Year 3

The class teachers is Mrs Page

PE days:

Tuesday (please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor PE clothing such as track suit bottoms) 

Our topic this term is: The Romans. 

Spelling tests are on: Monday! Make sure you practise. 

Homework Due: Wednesday 



In year 3 this week, we have been exceptionally busy! To start the week we enjoyed taking part in the ‘Hull City Hall Big Sing’. We had a fabulous time singing new and old songs. We enjoyed learning about various places in the world that celebrate different types of songs. Even in the rain we were still smiling! Then on Wednesday the Rock Challengers in year 3 joined the rest of the team to achieve 3rd place, well done to all! Whilst the rest of us still had lots of fun at school creating kites, French menus and Venetian masks. On Thursday, in year 3, we planted our own sunflower seeds and enjoyed reading stories in the afternoon. Another superb week in year 3. Have a lovely weekend.


In year three, we have had a superb week. We have really enjoyed completing our news articles in literacy and we have used some great techniques to enhance our writing. We have also started to plan and edit our reports. In maths this week, we have been focussing on short multiplication and we are really beginning to gain confidence at using this strategy. In reading this week, we have focussed on fluency and our expression when reading a text. In addition, we have carried on enjoying our class book ' Charlotte's Web'. We have been very busy this week because we have been practicing for sports day for Friday and we have also had rock challenge rehearsals and singing practice ready for next week. Good luck to all involved next week. Another fabulous week year 3! Have a lovely weekend.


In year 3 this week we have been investigating perimeter in maths and have been using our addition skills. In literacy we have really enjoyed interviewing each other and acting as journalists. We are now ready to start editing and improving our final newspaper article. In guided reading we have been reading our class text ' Charlotte's web' and have been comparing non-fiction and fiction texts. On Thursday we had an author, Mr Peter J Murray, come into our school and spend the morning with us. We thoroughly enjoyed his interactive performance and we are now looking forward to reading his books. In P.E. we played our first game of quick cricket and we are looking forward to playing it on the field next week, fingers crossed the sun shines! Another fabulous week in


In year 3 this week we have had a busy and enjoyable week. Firstly we performed in our NAPA performance in front of an audience, then we collaborated with other children in the school for our enterprising morning and on Thursday the children thoroughly loved sharing time with family and friends at the picnic. In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division facts. We have then applied our knowledge to word problems, we have worked really hard and been very successful. In literacy we have started analysing newspaper reports and picked out the key features. In reading this week we have continued to enjoy our class read ‘Charlotte’s web’. The children are really enjoying reading and this is wonderful to see. Well done year 3 for another superb week, have a lovely holiday.


In year 3 this week we have worked really hard at solving maths multiplication and division problems. We have challenged ourselves and focussed on strategies to help us. In literacy we redrafted and edited our final poems. Our poems used some fantastic figurative language to engage our readers. We also confidently read them aloud in class, well done year 3! In our 'Vikings' topic this week we have enjoyed researching weapons used in the Viking era. However the most impressive part of the week has been our enthusiasm for reading. The children have been very keen to read and complete 3 reads or more, so thank you for all your support, we are hoping to get the readers award, fingers crossed. Well done year 3 for another superb week!


We have had a super week in year 3. In maths, we have started statistics and analysing data. In these lessons we have drawn and interpreted bar charts and pictograms, we are doing really at this! We are beginning to plan our final poetry piece in literacy and continuing our class read ‘Charlotte’s Web’. We have also been very fortunate to have weekly sessions with NAPA, the children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. In science, we are continuing our topic ‘forces and magnets’. In our science lesson this week we have focussed on friction and what happens when friction takes place. We have really enjoyed carrying out an experiment involving jelly, pencils and olive oil. Another lesson we have loved investigating is our topic, ‘the Vikings’ the children created some fabulous Viking ships using sketching pencils and paints. A great week in year 3, well done!


We have had a lovely week in year 3. In literacy we have been exploring different aspects of poetry and we are beginning to create some exciting pieces of writing. In maths we have continued with time and focussed on the duration of events, we have also related this to real life events. We have really enjoyed exploring our class text, Charlotte’s web and we are using our inference and retrieval skills to answer questions. In Science we have really enjoyed our new area of learning ‘Forces and magnets’. We have used magnets to identify materials that attract and repel objects. We really enjoyed these experiments and we had great fun understanding and using the scientific vocabulary. Another fabulous week year 3, well done!



This week in Year 3, we have had a fun filled week. We started to learn the time in Maths and are becoming experts at recognising the time in 5 minute intervals. In Literacy, we have started a persuasive writing unit looking at the water issue in other parts of the world. We were very excited when water aid UK liked the work we were doing on Twitter. We enjoyed our visit to the church and our Easter parade yesterday. A big well done to Mason who won our Endeavour Award- he thoroughly deserved it. Have a lovely Easter break and we will see you in the new term.


This week in Year 3, we have started to work on time, including days in the week, months and years. We have then used this knowledge to solve some really tricky maths problems. In Literacy, we have produced a final draft of our story from another culture and applied all our wonderful skills that we have  built up over the past few weeks. In reading, we have been developing our discussion skills and enjoyed being silent summarisers to talk about character traits in the our book- 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We are almost finished this book and we have really enjoyed it. We have started reading 'The Accidental Prime Minister' as part of our reading for pleasure time in an afternoon and it is so funny! Please keep up with all the regular reading and have a wonderful weekend.@


This week in Year 3, we have been very busy. Most of us have worked super hard in rehearsals for Rock Challenge and we can’t forget the big day itself. A massive well done. We have continued with perimeter this week and delved into problem solving activities that certainly challenged us. We did extended writing and what great productivity we had! Let’s improve our regular readers next week to be in with a chance of winning the certificate once again. Have a well deserved rest this weekend! 


What a busy week we have had in Year 3. In Maths we have been looking at equivalent measures and are now even able to add and subtract them. We had a fun- filled Science lesson for British Science Week- testing how far a sneeze can travel. We had so much fun squirting water and trying to avoid the 'germs'. In topic this week, we explored Rosa Parks and how she fought for equality as part of International Women’s Day 2019. We did some role play to show off our knowledge and have produced a wonderful double page spread in our literacy books. We have had an increase in regular readers so please keep it up! Have a lovely weekend.


In Year 3 this week, we have had a fun filled week. In PE, we continued to develop our serving skills especially a forehand high serve. In maths we have continued to explore measurements and equivalent measures and are becoming superstars at remembering the rules! We had so much fun on World Book Day and our costumes looked amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.


A huge welcome back to all our children. We have had a super busy first week back. We have started our new Literacy unit about 'The  Catch' and are preparing to build up some amazing skills to help us write our own version of the story. In Maths, we have started exploring perimeter and learning how to use a ruler to measure accurately. In topic, we were very excited to look at American Presidents and enjoyed an Art session sketching Donald Trump. A huge well done to the children who are arriving to school on time, each and every day, let's keep striving for 100%. Have a lovely weekend.



This week in year 3, we have been working on converting pounds to pence and deepening our understanding of money in maths. In literacy, we have continued to improve our mythical stories by adding adverbials and speech. As well as this we have enjoyed learning more French, Sky Try rugby and our D+T project of making dream catchers. We hope you like them!


This week in year 3 we have started exploring money in maths. We have continued exploring ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ and can’t wait to start chapter 3. We are super excited to have received brand new books to help us with our enjoyment of reading. With Hull FC, we have learned to ‘play the ball’. We definitely have some future rugby stars. Keep up the amazing work Year 3! Have a lovely weekend.


This week in Year 3, we have started to explore Native Americans as part of our America topic. We have been very excited to start designing our own dreamcatchers. We continued our Hockey sessions in PE developing or shooting techniques. We also had Hull FC Sky Try once again so we have certainly been very active. In Maths, we are becoming masters of adding fractions and can not wait to delve deeper next week. A huge well done to all our regular readers, we hope to have many more next week. 


This week in Year 3 we have started our Literacy unit on Myths and Legends. The children have come up with some amazing ideas in our planning session for their very own creation. In maths, we have explored equivalent fractions and shown great perseverance. Once again, we had our Rugby session with Hull FC and are really enjoying the new skills we are learning. A big well done to all regular readers this week, we are getting more and more each week. Keep it up.


Welcome Back! We have had a fun-filled first week back to Year 3. We have kick started our topic of America and will be learning lots of amazing facts about the country in curriculum. In Literacy, we have started our instruction unit and developing lots of new knowledge on how to write a set of instructions. We have been hands-on in Maths this week, finding fractions  in number and shape form! We would love to see more regular readers next week! Have a lovely weekend .


This week, in Year 3, it has been full of festive fun. We concluded our Stone Age topic and painted some wonderful beakers. We were absolute superstars in NAPA- thank you to all the adults who joined us. We had a great Christmas party and finished our week with our favourite Magic Carpet production. Have a good rest and we will see you in 2019.


This week in Year 3. We have been super busy. We have continued developing our knowledge of fractions in Mathematics and finally solved the mystery of Pip Parker in our hot write! There are some amazing writers in our class! We have been learning all about the iron age and have designed some lovely coins as well as made our beakers from salt dough. We used a variety of tools to add some amazing detail! One more week to go so please keep up with regular reading! We have a fun-filled festive week lined up.


This week in Year 3, we have been super busy. We had a wonderful visit from the White Ribbon fire truck to learn all about keeping safe and not hurting each other. We have continued to explore Pip Parker's mystery in Literacy as well as creating our very own fraction museum to start our new topic of Fractions in Numeracy. Well done to all the regular readers this week! Keep it up.


This week in Year 3, we have been super busy. We had a wonderful visit from the White Ribbon fire truck to learn all about keeping safe and not hurting each other. We have continued to explore Pip Parker's mystery in Literacy as well as creating our very own fraction museum to start our new topic of Fractions in Numeracy. Well done to all the regular readers this week! Keep it up.


In Year 3 this week, we have been solving the mystery of Pip Parker in our new class read for Literacy. We received a very special package from Pip herself that had all the objects to help us solve the mystery. In Maths we have been looking at the properties of 2d shapes and becoming experts at describing them in detail. In PE, we have been practising some very tricky rolls in Gymnastics and the children have shown great resilience. Have a lovely weekend.



This week in Year 3, we have had a fantastic week. We were very lucky to visit the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman and we really enjoyed singing along . It has helped us with lots of work for Anti-Bullying week. The Year 3's have been learning the importance of being a kind friend and not hurting others. We have started to look at angles in shapes this week and wrote up our Literacy work based on the animation- The Piano. Our new topic in PE is gymnastics, the children were able to practise balancing on different parts of their bodies. Keep up with regular reading! Have a lovely weekend.


In Year  3 this week, we have been learning how to write a diary entry. We watched 'The Piano', which gave us lots of wonderful ideas to put into our writing. We have been exploring all the different ways to divide numbers in Maths, and the children have been super resilient. We have dedicated our topic to Remembrance week and shown great maturity and respect whilst producing some wonderful work. Well done, Year 3.


This week in Year 3, we have applied all of our skills to produce a wonderful newspaper report about the strange event that happened in our classroom. The children have started working on division in Maths and have been showing some good problem solving skills. We completed our D & T project by making our shortbread Stonehenge. They looked brilliant! We hope you have an amazing half term. 


This week, in Year 3, lots of mysterious things have been happening. The children of Year three returned to notice a very curious glitter creature had been in our classroom. The children are now becoming detectives and learning lots of new skills to be able to write a newspaper report. In Maths, we have continued to master multiplication and the children are being very resilient. Guided Reading has been super this week, we have continued to learn about The Birdman in Michael Morpurgo's 'This Morning I met a Whale'. Thank you to all the parents who read regularly with their children at home, it is having a great impact in the classroom!


This week in Year 3, the children have been learning some fantastic new skills to create a letter for persuasion. In Maths, we have continued to apply our knowledge of number and developing some great reasoning skills. In topic, we have been learning all about the Stone Age and the wonderful inventions that help us in today's modern world. We have seen some great resilience and the children's hard work is really starting to show in their books. We were thrilled to have won the attendance last week and hope it continues. 


What an amazing week we have had in Year 3! We have started our brand new topic on persuasion in Literacy! In Maths we have been adding and subtracting numbers mentally, which, can be a tricky skill but Year 3 have risen to the challenge. We have explored the fascinating world of Stone Age cave paintings in Art and produced our very own! A reminder that homework is to be returned on a Wednesday. 

Have a lovely weekend.


What a brilliant week we have had in Year 3! We have continued to explore familiar settings in literacy and hope to produce an amazing piece of writing in our hot writes, using our own version of the story! We had so much fun looking at performance poems and had some amazing actors. In maths, we have continued to master number and develop our reasoning and problem solving skills. We have done some very interesting activities to launch our topic of ‘The Stone Age’, and kicked off our football topic in PE. Well done, Year 3! 


What an absolutely amazing year it has been this year! Seeing all the children grow and progress has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of. We have made some amazing memories this year and had some fantastic moments, ones we'll never forget. Everyday they have made us smile! The children have really persevered this year and their hard work has paid off, they really deserve their achievements. We would like to wish all the children the best of luck in Year 4, keep up the hard work and continue to believe in yourselves because you can do it!