Chair of Governors Contact Details

Please address all correspondence to:

Mr Peter Barley
c/o Craven Primary Academy
New Bridge Road

Delegated Powers of AAB 

Delta is a charitable company subject to company law and it is a not for profit organisation. Delta is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). The Delta Board of Directors is the legal governing body of the MAT. 

The Board of Directors (BoD) sets out Delta group strategy and operational policy in key areas which are then applied within and across all its academies through the organisational framework and schemes of delegation to Academy Advisory Bodies (AABs). 

Each individual Academy within the group will have an Academy Advisory Body (AAB), which is a sub–committee of the main Delta Board. 

The Academy Advisory Body (AAB) plays a key role in the life of each Academy. Our model of governance delegates almost all procedural and statutory powers in relation to the operation of each Academy to its Academy Advisory Bodies (AABs) and Academy Principals / Head of Academy. The AAB is responsible for overseeing the broad Academy objectives for their own locality – working with the Academy Senior Leadership Team to improve the whole life of the Academy and its impact on its community. In this respect the AAB’s main functions are to: 

1) Act as a key link between the Academy, parents and local community and champion the work of the Academy.

2)  Provide constructive challenge and strategic direction to the Principal and Leadership Team as they plan the future development of the Academy, ensuring that they focus on Academy improvement. In practice, this role is centred on the approval and monitoring of the following in line with Delta ethos and expectations:

  • Academy Development Plan;
  • its Self-Evaluation processes; and
  • any post-Ofsted action plans.

3) Continually review the overall impact of the Academy amongst the people it exists to serve and make plans for improvement.

4) Ensure that the Academy plays a full role in cooperating and working together with other academies in the group and contributes to the work of the CIT.

5) Oversee the implementation of and ensure compliance with Delta policies locally.

6) Be responsible for staff appointments, other than Principal and Vice Principal (where they will be fully consulted) following Delta recruitment processes.

Members of Craven Primary Academy Academy Advisory Body:

 Full NameCommittee MembershipAppointed byDate of Appointment TermDeclared Business and/or Pecuniary  InterestAttendance at Meetings in last academic year (2019/20)Other AABs/Governors / educational institutions
Peter BarleyAAB (Chair)Finance & Resources (Chair)Delta appointed 16/12/2013 and re-appointed (from 16/12/17) for a further term of 2 years2 yearsTrusteeship – Bus Stop (Scarborough) 
Directorship – Rock City Sports Club
3 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge) 1 out of 1 Finance and ResourcesGovernor at Galley Hill Primary Academy, Guisborough
Trudi BartleAAB,Finance & ResourcesExecutive Principal Delta appointed01/08/20172 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust1 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge) 0 out of 1 Finance and ResourcesAAB Member at Simpson’s Lane, Mersey/Estcourt, The Parks and Willow Green Academies 
Lisa ChalmersAAB (Vice Chair),Finance & ResourcesDelta appointed 16/12/2013 and re-appointed (from 16/12/17) for a further term of 2 years2 yearsNone2 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge) 1 out of 1 Finance and ResourcesNone
Mandy DemoulpiedAABStaff Representative 16/12/2013 and re-appointed (from 01/04/18) for a further term of 2 years Ended 31/03/202 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust Daughter is employed at the school2 out of 2 AAB possible (including Curriculum and Challenge)  None
Kerry HillAAB,Finance & ResourcesParent Representative 13/11/2017 appointed for further term from 13/11/19 to 12/11/202 yearsEmployee of Humberside Police1 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge) 0 out of 1 Finance and ResourcesNone
David IrvingAAB Delta appointed 9/03/2015 reappointed for further 2 years on 9/03/192 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust2 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge)AAB Member at the Parks, Estcourt and Mersey primaries
Mike McGrathAABDelta appointed 14/09/2018reappointed for further 2 years on 15/09/202 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies TrustWife is an employee of Delta Academies Trust2 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge)The Parks Academy AAB
Helen RuddleAABDelta appointed 16/12/2013 re-appointed for further terms on 16/12/17 and 16/12/192 yearsEmployee of Delta Academies Trust1 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge)AAB Member at John Whitgift Academy
James PhillipsAAB,Finance & ResourcesHead of Academy1/09/19Ex officio Employee of Delta Academies Trust3 out of 3 AAB (including Curriculum and Challenge)1 out of 1 Finance and ResourcesNone

We appreciate that you may have a question and not know who to speak to.However, below are a list of the key roles in the academy who you may like to to speak to.

RoleNameWhat their responsibility is within the academy.
Chair of GovenorMr Peter BarleyIs in charge of our team of governors who make sure that the leadership team are effectively and safely running the school.
HMr James PhillipsOverall responsibility for the day to day running of the academy.
Special Educational Need Co-ordinatorMiss HolmesMakes sure that the academy identifies children with Special Educational Needs as soon as possible and making sure they get the right support.
Welfare OfficerMr Paul GillenSupports our children and families in ensuring that they are able to access education and helps families who feel they need support to be able to access it.
Finance ManagerMr Kerry HambyMakes sure that the schools financial procedures are correct
Designated Safeguarding LeadMr James PhillipsHas the overall responsibilty for keeping our children safe and preventing them from harm.
Safeguarding team Mr Gillen, Mrs HambyAre all part of the safeguarding team and you can bring any concerns or ask any of these members of staff for advice.
Office StaffMrs SlipperHandles the day to day running of the office; she looks after dinner money, consent forms, general questions about the running of the school, and lots more. If Mrs Slipper does not know the answer to your question, she will point you in the direction of someone who does.