Year 3

The class teachers is Mrs Page

PE days:

Tuesday (please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor PE clothing such as track suit bottoms) 

Our topic this term is: The Romans. 

Spelling tests are on: Monday! Make sure you practise. 

Homework Due: Wednesday 


Spring Term

13th March 2020

We have had a lovely week in year three. In maths, we have been working on measurement and equivalent lengths focussing on centimetres and metres. In reading we have been discussing the wishes people made to the Goddess of the lake as well as coming up with our own wishes. In writing we have started the planning process for our stories around a setting and have come up with some very interesting storylines. In topic we have made our cartouches from clay and evaluated our work. Have a great weekend!


6th March 2020

A very busy week in year three! On Monday we had a great time with noise academy learning what it takes to be a DJ. We have started to work on our new science unit of light, this week exploring the difference between light and dark and how it is achieved. In maths we have been working extremely hard on statistics and have been interpreting all kinds of data. On Thursday we all dressed in amazing costumes for World Book Day and had fun creating tokens and working on puzzles to do with our joy of read. Have a great weekend.


28th February 2020

A fantastic start back to school in year three. We have been working on pictograms in maths and have enjoyed making our own graphs to record our data. In reading, we have been predicting what we think Lalchand’s next plan will be ahead of reading more next week. We have continued to work on our play scripts in writing and have come up with some amazing stories to perform. On Wednesday we enjoyed our NAPA rehearsal and can’t wait to show everyone what we have been working on. Have a great weekend.


14th February 2020

A great way to end the first half of spring term in year three. We have been working really hard on adding and subtracting money in maths and in reading our focus has been summarising this week as we looked at Lila’s journey so far. In writing we have begun to plan and write our ancient Egyptian play scripts and have come up with some very creative storylines. On Thursday Mia and Hope treated the whole school to a brilliant dance performance during morning assembly. On Friday we completed our D&T project by baking our ancient Egyptian themed bread. Thank you and well done for all your hard work year three, have a fantastic week!


7th February 2020

We have been busy in year three this week, in maths we have been working on money and have made lots of progress. In writing, we finished our newspaper reports and took our published pieces home. We then started to look at our new genre: play scripts. In reading we have done lots of inference work before looking at a paired text on endangered elephants on Thursday. In topic this week we have been planning and creating our own ancient Egyptian themed bread recipe ready to bake next week. On Friday we enjoyed a fun-filled day of maths to raise money for the NSPCC. Have a good weekend!


31st January 2020

A fantastic week in year three... on Monday we received a very important letter from the leading petrologist at BRS tasking us to collect evidence about the different rocks in our area. In history we have been exploring diet this week, first analysing our own before looking at the diet of an ancient Egyptian. We have compared different bread recipes and chosen our favourite to base our planning on next week. In reading we have inferred what the three gifts that Lila needs will be and we can’t wait to find out if we’re right when we read more next week. Well done on all the regular readers this week year three, keep it up!


24th January 2020

We had a great start to the week in year three with 100% attendance and no lates! In maths, we have been working on multiplying and dividing large numbers and have made lots of progress. In reading, we developed our author’s choice skills and looked at an elephant fact sheet for our paired text. In science we investigated how water travelled through different types of soil and were shocked by what we discovered. We continued to work on our newspaper reports in writing and are almost ready to write our final drafts. In topic we have been learning about ancient Egyptian way of life including their diet ahead of our D.T project coming up in a few weeks. Enjoy your weekend.


17th January 2020

Another fantastic week in year three. We started off with a spelling test where lots of us achieved full marks! In maths, we have been multiplying one digit numbers by two digit numbers and have used lots of equipment to help us. In writing, we have started drafting and improving our newsletter reports and collected more information about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. In topic, we have learnt about latitude and longitude and details about Egypt’s climate. Have a great weekend!


10th January 2020

A fantastic first week back in year three, we started off the week with a spelling test where lots of us achieved full marks. In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing using arrays and have made great progress over the week. We began our new unit of rocks in science and explored the features of different ones. In topic, we learnt about who the ancient Egyptians were and in geography explored where Egypt is and some of its key features. Have a good weekend!