Year 4

The class teacher is Mrs Lobley, Miss Cooper and Mr Metcalfe

Our Topic

In year 4 during the spring term, our topic will be focused all around Hull, learning about our heritage and everything that makes our city such an amazing place to be.

Also, in guided reading, our class text for this term is 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

Homework is due on a Monday.

Spellings are given out on a Monday and children are tested on these the following Monday! It is expected that children practise these at home. 


PE is on a Monday afternoon - please make sure that you have outdoor kit and sensible footwear with you on this day!




What an exciting but tiring week! We had our singing day on Tuesday at Hull City Hall, which was fantastic. The children represented Craven amazingly and sang their hearts out; I am really proud of them. A massive well done to everyone who took part in Rock Challenge. It was a long day, but the children performed their socks off and it definitely paid off! Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to make the performances and parent partnership challenge this week, I hope you enjoyed them. Next week, we have our NAPA performance coming up, which the children have been working incredibly hard on. I know the children are excited to showcase what they've been learning. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


We've had a very productive week in year 4. We have finished our non-chronological reports and have moved onto planning and drafting our end of year reports; they are fantastic so far! In maths, we have cracked multiplication and division and are now applying this knowledge to money again. In guided reading, we have focused on improving our inference skills, using what we know and what we have read to make a reasonable guess. We have also been busy rehearsing for our NAPA show, which is coming up very soon. The children have worked so hard and it is looking amazing. Coming up next week is our singing day at City Hall, so rest those voices over the weekend! A massive well done to those who have brought in something made out of recycled materials, we have had some fantastic creations. We have continued with our mission and are on our way to designing our product. Have a great weekend everyone.


The children have worked really hard this week again. In maths, we have mastered subtraction and have put these into some money problems. In literacy, we have come to the end of our non-chronological report unit, and the children have produced some fantastic pieces of work to be put on display. Curriculum this week has focused on recycling, and producing a persuasive text to encourage people to recycle. These will be going on display around the school. The children enjoyed rehearsing their NAPA performance again this week, and it is looking amazing! Have a great weekend everyone


What a fantastic first week back, I hope you all had a lovely break. In maths, we have continued to explore money by applying our knowledge to solve addition and subtraction problems. This has been quite tricky, especially knowing which operation to use, but we are getting there! We have really enjoyed NAPA this week, preparing for the showcase. The children have blown me away with their talents; it is going to be amazing. Also exciting this week, we started our new curriculum and learned about the 6Rs of sustainability, which will help us to make our final product in the weeks to come. Have a lovely weekend everyone.



We made it! What a busy and exciting half term we have had in year 4. This week, we've started a new unit in literacy, looking at non-chronological reports and the children have started to write their own. In maths, we have been working on money, which the children are fantastic at! In RE, we continued to think about what religions say about how to care for the world and looked at the Hindu creation story, in comparison to the Christianity creation story. The children came up with some fantastic freeze frames to show parts of the story. Thank you to everyone who made the family picnic - I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to year 4 for making my first half term as a teacher so enjoyable and lovely. Have an amazing and well-deserved break everyone


I would just like to start off by saying thank you to year 4 for being really respectful to the year 6s, whilst they have been doing their SATs. It's been a strange week, but they've been brilliant. In maths, we have been working hard on a tricky concept - time! Some of us have found it tricky but we've kept going. We've been looking at 12 hour and 24 hour clocks and solving problems. In literacy, we have continued to develop our setting descriptions by building on simple sentences to incorporate more detail and description. For extended writing, we explored 'Something Fishy' and the children have produced some amazing stories so far! In PE, we continued athletics, learning how to pass a baton. One more week of hard work before half term - we can do this! Have a great weekend everyone.


What a busy but lovely week in year four! In maths, we have begun work on time, using our knowledge to solve some tricky problems. In literacy, we have continued work on our setting descriptions, developing our knowledge of description and sentence length to really engage the reader. We are really getting stuck into our topic now; we have designed some objects from the Anglo-Saxon times that we will be making in the next couple of weeks. The children are really enthusiastic and have produced some amazing designs. I can't wait to see what they produce! Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


Thank you year 4 for another lovely week, you have all been working incredibly hard. In maths, we have continued to learn about decimals by comparing and ordering them. We even had a go at making our own 'Fracimal' wall to show the equivalents. Some of us in literacy have been using personification to increase the description of our settings, which are sounding amazing. Our curriculum topic this term is the Anglo-Saxons, which we have started to explore this week. We hot-seated Hilda, who came over from Germany, to find out all about who the Anglo-Saxons were! Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Y4 enjoyed performing their play 'Intergalactic Easter' to parents and fellow pupils. During the last few weeks we learnt about Easter traditions in different places and this week we spent more time learning about the Christian origins of the season. All pupils should now know what Lent is and the important days of Holy Week. Thank you to all the parents and other family members who were able to come and watch the play...we were pleased that everyone had at least one line to say and we've enjoyed some extra drama lessons. In our guided reading sessions this week, we've tried to charge through lots of Harry Potter but, sadly, we won't finish it today. We finally perfected our persuasive letter to Mrs Welbourne and managed to write a class Easter poem that we performed to parents at the Easter bonnet parade. In maths we spent five lessons working on shape; we've been very busy measuring and cutting paper to help investigate the common quadrilaterals. Everyone should now be familiar with diagonals, symmetry, angles etc and know the difference between a rhombus and a parallelogram. Music lessons continue with Hull Music service and we'll be performing during the summer term.



This week in Year 4 we have been preparing for our Easter play; the children have worked hard on perfecting their acting and memorising their lines in preparation for the big performance next week! The children have completed some end of term testing and we are pleased with the results which show that overall the class has improved in all areas: well done everyone. Literacy has focused on finalising our persuasive writing letter for Mrs Welbourne; we’ve tried to persuade her to allow Y4 to have mobile phones in school. Our guided reading has seen us reach the 10th chapter of Harry Potter where Harry, Ron and Hermione defeat a troll, and Harry is preparing for his first Quidditch match.  Finally, the children participated in their last Rugby session and enjoyed some mini-games of touch rugby. Have a nice weekend!



This week has been rather hectic with two-thirds of the class involved with Rock Challenge; between rehearsals and performances, we did do some other things! We split our class in to two groups for maths: one group has concentrated on practising multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and a 1000, whilst the others who were confident with this looked at problems involving measurements. Literacy has focused on developing our persuasive writing. We’ve analysed the many aspects to putting across a strong argument and we’ve been improving our letter to Mrs Welbourne.  Reading has seen us get beyond halfway in Harry Potter and he’s just had his first broomstick flying lesson. Those children not involved with Rock Challenge worked with pupils from Y3 and Y5. We studied William Shakespeare, writing a fact file about him, and we did lots of drama. We concentrated on learning The Tempest and had a go at acting the play out in six short improvised scenes. Some children have had a first go at developing more complex building skills, constructing odd shaped bricks out of the recycled cardboard boxes that they’ve brought in…and we still need more! Well done to the Rock Challengers.



Y4 have been getting to grips with their Easter play, ‘An intergalactic Easter’. Next week, we’ll start thinking about props that we’ll need and we’ll aim for minimal costume requirements. We’re trying to encourage the children to really project their voices and they need to practise their lines; if they’ve only got one line, they need to make the most of their time in the spotlight!

As well as using the play to practise our reading, we have carried on working our way through Harry Potter during guided reading sessions. We’ve just reached halfway in the book and Harry is settling in at Hogwarts.

Literacy lessons have focused on ‘persuasive’ writing and we’ll be writing a letter to Mrs Welbourne, trying to persuade her to change school uniform or something similar.

In maths, we’ve continued looking at units of measurement (length, capacity and mass) and we’re trying to get to grips with the relationships between the comparable measures. To be able to do this with ease we need to practise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

This week was National Science Week and we’ve looked at digestion, healthy eating, food groups and food chains. For our Parent Partnership activity we investigated paper aeroplanes and had a competition to see who had made the most aerodynamic model based on Concorde. Thank you to the parents who were able to join in...hopefully you managed to also make the origami envelope and booklet. We need to practise some of those practical skills that we used this afternoon more often!


This week, we allocated lines for our play which will be performed on April 4th. Every member of the class has at least one line to learn and we shared the main two parts between four children - it was unrealistic for pupils to learn thirty lines. Scripts will come home but we'll need them back in school for regular rehearsals.

The play has been used to develop our reading fluency and it backs up the ongoing reading work based on Harry Potter. Our focus in guided sessions has been very much on the harder 'inference' type questions, digging deeper into the text to reveal the hidden meanings of phrases/clauses.

Maths: our work on decimals has moved on to looking at measurements and we've been converting between linear units of measure (mm-cm-m-km). We need to practise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to do this more easily.

Science was a super demonstration of the human digestive system using an old pair of tights; a can of coke; a newspaper funnel and bread. Ask you son/daughter to describe what we did. In PE we carried on with netball and our passing has improved but some people are still a little scared of the ball. Our coached rugby session also focused on the passing skills.

Six children represented the school at a swimming gala and the team won. Well done superstars!



This week in literacy in Year 4, we have been concentrating on punctuating speech correctly. What used to be called speech marks are now referred to as inverted commas but that doesn’t make it any easier remembering all of the rules! We have also introduced the rules for organising play scripts and from next week we’ll start learning a play, to be performed later in the term. During our reading sessions we’ve got up to the sixth chapter of the first Harry Potter book and we’re really enjoying it. In maths we’ve carried on working with decimals, looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We’ve been comparing decimals and fractions and by the end of the week we were ‘rounding’ decimals to the nearest whole number or to one decimal place.​ PE saw us do our first lesson on netball; we need to practise our passing and catching before moving on to specific netball skills and rules. We also had our first ‘Sky Try’ session with our rugby coach.​ Our science topic has moved on to biology and we examined our teeth: we have to learn about the different types of teeth and how to look after them; we will then move on to learn about the digestive system before studying circulation.​



Year 4 finally made it to the end of their futuristic story set in East Park in the year 2219. We’ve concentrated on developing our sentences by dropping in extra clauses and by improving our use of descriptive vocabulary.  In maths we’ve moved on to finding fractions of whole numbers and then decimals. We’re quite confident dividing by 10 and 100. Our topic work was about William Wilberforce and we had a great discussion about slavery. The highlight of the week was the performance of our NAPA work – although some people were a little ‘stage-struck’ we’ve showed that we’ve learnt a lot in just one hour a week; we were glad so many parents were able to come and watch. In PE, we continued with hockey and had a mini-competition with Year 3. Music lessons on Friday afternoons include learning to play tunes on the glockenspiel – we’re getting quite good! Enjoy your half term!


Our maths focus this week has continued on fractions, focusing on addition and subtraction, and doing more work involving mixed numbers eg 5 1/2.

Literacy has concentrated on improving our descriptive writing; we are building a story set in the future, in East Park. A key focus has been to look at our sentence structure. In reading we've finished chapter three of the first Harry Potter and we feel like we're really getting to know the characters.

Tuesday was 'Safer Internet Day' and the children showed great awareness about keeping themselves safe online; we designed posters to reflect our understanding.

In topic work we studied OS maps of Hull and learned how to find four digit grid references; we also studied some basic co-ordinate work and learned how to play 'battleships'. We also continued finding out information about famous Hull people, past and present: next week we'll focus on Wilberforce. Hockey continued in PE and next week we'll have some small-sided games versus Y3. You are invited to a Y4 performance of their singing and dancing work with NAPA (Thursday 14th 10am)...they are awesome!


Miss Oldroyd and Mr Reid have enjoyed their first week with Y4. In maths we've been looking at fractions and trying to get to grips with equivalence  (1/2 = 2/4 etc.). In the afternoons we've practised our times tables as this knowledge really helps with fractions.  Our reading focus has been comparing and contrasting characters using evidence found in the second chapter of Harry Potter. The writing focus has been on developing settings in narrative texts and on Friday we wrote a story set in East Park in 2219! The children danced and sang brilliantly with the teacher from NAPA and in PE we've been improving our hockey skills. Our topic work on Hull has included looking at the city's famous people and learning where Hull is in relation to other places on maps (compass directions).


This week in year four, we have enjoyed working on our newspapers and redrafting them in literacy after sharpening up our grammar skills. In maths, we have continued mastering our multiplication methods before moving onto efficient division methods, drawing upon our ever-expanding times tables knowledge. We’ve loved exploring our class text ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in further detail, developing our understanding of they the characters and ideas of the chapter. In science, we looked at human impact in further detail and we’ve explored the geography of Hull in our topic.


We’ve had a lovely week back after the Christmas break; everyone has come back motivated and ready to learn. In maths, we’ve been working on our multiplication methods in order to tackle bigger numbers. In literacy, we have started a unit on newspaper reports, exploring all of the features linked to them and planning our own. We have also started looking at our new class text, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in guided reading, doing lots of predicting and clarifying work. Our new topic is ‘Hull: Our City’ and we are very excited to explore what makes our city such a wonderful place to live. 


What a lovely week we’ve had in year four, full of festive fun! We studied marriages within different religions in RE, along with reflecting on our own lives and the groups we belong to that make up our identity. Additionally, we have looked at the importance of getting along with each other and healthy relationships in PSHE. We have made some amazing Christmas cards and calendars which we hope you will love. We also had a lovely Christmas party on Thursday afternoon! Have an amazing Christmas, everyone - you deserve it after such a busy term. 


This week, we have continued to work hard amongst the festive fun. We loved our visit to church on Monday and creating our own Christingle symbols, as well as innovating our own designs with other fruits and elements that have different meanings. In maths, we have mastered factor pairs, exploring a range of problems around this and expanding our knowledge.  In guided reading, we finished reading our Autumn term class text ‘The Iron Man’ and loved the ending! 


We’ve had another lovely week in year four. As Christmas approaches, we’ve loved doing some extended writing around a John Lewis advert from a few Christmases ago, with some great first person narratives being created around the theme of impatiently waiting for Christmas Day! We also loved decorating our Christmas bauble biscuits (courtesy of Mr Rhodes’ talented and generous Mum) for Friday’s Christmas Fair - we hope you loved them. We have worked really hard through some tests this week too, so well done for all of your efforts and perseverance. 


This week, we have had a fantastic time in year 4. In maths, we have mastered multiplying 3 numbers before moving onto converting between kilometres and metres. In literacy, we have developed perfectly-punctuated character dialogue along with showing rather than telling the feelings and emotions of characters. We had a great time learning French on Wednesday and Thursday - be sure to check what we have remembered at home! We also loved our visit from the Fire Service for White Ribbon Day. 


A lovely week has been had; thank you to Year 4 family who friends who came to our Parent Partnership Challenge, lots of fun was had! In maths this week, we have continued looking at perimeter whilst also dropping in some division and multiplication along the way. In literacy we have focused on our sentence openers and how to build our paragraphs in a more cohesive way. During topic, we have focused on what life was like in Roman Britain, investigating the ways the Romans revolutionised life in ‘Britannia’. Also, there were some fantastic gymnastics performances in PE on Monday!


What an outstanding week! It’s been anti-bullying week this week so we’ve carried out lots of activities centred around the idea of respect and diversity. Along with this, we had a fantastic trip out to the cinema to see ‘The Greatest Showman’, a film which certainly encourages us to embrace our differences and celebrate who we are. In literacy, we have looked further into stories with historical settings and in maths, we have been exploring perimeter problems and extending our knowledge of multiplication facts. In science, we started our unit on electricity, exploring how circuits work and generating our own questions. Thank you for all your efforts with Children in Need this Friday, too! 


We’ve had a great start to the half term after a week’s break. In literacy, we wrapped up our character description unit and started looking at stories with historical settings, using ‘Escape From Pompeii’ as our stimulus. In maths, we have explored multiplication and decision problems, increasing our reasoning and problem solving confidence. In topic, we have focused on the theme of Remembrance, carrying out some research on Armistice Day, creating some fantastic poppy art and editing photos using software on iPads.@


What a week we’ve had! In maths, we’ve been working really hard on our estimating skills, along with furthering our knowledge of inverse operations. In literacy, we have created some fantastic pieces of description as part of our character description unit, focusing particularly hard on the little details that have a massive effect on the reader. In topic, we’ve explored reasons the Romans decided to invade Britain and in science, we carried out an experiment to measure the volumes of different sounds. We loved performing our NAPA showcase on Thursday; an amazing amount of effort was put in by all and we hope those who attended loved it as much as we did performing it. Have a lovely well-earned week off! 


This week, we have really enjoyed ourselves whilst working extremely hard. In guided reading, we have loved exploring chapter 2 and deciding whether or not Hogarth was right to capture the Iron Man in the hole they had created. In maths, we have been carrying out lots of addition and subtraction investigations, deepening our knowledge. In our literacy lessons, we have started to develop character description skills and have done some amazing work using different techniques. During our afternoons, we have explored the Roman Army in more depth, looking at examples of Roman busts and creating our own. We also investigated exactly why the Roman Army was so successful - be sure to ask your children what they know about this at home to test their expanding knowledge! 


We’ve had yet another great week in year four! Obviously, we have started our swimming lessons at Woodford and each and every child is giving it their all, no matter what their ability! It’s amazing to see the progress that can be made in just one week. We have also written some fantastic stories that raise issues in literacy. In addition to this, we’ve carried out some outstanding summarising and predicting in relation to our class read, ‘The Iron Man’. Well done, everyone. 


Once again, we’ve excelled ourselves in year four this week! Having an outstanding attitude towards understanding rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, mastering some tricky problems. 

In PE, we’ve shown lots of determination with our movement with the ball in football. 

We also loved feeling our knowledge of sound in science this week, exploring the impact movement and vibrations have on creating sounds.


Another outstanding week has been had in Year four! In maths, we’ve become masters of negative numbers and started to develop our depth of understanding with rounding. In guided reading, we’ve loved finding out more about the Iron Man as we have delved further into chapter one. During literacy we have looked at the features of dilemma stories and works on our grammar skills. We have started out Romans topic this week, developing detailed timelines as well as doing map work around the Roman Empire. Our NAPA session was also fantastic and we’re picking up the dance routines and songs extremely quickly thanks to our professional attitudes! Great work. 


What a wonderful last week! We’ve really ended year five on a high, giving maximum effort but also having lots of fun doing it. We created some amazing descriptive writing in literacy and continued to work on our measurement conversations in maths. We also really loved decorating our biscuits for the school fair; thank you to those who bought them, we hope you enjoyed them. On a final note, I’d just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed teaching these children for the past two years. We’ve had quite a journey together and it’s one I’ll never forget; seeing every child’s ability, character and confidence grow is something I’m incredibly proud of. I know you’ll all continue being brilliant in year six!