Executive Principal - Mrs Trudi Bartle

Head of Academy -  Mr James Phillips


Foundation Stage 1 – Miss Kirby

Foundation Stage 2 – Mrs Heslop and Mrs Nicholson

Year 1 – Mrs Page

Year 2 – Mrs Armitage

Year 3 – Miss Mellors

Year 4 – Miss Cooper/ Miss Lobley

Year 5 – Mr Rhodes

Year 6 – Mrs O'Loughlin and Mrs Hartmann

Mr Metcalfe - Additional intervention teacher 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Demoulpied HLTA

Mrs Heslop

Mrs Carmichael

Mrs Ounsworth

Miss Kirby

Mrs Norton

Miss Thompson

Miss Taylor 

Miss Grindley

Miss Baxter


Mrs Hamby - Finance Officer

Mr Gillen - Education Support Officer

Mrs Slipper -  Admin Officer

Miss Demoulpied - Apprentice Admin Officer 


Mr Russell 

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Milne – Supervisor

Mrs Cutsforth – Supervisor

Mrs Smith – Supervisor

Mrs Tyson  – Supervisor

Mrs Steele - Supervisor

Miss Grindley - Supervisor