Year 5

The class teacher is Mr Rhodes

PE days:

On Monday afternoons we have PE; please remember to send your children in with suitable outdoor PE kit and trainers. 

Topic: This term, our topic in Year 5 is Ancient Greece and we're really enjoying expanding out knowledge and developing our skills around this theme. 

Spelling tests are on: Mondays, we have our weekly spelling test so remember to practice! 

Homework: Homework is always due in on Wednesdays and it is our expectation that all children complete this. Also, on Fridays, children must be able to show their reading records to prove that they have read three times during the week in order to be a regular reader!  


Spring Term

13th March 2020

We’ve had another fantastic week in year five! We’ve enjoyed art this week and stretching ourselves with the Bonampak-inspired murals. We also loved investigating the life cycles of mammals in science, reporting back our findings. We’ve been finding out how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers in maths, as well as testing our general arithmetic knowledge! We’re well into our Mayan traditional tales now in literacy and we’ve also been practising using higher-level punctuation in our writing. Friday was brilliant too when we got to represent the academy at the Music for Youth festival, playing our African drums that we’ve been working hard on - a perfect end to the week. Mr Rhodes Year 5

6th March 2020

What a fun week we’ve had! We’ve loved analysing characters in guided reading and developing our traditional tale writing in literacy. In maths, we’ve kicked off a unit on fractions and are growing in confidence when looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers. We also enjoyed discovering and comparing life cycles of a range of different animals. World Book Day was once again a hugely fun day - thank you for your effort with costumes and spuds! Mr Rhodes Year 5

28th February 2020

We’ve had a lovely first week back and have achieved so much even though it’s been a shorter one! In maths, we’ve been sharpening our division methods and using these to solve some tricky problems. In literacy, we have started writing our Mayan traditional tales and some of the ideas I’ve heard are outstanding! We’ve really enjoyed art this week and have been highly competitive in hockey. Enjoy your weekends! Mr Rhodes Year 5

14th February 2020

It's been a lovely week to end this first half of the spring term on! We've really enjoyed continuing with our multiplication unit in maths, as well as finding opportunities to sharpen up our arithmetic skills and demonstrate the knowledge that we've retained. We've started mapping out our innovated Mayan traditional tales in literacy and have carried out some great work around our core text of 'Street Child' in guided reading. The children have really enjoyed using 'Kahoot!' this week to demonstrate their knowledge of earth and space in a friendly - but competitive - class quiz! We also gained a fuller understanding of how the moon moves in relation to earth, along with why it seems to change shape in the sky as the month progresses! Be sure to ask your children for an explanation - have a great half term! Mr Rhodes Year 5

7th February 2020

Year five have excelled again this week! We've worked extremely hard to develop our pace and techniques around this when answering comprehension questions in guided reading, enjoyed working on further multiplication problems in maths and were introduced to our new stimulus text for writing - 'Rain Player' by David Wisiniewski - which is giving us inspiration for our Mayan traditional tales. In other links to the Mayan civilisation, we have started developing ideas for our own 'Bonampak Murals' in art and even played the ancient ballgame of 'Pok-ta-Pok' in PE after studying in the rules! As always, we loved our science, with this lesson in our 'Earth and Space' unit having strong cross-curricular links to geography as we looked at how time zones work in relation to our understanding of day and night. Have a great weekend! Mr Rhodes Year 5

31st January 2020

We've had another lovely week in year five! We really enjoyed making presentations on how day and night work in science by being practical and hands on. In maths, we've worked really hard on tricky formal multiplication methods and have been very resilient. Our persuasive speeches are almost published and we can't wait to share them! In PE, we did lots of hockey drills to develop our passing accuracy and ball control and in topic, we learned about Gods that were worshipped by the Maya. We also really enjoyed Jigsaw and French this week! Have a great weekend. Mr Rhodes Year 5

24th January 2020

We’ve had another lovely week, with plenty of hard work and fun along the way. In maths, we’ve done lots of work around mastering multiplication methods and we’ve carried out some excellent inference and retrieval work in guided reading around our class text, ‘Street Child’. Our persuasive speeches are taking shape in literacy and in science, we spent time learning about heliocentric and geocentric theories about our solar system! We enjoyed our trip to Malet Lambert on Friday to take part in some workshops - it was exciting to be in a secondary school setting! Mr Rhodes Year 5

17th January 2020

It's been a very busy week for year 5; we've achieved so much! From mastering area of composite shapes in maths to drafting outstanding openings for speeches in literacy, our mornings have been amazing. During afternoons, we've deepened our understanding of proof that the earth is spherical in science, learned how to carry out resuscitation in first aid, picked up French words for different sports and discovered how the Maya lived their day to day lives! Have a great weekend. Mr Rhodes Year 5

10th January 2020

We’ve started 2020 as wonderfully as I’d have expected, with great attitudes on show after the Christmas break. We’ve really enjoyed starting our new topic, ‘What is the ‘real’ America?’ by learning about The Maya, which will be our main focus for this half term. We’ve enjoyed learning about the features of persuasive speeches in literacy and made some excellent progress with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 in maths. In guided reading, we have started our new class text - ‘Street Child’ - which is gripping us immediately! We also started our new ‘Earth and Space’ unit in science by creating some to-scale solar systems with toilet paper! Have a lovely weekend. Mr Rhodes Year 5