guided reading, we pretended to be news presenters, telling everyone about the World Cup. On Thursday, we had the chance to have fun on the bouncy castle , which we all enjoyed. Well done on all your hard work this year, Year 2, keep it up in Year 3.