Be informed. Be curious. Be heard.

VotesforSchools provides children at Craven Primary Academy the opportunity to take part in weekly impartial discussions on a challenging current issue. Students vote and comment and we ensure their voices are heard and make an impact.

This Week’s VoteTopic

22nd September 2023 – 29th September 2023

Do warnings always help us? (KS1)

Should UK supermarkets warn us about shrinkflation? (KS2)

VoteTopic Description

This week, older voters will be exploring shrinkflation during the cost of living crisis. They will reflect on whether it is helpful for supermarkets to warn customers about shrinkflation. Younger voters will explore warnings and they will reflect on the role that warnings and advice play in their risk management.

Last Week’s Results

Should we always give back objects when people ask for them? (KS1)

Should artefacts be returned to where they were taken from? (KS2)

Voting Dates

15th September 2023 – 22nd September 2023

VoteTopic Description

This week, voters will explore the concept of returning objects to people and places. Younger voters will explore whether they would give back objects that people have asked them for. Whereas, older voters will consider whether artefacts should be returned to where they were taken from.