Autumn Term 2020No of Days
Monday 7th SeptemberFriday 23rd OctoberMonday 2nd NovemberFriday 18th December
Spring Term 2021
Monday 4th JanuaryFriday 12th FebruaryMonday 22nd FebruaryFriday 26th March
Summer Term 2021No of Days
Re-OpenClose (May Day Bank Holiday)CloseRe-OpenClose
Monday 12th AprilMonday 3rd MayFriday 28th MayMonday 7th JuneMonday 26th July

Teacher Training Days (Please note that these dates could be subject to change)

Day 1) Monday 7th September 2020

Day 2) Monday 4th January 2021

Day 3) Monday 12th April 2021

Day 4) Monday 26th July 2021

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