Year 5

The class teacher is Mr Rhodes

PE days:

On Monday afternoons we have PE; please remember to send your children in with suitable outdoor PE kit and trainers. 

Topic: This term, our topic in Year 5 is Ancient Greece and we're really enjoying expanding out knowledge and developing our skills around this theme. 

Spelling tests are on: Mondays, we have our weekly spelling test so remember to practice! 

Homework: Homework is always due in on Wednesdays and it is our expectation that all children complete this. Also, on Fridays, children must be able to show their reading records to prove that they have read three times during the week in order to be a regular reader!  



Yet another fantastic week in year five. In maths, we began working on estimating with measurements. In guided reading, we have done lots of work around retrieving specific information from the text. On Wednesday, lots of us took part in the Rock Challenge northern finals where we came third. What a massive achievement! On Thursday, we welcomed parents into the academy for parent partnership and had a lovely afternoon of reading. Have a great weekend! 


We have been super busy this week in year five! On Monday, we started to work on metric measure in maths, using our transferable skills to help us convert from different units of measure. In topic, we have been developing our first aid skills and learning about what we can do in an emergency, as well as exploring different recyclable materials and improving our public speaking skills. In guided reading, our focus has been on the author’s choice of language this week and we have enjoyed exploring the different techniques used within the book. On Tuesday, we rehearsed our NAPA performance and have started to make final preparations for our big show which is coming up in a few weeks. On Thursday and Friday we were lucky enough to be visited by our Patron of Reading, Peter Murray, who shared some scary stories with us and helped us write our own. Have a great weekend!


What a great start back we have had in year five this week. We got straight back into the swing of things with our spelling test on Monday, with lots of us scoring 10/10. In maths, we have been focusing on reflections and translations. In reading, we have discovered more about Virgo’s trip to earth and made some interesting predictions about what will happen next. In the afternoons this week we have been looking at each other’s products and deciding on our final design. Have a great weekend! 


What a fantastic term we have had in year five. This week, we have been looking specifically at rectangles and their properties in maths, using known facts to help us with difficult problems. In literacy, we refined out writing skills and worked on re-drafting our stories, before writing our final drafts on Friday. In guided reading, we have enjoyed researching English idioms this week... with a few interesting predictions made! In the afternoons this week we have got stuck into planning for our new mission statement next term, there has been some great discussion with this and we are looking forward to getting started with our project once we come back. We had a great afternoon on Thursday for the family picnic, with lots of parents joining us too! Have a lovely half term year five, you deserve it.


A change of scenery in a different classroom made for an interesting week in year five! On Monday, we got on with researching the Olympic gods to help us further understand our book in guided reading. On Tuesday, we explored 3D shapes and their properties using polydron; showing great resilience to make larger the shapes. We have been learning about global warming recently and on Wednesday we each created three pledges in order to reduce our carbon footprint. In P.E, we have been developing our hand-eye co-ordination and team work skills, showing some great progress by the end of the lesson! Have a good weekend


On Tuesday we continued to work on angles and this week we moved our focus to missing angles in a variety of different shapes. In Literacy, we wrote our first draft of a fiction story with a narrative, with some very creative ideas! In reading, we have practiced using a dictionary to clarify new words that came up in chapter three, before working on some prediction and retrieval. In Geography, we learnt about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico and categorised different facts. Have a great weekend!


Another full week! On Monday we enjoyed great success with our spelling test, where lots of us achieved a full score of ten! In maths, we have been working on angles and have been getting used to using protractors to measure them. In writing, we have been looking at fiction stories and thinking about techniques we can use to improve our own. In reading, we have enjoyed researching the Stonehenge, which helped us to understand our class book even more. In History, we explored all the evidence which helped prove the earth was spherical... making some interesting observations as we explored the school grounds! Enjoy your three day weekend, see you on Tuesday! 


We’ve had a lovely week in year 2 once again! We’ve been enjoying developing our knowledge of how to improve sentences in literacy and in maths, we have finished our work on money and started exploring measurement problems. In geography, we have explored our local area by using maps to develop positional and directional language and in science, we have been furthering our knowledge of the basic needs of animals of all kinds. We also loved creating our own guided reading style questions and techniques on how to answer these effectively! 


What a great week! In maths, we have solved some increasingly challenging money problems, developing our knowledge of the value of coins and notes whilst working out different combinations of coins and notes that equal the same amounts. In literacy, we have been looking at the animation 'Something Fishy', carrying out some exciting activities around this to boost our writing. We loved getting outside for some hockey on the AstroTurf, too! As always, NAPA was a highlight and we cannot wait to show you our performance before the Easter break.


The windy weather didn’t stop us this week in year five! We got straight to work adding and subtracting fractions in maths, answering a range of questions to improve our understanding. In literacy, we improved our grammar before starting our new genre: choral and performance. During guided reading this week we have met two new characters and have worked on our retrieval and inference skills. On Wednesday we enjoyed another SkyTry session, working on our fitness and developing skills. We received lots of compliments after NAPA this week as our performance is coming together so well- we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on. Have a great weekend!


We have had a great week in year five, our attendance has improved massively which has had a great impact on our progress. We have been rounding decimals in maths, working on some tricky word problems and having a go at a difficult code breaker. In literacy, we have continued working on skills to help improve our newspaper reports, before writing our final copies earlier on today. In topic, we have been learning about Egyptian gods and exploring ancient Egyptian beliefs. On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed working on our fitness again with SkyTry, already making lots of progress since last week. On Thursday, alongside our amazing costumes for world book day we also had Georgia who helped us to learn more of our NAPA performance and it is already looking fantastic! We ended the week on a high with 27 regular readers! Thank you children and parents for your continued hard work both in school and at home, it really is paying off. Have a great weekend!


Great start back to the half term in year five! In maths  we have been working hard on decimals, playing close attention to place value when adding and subtracting. In literacy, we have continued to grow as writers by working on skills that will help to improve our final versions of a newspaper report. In guided reading, we discovered some sad news about Jim’s mother, which prompted lots of interesting discussions. We were lucky enough to start our sessions with SkyTry on Wednesday; there was lots of red faces by the end of the session and we are looking forward to seeing just how much progress we can make over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend.


A lovely end to a fantastic half term with this class. On Monday, we started off by completing our weekly spelling test. We have worked really hard since Christmas to improve with our spelling and with so many tens this week our hard work has paid off. In Maths, we completed our fractions unit and made a start on decimals. In Reading, we have done lots of comparing and contrasting and really developed our skills as the week went on. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon we learnt how to communicate in French. We wrote conversations and made comic strips before working on our pronunciation with our partners. Love was in the air on Thursday... as well as the yummy smell of hot dogs as we enjoyed partying at the Valentine’s disco. Well done and thank you year five for another entertaining half term, it is a pleasure teaching you!


On Monday we started to work on fractions and decimals in Maths, where we used our prior knowledge to make connections as the week progressed. In Literacy, we worked on the final versions of our stories in the style of older literature; this unit really helped us to develop our writing skills by taking the reader into consideration. In the afternoons this week we have been focusing on E-Safety, after some interesting discussions we now know how to keep safe online and who to contact if something does go wrong. On Thursday and Friday this week we took part in bike ability; showing great determination, maturity and resilience, despite the cold weather conditions! Have a great weekend. 


On Monday we began by working on multiplying fractions in Maths, moving onto some difficult problem solving questions towards the end of the week. In Science, we enjoyed making our balloon rockets as we learnt more about forces. We have continued to develop as writers this week by learning new skills and re-drafting our stories in Literacy. On Wednesday, we learnt the importance of giving clear instructions when navigating round our classroom maze. In Art, we enjoyed creating our own Ancient Egyptian death masks. Have a great weekend!


What a fantastic week it has been in Year 5. On Monday, we started by completing our weekly spelling test; with so many tricky words, we showed how hard we have worked with many of us achieving ten out of ten! In Maths, we moved onto adding and subtractions fractions, taking it in our stride lots of the class made it to diamond task by Wednesday. In Literacy, we have moved onto our next unit: older literature, we have enjoyed exploring key features and learning new dialect from the texts we have examined. On Thursday we read more of our class book, Street Child.  What will happen to Jim Jarvis? Not long until we find out... In Fluency, we have been focussing on specific sections of Demon Dentist, with class, independent and peer reading before we rehearsed small sections and preformed them to our peers. We had a spooky time mummifying one of our class mates this week as we learnt about the mummification process and the steps that were taken in preparation for the afterlife. Have a great weekend & get some rest, see you Monday! 


What a fantastic first week back we have had in Year 5. On Monday, we started our poetry unit in Literacy and showcased how creative we can be by exploring different word choices and writing our own poems. In Maths, we got stuck into fractions... after a shaky start, by Tuesday our confidence had improved massively and we continued to progress throughout the week. On Monday, we were beyond excited to learn our new topic is Ancient Egypt; with so many experts in the class, we are already off to a great start! On Wednesday, Trystan, Kayden, Poppy and Maddie took part in a dodgeball tournament; where they showed lots of determination and skill when trying to succeed against their opponents. Have a great weekend! 


What a merry last week of term in Year 5! On Monday, we started off by learning all about religions, including the Good Samaritans, Rose of Lima and the story of Christmas day. On Tuesday it was PHSE day and we did some work on confidence, embarrassment, bullying and racism; with some great discussions around the room. We ended Tuesday on a high with our long awaited class assembly, we loved showing you all what we have been working so hard on. On Wednesday was our awards assembly, with so many us being awarded our leading learner badges; we were so proud of ourselves! Thursday was the best day yet, we all looked lovely in our party clothes and enjoyed a good old feast during the KS2 Christmas party. This has been a fantastic term and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring. Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the new year!


We started off as we meant to go on this week with a statistics lesson on Monday. We began by getting to grips with line graphs in Maths, before moving onto tables as our knowledge grew. After maths, we loved making our Christingles ready for church in the afternoon.  In Literacy, we wrote our instructions; demonstrating great creativity! We have learnt a lot about Robbie in guided reading this week and we are starting to be more hopeful about his future. In NAPA, Georgia helped us to finalise our routines ahead of next week’s performance.  Our preparation for our class assembly is well underway; we can’t wait for you to see what we have been up to. Enjoy your weekend!


Yet another amazing week for us in Year 5. We started off our week by re-capping multiplying and dividing in maths, before getting stuck into our instructional writing in Literacy. On Tuesday, we had great fun finding the missing word on the fire engine. Wednesday was another great day! Brendon from KCOM came to visit and we spent the day learning about internet safety, communication, and maths in context. In NAPA, we continued to improve on our dances and songs ready for the big performance. Enjoy your weekend!


Yet another amazing week for us in Year 5. We started off our week by re-capping multiplying and dividing in maths, before getting stuck into our instructional writing in Literacy. On Tuesday, we had great fun finding the missing word on the fire engine. Wednesday was another great day! Brendon from KCOM came to visit and we spent the day learning about internet safety, communication, and maths in context. In NAPA, we continued to improve on our dances and songs ready for the big performance. Enjoy your weekend!@


We were back to reality in Year 5 this week as we returned from our trip to London and got stuck into school life again. On Monday, we began learning about square numbers, before progressing to squaring and cubing by the end of the week. In Literacy, we completed our play scripts and started on our next narrative- instructions. In topic we have been learning all about Anne Frank, exploring her diary and creating our own. In NAPA on Thursday we learnt a new song, inspired from our time in London watching School of Rock. Parent partnership gave us a chance to show off our skills creating amazing Christmas tree’s which would rival all others! Have a great weekend.


All of our London preparations finally came into action this week as we embarked on our journey to London this Thursday. Before then, we have been working hard on raising awareness about bullying; creating posters and voting for our own anti-bullying buddies. In London, we have had the most amazing times creating timeless memories. The lead character from ‘School of Rock’ allowed us into his band before we explored the National History Museum on Friday. As we return to school, one thing is for sure... we need a good sleep tonight! Have a great weekend.



A lovely week has been had; thank you to Year 4 family who friends who came to our Parent Partnership Challenge, lots of fun was had! In maths this week, we have continued looking at perimeter whilst also dropping in some division and multiplication along the way. In literacy we have focused on our sentence openers and how to build our paragraphs in a more cohesive way. During topic, we have focused on what life was like in Roman Britain, investigating the ways the Romans revolutionised life in ‘Britannia’. Also, there were some fantastic gymnastics performances in PE on Monday!


A fantastic end to the half term in Year 5! We have been very busy learning all about the London blitz in topic, exploring the thoughts and feelings of those involved and creating our own care packages. In maths, we began the week by continuing with long multiplication, making lots of progress. In literacy, we have completed our persuasive adverts- which would convince anyone to visit Hull fair! In art, we used pastels to create a London blitz skyline, producing some amazing pieces. It has been a perfect to start to the year in this class, with lots of inspirational progress made. Enjoy a well-earned rest! 


Yet another great week in Year 5! On Monday, we had fun learning about ‘the bombing hour’ used by soldiers in World War Two, experimenting with different phases of the moon. In literacy, we have been continuing with our persuasive adverts, exploring Hull fair further and working on different features. In topic, we researched the influences WW2 had on people from Hull, as well as designing and then creating our own Anderson shelters. This week Poppy treated us by bringing in her grandads original ration book and identity card, which prompted some great questioning. To finish off we got to work on our drumming in music. Have a great weekend!


A busy week in Year 6! We've worked with negative numbers in maths, solving problems involving temperatures and bank balances. In our reading lessons, we have been exploring the differences in beliefs between catholics and protestants in preparation for starting our novel study on "Black Powder" next week.  In literacy, we have looked at how to use fronted adverbials and modifiers to enhance our writing.  We started our Rainforest topic too this week and have looked at the location and climate of the world's tropical rainforests.  Have a lovely weekend!


A busy Monday set the pace for the rest of the week in Year 5. We began by rounding large numbers in Maths, with everyone achieving their learning outcome by Wednesday! In curriculum, we got to work making some paper look old and dirty- before writing letters posing as evacuee children from World War 2. 

In Geography, we created colour- coded maps of evacuation areas in the UK, before designing and creating our own evacuation posters.


Another super week in Year 5! On Monday, we got back to working on our WW2 topic by looking at the leaders involved and creating a timeline of early events. On Tuesday, we used the information we had gathered to write a letter as Neville Chamberlain, producing some amazingly detailed pieces of writing. After completing our good deed stories in Literacy, we have begun looking at myths and legends, using the Hobbit as our inspiration. In art, we used great problem solving skills combined with fierce determination when creating our own miniature gas masks. We have continued to explore our guided reading book ‘COOL’ making detailed predictions and retrieving lots of useful information. Finally, we had fantastic afternoon practising our drumming skills in music with Miss Hunt. Have a great weekend! 


What a wonderful last week! We’ve really ended year five on a high, giving maximum effort but also having lots of fun doing it. We created some amazing descriptive writing in literacy and continued to work on our measurement conversations in maths. We also really loved decorating our biscuits for the school fair; thank you to those who bought them, we hope you enjoyed them. On a final note, I’d just like to say how much I’ve enjoyed teaching these children for the past two years. We’ve had quite a journey together and it’s one I’ll never forget; seeing every child’s ability, character and confidence grow is something I’m incredibly proud of. I know you’ll all continue being brilliant in year six!